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Many people have been duped by this ETH Combo system which claims to give away free Ethereum coins. Supposedly, just spin a wheel and play some games to earn free Ethereum. Sounds awesome right? Of course it sounds awesome, which is exactly why so many people have fallen for this crypto scam. We’re here doing this ETH Combo scam review right now and it is to provide you with fair warning about the danger posed by this malicious cryptocurrency scam.


ETH Combo Scam

Does ETH Combo Software Provide Profits?

Ok, so let’s get right to it, because there is quite a bit to discuss here. First of all, we are informed that the ETH Combo app is totally free to use. As the story goes, if we sign up for it, free of cost, we can then spill so called prize wheels to win different amounts of Ethereum which can then be withdrawn at a later time.

We are also told that there are several online games which can be played, all of which give away Ethereum prizes to the winners. Sure, if you have no idea about cryptocurrencies it sounds simple and real enough. After all, people give away free money all the time right?

Yes, this is one of our biggest problems with this ETH Combo system. How do the owners of it actually make money? They surely did not go through this trouble because they are generous philanthropists and humanitarians. People only do this kind of thing when there is a profit involved, and if these crooks are not making money, they are not about to start an Ethereum charity.

There is never a mention of any charge to use the ETH Combo app, nor is there a mention of withdrawal fees. So, how do these criminals make their money? They surely are not giving away Ethereum out of the goodness of their hearts. This leads us to believe that in one way or another, these criminals must be stealing from people.

Next, another big problem that we have here is how the Ethereum is actually generated to give to users as prizes? Seriously guys, there is definitely not just some massive stash of Ethereum which these guys are keeping hidden just for the purposes of passing it out to anybody who spins the prize wheel. It just does not make sense. The Ethereum has to be generated somehow, in one of two ways. Either the coins are mined for with mining software, or they are earned through cryptocurrency trading.

Either way, it does not make any sense, because whether it is for crypto mining for crypto trading, you would be required to make a deposit. The people behind this ETH Combo system are not going to use their own capital to invest in trading or mining.

So, if you are not giving them money to use for trading and mining, how is the Ethereum for prizes being generated? The answer here is that it is not. There is no Ethereum to speak of. It is just one huge scam to get at your money. As you can see is one huge load of horse manure, a senseless scam which is bound to steal money from innocent and unsuspecting victims.


Something else that we know about this ETH Combo system is that it does not actually provide for any profits at all. Sure, your account may say that the Ethereum is accumulating, but this is simply not true in the least.

The fact of the matter is that no matter what your account says, you will never be able to withdraw anything at all. First off, we know that it is impossible to reach the ETH Combo withdrawal minimum. The rules here stipulate that you must have at least 0.15 Ethereum in your ETH Combo account to make a withdrawal.

Well, these crooks never actually let you get to 0.15, not ever. There have been reports from scam victims saying that getting to 0.1 is easy, but then the system makes it nearly impossible to accumulate any more than that. It’s a scam.

Moreover, there have been a select few people who reached the 0.15 mark, but making a withdrawal was still impossible. Once these people went to go make a withdrawal, they received a cancellation or error message. Whichever way you look at it, the ETH Combo app does not ever allow anybody to make withdrawals. It is a scam. There is simply no shadow of a doubt about this.


Folks, in case you are still wondering how these crooks make their money off you, it is by cleaning out your Ethereum wallet. The story here is that you need to provide these criminals with the address to your Ethereum wallet address.

The claim is that the address is needed to send you the profits, which we all know never actually happens. For the unlucky people who actually have the anonymous crooks behind this ETH Combo app their Ethereum wallet address, disaster ensued shortly after. Folks, the whole point of this crypto scam is to gain access to your Ethereum wallet so it can be cleaned out. You might think that your Ethereum wallet is super secure and impenetrable, but this is not quite so.

While these things do tend to be fairly secure, they are not 100% immune to being hacked. We have received disturbing reports from people who indeed have had their Ethereum wallets hacked into and emptied of all funds and coins. In fact, everybody who has ever provided these crooks with their Ethereum wallet address has paid the price for it. The people behind this ETH Combo app are criminals and the sole purpose of this system is to rob you blind.


ETH Combo Scam


ETH Combo Review – Conclusion

We did forget to mention that this company is not registered, plus that there are no owners to be found anywhere. It’s totally anonymous. Anyway, one way or another, the ETH Combo system is a scam and you should stay as far away from it as you possibly can.

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