Black Diamond 1 Review: CRYPTO SCAM!


The Black Diamond 1 program has only been in operation for a few days now and has already shown itself to be a massive scam. This is supposed to be some awesome investment program that can provide us with monthly returns upwards of 350%. Of course, while this would be totally awesome, it is also completely untrue. This is not the only lie that we are told by the crooks behind this Black Diamond 1 scam. There are many different scam factors present here, all of which prove that this Black Diamond 1 program is nothing more than a low down money stealing scheme.

This is a Ponzi scheme, a pyramid scheme, and it is specifically designed to do nothing more than steal your money from you. The bottom line here is that the Black Diamond 1 app cannot be trusted for anything at all. You might think that this cryptocurrency investment system is the real deal, but it is surely anything but that. There is not a single legit aspect to this whole thing. We are here today doing a Black Diamond 1 scam review to give you fair warning about this horrible and malicious cryptocurrency investment scam.


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Who Is In Charge Of The Black Diamond 1 Scam?

The first red flag which came to our attention about this cryptocurrency scam system is that who is in charge or it is never disclosed. When it comes to a cryptocurrency investment program like this, we want to know who funded it, who created it, and who owns it. However, we are never informed of any of these aspects. There is no way that we would ever trust a system like this to handle our money without knowing who is at the helm.

We have already gotten numerous complaints from people around the world who have been scammed by this Black Diamond 1 system. The problem is obviously that nobody knows who took their money or where it went. This is the inherent problem with totally anonymous cryptocurrency investment systems. They have the power to steal your money, and because you have no idea who did it, there is nothing you can do about it. The Black Diamond 1 program is completely anonymous, and it is designed to steal your money without you ever being able to find out what happened to it.


Black Diamond 1 Scam App – Totally Unlicensed

Something that we know for a fact about this Black Diamond 1 scam system is that it is not regulated, registered, or licensed at all. You see, taking investments from people and using them to trade is a financial activity and requires the proper licensing and business registration. Without the proper registration and licensing, the Black Diamond 1 system is taking money from people without legal authority.

Nobody and no companies can get these licenses if the business itself is not real, transparent, and compliant with local laws. Well, the Black Diamond 1 system is anonymous, it is shady, and everything about it is a lie. We did our research and found that sure enough, the Black Diamond 1 system is not registered as a legal business entity, nor is it licensed to take investments.

For this reason, we have no choice but to say that this terrible program is a scam. Yes, they do take money from you, but they are not taking “investments” per say, nor are they investing it for trading. This Black Diamond 1 scam is nothing more than an empty shell that will gladly take your money. These crooks are using the cash they steal from you to do whatever they feel like doing, not to invest it and make money for you.


Black Diamond 1 App – Impossible Returns

Yet another telltale sign that there is a scam afoot here has to do with the promised returns. We are told that this Black Diamond 1 system can provide us with up to 350% returns on a monthly basis. This definitely sounds too good to be true. Even worse is how we are told that this Black Diamond 1 app is totally risk free and that we will never lose our money. Of course, these claims are all totally bogus.

First off, cryptocurrency trading is quite risky, so there is no guarantee that you will make a profit. Next, we know these guys are not licensed, so they probably never invest any money into trading at all. Moreover, even if these crooks were actually trading with your money, there is no way, not even in a frozen over hell with flying pigs, that this Black Diamond 1 scam app could ever generate 350% returns per month. Making that much money through cryptocurrency trading is simply impossible and completely unrealistic.


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Black Diamond 1 System – Ponzi & Pyramid Scheme

The final thing worth mentioning here is that this total scam app is clearly a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme rolled into one. It has all of the classic signs and factors of a pyramid scheme. These crooks promise massive returns, risk free, on minimal investments. That is exactly what Ponzi schemes too. At the same time, these Black Diamond 1 crooks use affiliate programs to try and get you to make your friends sign up for this scam, hence why we are also calling it a pyramid scheme.

The fact of the matter is that this Black Diamond 1 scam has been designed to steal money from innocent people such as yourself. We also know for a fact that this Black Diamond 1 scam is a rip off and remake of a couple of older scams that we have also busted. This Black Diamond 1 system looks suspiciously similar to the Gainmax Capital scam and the Invexic scam, both of which we cut down to size quite recently.



Black Diamond 1 Scam Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only thing that you need to remember about this Black Diamond 1 app is that it is a dirty rip off and a malicious scam. Stay away from it at all costs!



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