Would you like to mine cryptocurrencies to make a profit, but don’t want to have to perform the mining by yourself? We all know that mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum take a whole lot of space, hardware, processing power, and electricity too. For most people, mining crypto is simply not an option. Well in this case, you might be interested in this new Miner One initial coin offering. One thing that we want to get out of the way right now is to say that this Miner One system is definitely not a scam. This is one of the most legit and great looking cryptocurrency initial coin offerings that we have seen in a very long time.

The Miner One ICO is focused around a massive crowd funded Bitcoin mining operation. It is a great way for you to mine Bitcoin without actually having to invest in infrastructure, which is a really big deal as far as we are concerned. With a fairly small investment, you can end up making quite a bit of money. As you will see, the reported potential ROI for this Miner One program is really high, not so high that it is unrealistic, but more than high enough to make it a really attractive business venture. This is our Miner One review and we want to talk about this awesome crypto mining operation for your benefit.


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What Is The Miner One Program?

Like we said before, the Miner One system is going to be an absolutely massive cryptocurrency mining operation. These guys are asking for our investment so they can get enough money to buy all of the infrastructure necessary for BTC mining. This program is going to mine Bitcoin, but the payouts will be in Ethereum. This may seem a little odd, but you don’t have to worry about value because that won’t change. In essence, this is a huge crowd funded BTC mining operation.

They are going to use your money to buy the space, hardware, software, and all other things necessary for BTC mining including the electricity costs. The Miner One ICO is very simple and straightforward. In exchange for your investment, these guys will mine BTC for you and give you nice payouts in the form of ETH, while keeping a bit of the profit for themselves. If you ask us, this is a great money making venture that has the potential to make you and everybody else who invests in it quite wealthy.


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Why Invest In The Miner One System?

You might be wondering why you should risk such a large sum of money to invest in this Miner One ICO mining program. Yes, you could just buy cryptocurrencies, trade them, participate in cloud mining, or join a mining pool, but all of those come with issues that this particular application will not face. First off, it is much easier and cheaper than actually mining BTC due to the high costs associated with the infrastructure of it.

The Miner One app will be way more efficient than mining pools and much more profitable than cloud mining too. It is also going to be much more stable to mine BTC this way than to buy any kind of crypto. They payouts for this Miner One program are going to be much better than you would ever imagine. In our opinion, once this system is fully launched, it is going to be the number one way to mine BTC and make a profit in the world of cryptocurrencies.



What Are The Miner One App Payouts Going To Be Like?

Of course, the most important thing for you to know is how much money you will be able to make through this awesome Miner One ICO. Well, you can actually go to the ROI calculator on the main website in order to figure this out. However, on a small investment of just $1,000, you will make around $2,200 in profits over the next 3 years, and this includes a 15% discount on the price of the Miner One token.

If you choose to go the other way and make a large investment, investing $50,000 will have you earning over $110,000 over the next 3 years. As you can see, the payouts for investing in this Miner One ICO are very high, but not so high as to be unrealistic or unachievable. If you are wondering how much of the profits will be distributed to Miner One shareholders on a monthly basis, the number is a whopping 77%. The other 23% of the BTC mining profits will go into paying for various overhead costs.

Once again, just in case it was not clear the first time, if you choose to invest in this Miner One ICO right now, you will get a 15% discount on all of your MiO tokens. MiO is the call sign for this Miner One token. The crowd sale is still going on now, but the 15% discount will only last for the next 9 days, so take advantage of it ASAP.


Miner One Payouts


Other Important Points About The Miner One System

Let’s quickly mention some other very important information that you might like to know about this Miner One ICO and the system itself.

  • A total of 82% of the MiO tokens will be available for the public crowdsale, with the other tokens being used for an ICO bounty program, research and development, and for founder’s tokens.
  • Payouts equal roughly 13% per month, which is very high indeed.
  • The Miner One crowd sale will end in the middle of May, with the first payout coming in August 2018.
  • The founders of this Miner One ICO include Pranas Slušnys, Jonas Udris, and Andrius Mironovskis. These are not paid actors and they are not scammers. They are real people and they are the real deal.
  • This mining system will be faster, more efficient, cheaper, and more profitable than any other BTC mining operation to date.


Miner One Team

Miner One Review – Conclusion

The bottom line here is that you should definitely check out the Miner One ICO. As far as we can tell, this is going to be one of the most profitable ICOs of the year, not to mention one of the very best BTC mining operations to get your hands on. If making money through investing and mining in cryptocurrencies sounds like a good deal to you, take a closer look at the Miner One ICO right now!





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