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I really could not be any happier with this Maximus Edge Crypto Bot software. However, there are many people out there who are a little confused, which is understandable. We have been fielding many questions in regards to this system, so here we are to answer all of them. This is the Maximus Edge Crypto Bot Q&A with all of the most commonly asked questions about it.




What Exactly Is The Maximus Edge Crypto Bot App?

The Maximus Edge Crypto Bot system is an automated cryptocurrency signals provider and trading platform.


What Can Be Traded With The Maximus Edge Crypto Bot System?

The Maximus Edge Crypto Bot app can be used for cryptocurrency, binary options, and Forex signals trading.




Do I Need To Be In Front Of My Computer To Execute Trades?

In a certain sense, yes you do need to be there to manually execute trades. However, the Maximus Edge Crypto Bot system does have a mobile app for tablets and smartphones, so you don’t technically need a computer to trade.




Is This A Fully Automated Trading System?

No, the Maximus Edge Crypto Bot app is not a fully automated trading system. It is an automated signals provider for cryptocurrencies, BO, and FX, but it is not an automated trading system per day. You need to copy the signals into your broker and execute the trade from there.


What Are The Expected ITM Rates For Maximus Edge Crypto Bot Software?

The ITM rates, which is the percentage of winning trades, at this point seems to be averaging out at around 93%. However, some people have had trading sessions with all winners and no losers. In other words, the Maximus Edge Crypto Bot app is very accurate.




What Are The Expected Profits For The Maximus Edge Crypto Bot App?

The expected profits are still a little hard to determine, but there have been people who have made close to 700 Euro in as little as 30 minutes of trading. So, as you can see, this Maximus Edge Crypto Bot software has very big profit potential.


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How Do The Brokers Work In Regards To The Maximus Edge Crypto Bot System?

You will be automatically assigned a specific broker once you sign up for your Max Edge Crypto Bot account. You can only change this broker by signing up for a new account with this cryptocurrency signals app. This is the broker that will be connected to your account. You can use other brokers of your choosing, but they will not be directly linked to your trading account.


How Does Signing Up For The Maximus Edge Crypto Bot App Work?

Simply go to the links at the top or bottom of this article to find the official website. Go to the official sign up link and add your information. You will be sent an email to confirm your account. Open the email, click on the link, and verify your account. After you have done this, you need to connect your broker and fund your account. Now you are ready to start trading.




Does The Maximus Edge Crypto Bot System Have Its Own TRADE Button?

No, you need to copy the signals provided by the Max Edge Crypto Bot app to your broker. This system does not have its own trade button. This is more of a signals provision system for cryptocurrencies than it is a trading app, so all trading signals need to be copied and manually executed in your broker account.


Does The Maximus Edge Crypto Bot System Have Other Names?

Yes, just so there is absolutely no confusion, people have been referring to the Max Edge Crypto Bot app by some other names too. It can be referred to as the Max Edge Crypto Bot, Max Crypto Bot, Maximus Crypto Bot, or Maximus Edge Crypto Bot. Just to be clear, do not trust any other website that uses a name other than those 4 we just mentioned. There are some imposter scams making their way around, so be careful.




Did The Creators Of The Max Edge Crypto Bot App Make Previous Trading Systems?

If the Maximus Edge Crypto Bot’s name seems familiar to you, it is because it comes from the same creators as the Max Edge AutoBot, otherwise known as the Maximus Edge EA. This older system is actually still in use and is currently one of the best BO and FX trading apps in the world. The Max Edge Crypto Bot system is the upgraded version of this old app, one that is mainly used for cryptocurrency trading.


Are There Recommended Trading Hours For This Maximus Edge Crypto Bot System?

Yes, there are times when the cryptocurrency market is the most active and volatile, therefore providing you with the biggest money making opportunity. We would recommend using this Maximus Edge Crypto Bot software between the hours of 9 AM and 7 PM during the GMT time zone. If you do not live in the GMT time zone, you need to make the appropriate adjustments.


Is The Maximus Edge Crypto Bot App Ideal For Beginners To Use?

Yes, the Max Edge Crypto Bot app is very good for beginners to use. There are tons of easy to read market indicator tools and market news tools to utilize. Also, the cryptocurrency signals provided are extremely accurate, so you don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong ones. All in all, I think that this is the most user friendly cryptocurrency trading tool on the market today.


Does Maximus Edge Crypto Bot Software Come With Educational Materials?

No unlike the Maximus Edge EA, the Max Edge Crypto Bot app does not come with any kind of educational materials. That being said, this cryptocurrency signals provision and trading software is extremely easy to use, so there is not much education needed in terms of actually using it to trade.

Maximus Edge Crypto Bot Q&A – Conclusion

The Maximus Edge Crypto Bot app is by far the very best cryptocurrency, BO, and FX signals provision and trading platform that I have ever seen. I would recommend using it if you want to make a serious profit in the world of cryptocurrencies.





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