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The program claims to be a profitable BTC mining and cryptocurrency investment system. Yet, we have some serious doubts about this. We have come across ample scam factors which we are about to talk about in this review. Alert Leadership – ANONYMOUS

First and foremost, the program is 100% faceless and anonymous. There is not a single part of the website that tells us who the leaders, owners, or creators of this cryptocurrency investment system are.

Guys, when you go to invest money into anything at all, you want there to be total transparency. You need to know who the people in charge are. How can you possibly trust any kind of Bitcoin mining or cryptocurrency investment system if you do not know whose hands your money is in? It is just way too dangerous.

The point here is that the owners of the app, if this were the real deal, they would have no problem letting us know who they are. However, by the way in which they have concealed themselves in a shroud of anonymity, is totally clear that they are stealing money from people. They simply do not want to end up locked up behind bars for stealing your money. System – NON-EXISTENT COMPANY

Yet another red flag that came to our attention here is in regards to the company itself. The system claims to be a real registered business, but this is just not true at all. On the main website, there is a little blurb describing the business, as well as a UK registration document, plus an address and some contact details too. None of the company info provided on the website is real at all.

First off, if you use Google maps, the listed address belongs to another company. Second, the contact details are completely made up. However, the real kicker here has to do with the UK business registration document shown. This is not legit at all and has been created using software. We looked this company up and it is not registered anywhere in the world at all, especially not in the UK as is claimed. Alert Software – NOT LICENSED

Another telltale sign that this investment system is a rip off has to do with company licensing. The point here is that you cannot just go out and randomly start taking investments from people. This is a financial activity and it requires the proper licensing and legal authorization. A company needs to be real, registered, and it needs to have total transparency in order to acquire an investment license.

Well, we know that none of those attributes apply to the system. Therefore, it stands to reason that it does not have any license of any kind. Yes, these criminals will still take money from you and your friends, but they are not using it for cryptocurrency investments or Bitcoin mining. They are simply stealing your cash and using it for their own mischievous ends. Program – PYRAMID SCHEME!

The next scam factor that came to our attention in regards to this scam is that it is obviously a pyramid scheme. These clowns advertise an affiliate program, which means that if you get your friends and family to invest money, you will get up to 5% of the action. However, this is simply not true at all.

We have talked to a few people who have gone through the affiliate program and not a single one of them has ever received any kind of affiliate commission. These crooks just get you to do the heavy lifting by tricking you into actively screwing over your friends and family. This is a big trick and it is not to be trusted. Alert Investment App – WHAT MINING?

The claim here is that a part of the ROI we are supposed to get is generate through the mining of Bitcoin. Yet, there is simply no evidence to back up this claim, none whatsoever. We need to know where the BTC mining facilities are located, what the hash rate is, how much Bitcoin can be mined in a day, what the overhead costs are, and so on. None of this information is provided to us, and therefore, it stands to reason that no such Bitcoin mining program exists at all. It is just a trick, a bunch of fancy words with no merit to them at all. Investment Scam – WHAT INVESTMENTS?

On the same note as before, we are also never told what investments the system makes on our behalf. Yes, the claim here is that this program uses a diverse portfolio strategy to ensure that we get returns. However, we are never informed of what this cryptocurrency investment system actually invests our money in. Does it invest our cash into stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings? We really do not know at all and this is a massive problem for us. It just goes to show that this system simply cannot be trusted in the least. Mining Scam – RIDICULOUS PROFITS!

Finally, the bottom line is that the app promises a crazy ROI for a really small investment. None of it makes sense. The story goes that we will earn 1400% ROI on an investment after 15 days. Therefore, we could potentially turn $10,000 into $140,000 after just 15 days. Sure, this would be totally fantastic, but it is also a huge load of horse manure. It is just not possible to achieve this kind of return rate. It does not exist. This is just not how the world works at all. Alert Review – FINAL THOUGHTS

At the end of the day, the only reasonable thing that we can say about this investment system is that it is a scam. It is a monumental exercise in thievery and it will steal money from you. It has been designed to rob everyone who comes into contact with it of their hard earned money, and that includes you.




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