Bitcoin-Pro.Club Scam Review: LEGIT BTC MINER?


The system claims to be this super powered BTC mining operation. When it comes to the mining of BTC, we are always a little skeptical. This is especially true when we are asked to send our money and BTC somewhere else to let them do all of the work. In terms of the app, we are told that if send these guys our money, they will double our investment every 24 hours.

Now, this is by far not the first time that we have seen Bitcoin doubling programs like this. There are dozens of investment systems out there which claim to double your investment every single day. Of course, the problem is that the majority of them just are not legit at all. The website surely is not the most convincing or good looking site in the world. It definitely leaves us with more questions than answers, which is obviously a very bad thing.

We are always suspicious of any systems where we are not in control of our cash, especially one which promises such huge and outlandish results. This BTC mining service does not really provide us with any evidence that it actually works, or that it is legit. On the other hand, we have found a multitude of facts and plethora of evidence which is all indicative that there is something super shady going on here. At any rate, this is our review and we are here to warn you about the very real danger you will be in if you invest any amount of BTC with these crooks. System – A Fake Company

One of the first things that came to our attention about this scam is that it is anonymous. Nowhere on the website are we ever informed about potential leadership. When it comes to the owners and leaders of this BTC mining operation, we are suspiciously left in the dark here. Folks, we have said it again and again, you just cannot trust faceless crooks with your money. You don’t know whose hands it is in.

The next aspect in relation to the company which is a telltale sign that a scam is afoot here is that, well, the company itself is not real at all. The only place where this business seems to exist is on the website itself. We are shown a bunch of registration documents, but they have clearly been falsified. We looked up the system in the UK business registry, and surprise, surprise, it is not a real business.



How Does Software Generate Money?

Well, the story, notice how we call it a story, is that this system generates money for us by mining for BTC. Apparently, we are supposed to send these guys our cash, and they will then somehow use it to mine for BTC. However, there is very little evidence that this is actually true. For one, in terms of the mining operation, we are never told where it is, where it takes place, what the overhead cost is, what the hash rate is, or anything else of important. There is literally no evidence that any BTC mining ever takes place.

Next, the problem here is that cryptocurrency mining just is not that profitable as it once was. Heck, it used to be super profitable, but the profitability has decreased in the last few months. With that being said, crypto mining was never this profitable. Being able to double your investment in a 24 hour period is not something which can be done. Yes, The app claims to double any investment you make in a single day. Furthermore, it claims to be able to do this for any amount which you invest. This has to be a total joke.


It’s a lie, a trick, a farce, and nothing more than a way for these crooks to get their hands on your BTC. Folks, it is not possible to double your investment in a single day no matter what. We’ve talked to dozens of people who have been scammed out of their money by this app and they have all had the same experience. If you send these guys your money, not only will they not generate any profits with it for you, but they will also steal your principal investment too.


More Dangerous Scam Factors

There are a few other scam factors to mention here, ones which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that something illegal is going on here.

  • For one, the presentation video on the website has nothing to do with this service itself. It is just a mediocre explanation of what Bitcoin is. If nothing else, this is just a useless distraction.
  • The system is undoubtedly a pyramid scheme. There is a referral system in place here, one which can provide you with up to 20% of the investment that your friends and family make. Well, this is just a way to screw your family out of their money, but you are supposed to do the heavy lifting. These crooks never actually provide anybody with referral cash, but they will surely steal money from anyone you get to invest.

  • Finally, we have it on good authority that several people had their BTC wallets hacked and raided shortly after investing money here. It is clear that these guys just want your BTC wallet address so they can empty it out. Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, it would be stupid to think that this app is anything but a complete rip off. Folks, they have never provided a single investor with any kind of returns to date. Even worse than that, it is clear that they have been actively hacking and cleaning out BTC wallets across the world. These guys are crooks, scammers, and thieves, and they are certainly not to be trusted with your hard earned money. Please folks, whatever you do, just stay away from this mining scam.

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