Dorado Initial Coin Offering Review


If you have been itching to invest in a new cryptocurrency initial coin offering, you might want to take a closer look at the Dorado ICO. The Dorado ICO is a new cryptocurrency initial coin offering that is going to reshape the world of deliveries. Whether food, clothes, or anything else, the Dorado decentralized delivery system is going to be at the forefront of this world. The DOR token is going to be used to fund this delivery system, to make a profit, for trading, and so much more. You definitely do not want to miss out on this awesome opportunity.

The Dorado ICO crowd sale is happening right now as we speak and the tokens are being scooped up real fast by people around the world. The DOR tokens are still fairly inexpensive, but they are estimated to drastically rise in value over the coming months and years, not to mention that the delivery system itself is going to take off too. Let’s keep going with this Dorado review and tell you everything that you need to know about it to make an informed crypto investing decision.




What Is The Dorado System?

In simplest terms, the Dorado program is going to be a highly decentralized cryptocurrency based delivery system. Just like Amazon and Uber make deliveries, so will this service. It is quickly going to become the most comprehensive delivery service in the world for pharmaceuticals, food, clothing, groceries, and everything in between. Due to the way which the Dorado program is going to be set up, it is going to have no global competitors and will therefore hold a unique place as the only type of delivery service of this kind in the world.

In essence, this is a smart on demand delivery system that will allow you to order anything, any time, from any place. Moreover, the Dorado system is going to focus a lot of AI, robots, and drones for delivery. Therefore, due to low costs associated with paying employees, because there will be no actual delivery people, the potential to profit with the Dorado system by investing in the ICO is huge. We would definitely recommend keeping a close eye on this new cryptocurrency ICO because the potential to make tons of ROI is very real.



The Dorado Token – DOR

To start off, DOR is ERC20 compliant and it will in fact be listed in several exchanges. Therefore, not only will the system itself provide you with profits, but the actual token will be available for purchasing and trading on various exchanges, thus adding to your profit margin. What is pretty awesome is that the Dorado ICO and the program has grown by a whopping 6227% in the last 3 years, which is almost unheard of for any initial coin offering.

There is still plenty of time to buy DOR tokens right now. There are a total of 5 sale rounds, with the third round being in progress right now. The DOR tokens are going really fast, so if you want to invest in them, you will have to do it soon. In fact, there is currently a 15% discount for anybody that buys tokens right now. However, this 155 discount on DOR tokens will go away in 8 days, so the time to invest is right now. You can buy DOR using USD, EURO, LTC, BTC, and ETH.



The Dorado System Roadmap

To be honest, the roadmap for the Dorado ICO is currently a little blank, but that is just because they know exactly what they want to do. The years 2018, 2019, and 2020 will be focused on aggressively expanding the services to 14 new countries. This will push the price of DOR sky high no doubt. The next 2 years after 2020 will be focused on more aggressive expansion to another 10 countries. The plan is to get the whole world using the Dorado on demand delivery system, thus creating the world’s first decentralized on demand delivery system using crypto tokens as base investments.



DOR Payouts

One of the things that you definitely want to know more about is what the payouts for this DOR token are going to be like. Well, simply put, you will get quarterly payout bonuses. All DOR token owners will get an equal share of 7% of net sales made. This is very promising and holds very real potential to provide you with an income. Yes, a fraction of 7% might not sound like a lot, but this is a 215 billion dollar industry, so a small percentage of 215 billion is still a heck of a lot of money.

There is also the fact that you will get rewards for buying and using DOR, you will get commissions from referrals, and you will be able to buy, sell, and trade the Dorado token on exchanges too. The aim of this Dorado ICO is to get more and more business to use the service and to get more customers to use it. Thus, the price or value of DOR will soar sky high and attract new investors, customers, and businesses. We do have to say that this is a very solid business model and we do really look forward to seeing what this Dorado ICO has in store for the future.



Benefits Of The Dorado Token

There are going to be multiple ways to make money using the DOR system, as well as many other benefits too.

  • Trading and selling DOR will be very profitable.
  • You will be able to stake the Dorado token for money.
  • DOR offers referral bonuses for getting other people to invest.
  • You will earn a percentage of the net sales of the delivery system.
  • Business, clients, and couriers will be rewarded with DOR tokens for special promotions and offers.


Dorado ICO Review – Conclusion

There is a lot more to know about this Dorado ICO, so go to the official website and check it out right now. We would definitely recommend investing in this new ICO because it is going to provide you with many money making opportunities.





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