If you are interested in BTC mining and crypto trading, don’t get your hopes up with the BitPenta app. This scam system is designed to screw people out of money. Excuse our not so nice language, but that is exactly what is going on here. We are here today doing a BitPenta scam review to give you fair warning about this terrible thievery. The only thing you will achieve by messing with this investment and mining program is the total loss of any money you make the mistake of investing.


BitPenta scam



BitPenta App – Mining, Investing, & Trading???

One of the first things that seems really suspicious about this BitPenta system is how it claims to use your investment for many different things. This scam alleges that it uses your investment to engage in Bitcoin mining, cryptocurrency trading, and investment in various cryptocurrencies.

Apparently, these guys have their own specialized automated crypto trading platform, a mining system with all of the necessary infrastructure, and experts for investing. Well, needless to say, doing one of these things right is already very difficult, let alone doing all of them simultaneously. The fact of the matter here is that the BitPenta system and everything about it look way too low grade and seem to lack the proper funding to do all of this.

However, these guys are not fooling anybody. They are just casting a really wide net, telling people that they are a Jack of all trades, and can do it all perfectly. By doing this they just hope to lure in as many victims as possible. They are just throwing as much stuff against the wall as they can muster, in the hopes that at least something sticks.




BitPenta Scam App – How Does The Trading Work?

Something that is also very questionable here is the trading system. We are told that the BitPenta app entails a fully automated trading system that some of our money will be invested in. Apparently, this trading system has a near perfect ITM rate and awesome profits.

However, we are never shown any evidence that any such trading platform exists, nor are we told anything else about it, for instance, how it works and how it functions to execute profitable trades. This is all just a little too suspicious for us.


BitPenta Software – What About The Mining?

Yet another really fishy aspect of this BitPenta scam is how we are never told anything about how the mining of BTC works. Sure, we are told that this system mines for Bitcoin, but we are never told who paid for all of the startup infrastructure.

We are also never told where the mining systems are located, what the costs are like, and what the capabilities of it are. Once again, this massive lack of information about the BitPenta system is more than enough to send us running for the hills. This is all just way too unrealistic, plus there is just a total lack of viable info.

BitPenta Scam Software – Who Is In Charge?

The next telltale sign that this BitPenta program is a total scam is that we are never told who is actually in charge of it. This whole thing is totally anonymous. We are never told who owns it, who created it, or who runs it. There is literally zero information in terms of the leadership and ownership of this whole fraudulent system. Of course, this is not a good thing at all. Unless these guys are criminals, which they are, there is not a single good reason to keep their identities hidden from us.

Do you know who keeps their identity a secret? A scammer, that’s who. It is really obvious that these crooks are in it to rip as many people off as possible, thus they are keeping themselves away from the prying eyes of the greater public. Folks, never trust any kind of anonymous BTC mining system or crypto investment and trading program. You can’t trust these crooks with your money because you don’t actually know who they are.


BitPenta Limited – Fake Company Registration & Licensing

The next red flag that came to our attention about the BitPenta scam system is that it is not registered, regulated, or licensed at all. This is probably the biggest nail in the coffin of this terrible crypto scam system. The BitPenta website features an incorporation and business registration document. Well, surprise, surprise, this thing is totally fake. It is not real and nothing more than some good Photoshop or photo editing software work. The registration papers are totally fabricated.

Furthermore, we also know with complete certainty that this mining and trading scam has no license whatsoever. Everuthing which the BitPenta system claims to do including taking investments for the purpose of reinvesting requires licensing. You can’t just go out and start taking investments from people without the proper paperwork and legal consent. However, these crooks are taking thousands and thousands of dollars from countless people without any legal authority to do so.


Bitpenta fake reg



BitPenta Program: Non-Existent Profits

If you think that this BitPenta system is in any way profitable, think again because the complete opposite is the case here. We have talked to tons of victims out there and every last single person to come into contact with this scam system has paid the price for it. Nobody has ever made a single penny in profits, while everybody who has used this system has suffered great losses.

These BitPenta crooks claim that this system can provide returns of up to 100% every 10 days, or about 0.54% in returns every single hour for the rest of your life. This is simply not true, it is not realistic, and it is not achievable no matter what universe you live in. The bottom line is that the BitPenta app is a Ponzi scheme and it is hell bent on screwing as many people out of as much money as humanly possible.


Bogus bitpenta profits


BitPenta Review – Conclusion

The only thing that you need to know about the BitPenta system is that it is a scam. It is a terrible BTC and crypto scam with the express intent of stealing your hard earned money.




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