HashPlanet Scam Review – GOOD BTC MINER?

OFFICIAL SCAM SITE: hash-planet.com

If you are looking into the mining of Bitcoin for profits, maybe you have looked at the HashPlanet app. HashPlanet software is allegedly the highest earning Bitcoin mining system in the world at this time. As is advertised, this BTC miner can generate over 240% ROI per month without fail. Does this not sound awesome? We definitely understand how newbies who know nothing about cryptocurrency could fall for this.

It’s an offer that most sane people just cannot refuse. However, as is usually the case, what sounds too good to be true is usually a huge pile of lies. Yeah, it would be awesome to almost quadruple your investment on a monthly basis, but how realistic this is, is highly questioniable to say the very least. Our problem here is that we have found a plethora of evidence which completely destroys this HashPlanet app.

However, these crooks have failed to provide any solid evidence that this BTC mining app actually works. There is a total lack of info, and what is told to us is completely nonsensical. At any rate, we are here today doing this HashPlanet review for your benefit. We are here to provide you with a heads up and fair warning. There is a very real threat here and the barrel of this canon is aimed straight at your bank account, so tread with caution.




HashPlanet App – A Totally Bogus Company!

The first scam factor that came to our attention is in relation to the HashPlanet company itself. First and foremost, we have no idea who is actually running the show here. No, this is not due to a lack of research on our behalf. This is because the people behind this HashPlanet app have gone out of their way to remain anonymous. Nowhere on the website are we ever informed of who is in charge here. This is one of the biggest issue that came to our attention, and it’s one that we always see with these kind of cryptocurrency scams.

We did a domain registry check, and sure enough, it revealed no real information to us. However, what the check did reveal was useful in its own way, in the sense that we realized that everything is totally redacted and private. These people have gone to great lengths to ensure that nobody ever finds out who is actually in charge of the HashPlanet system. The one and only reason why this would be done is because something illegal is going on here. Simply put, these crooks are stealing money from people and they don’t want to end up in prison for doing so.




Furthermore, we also discovered that the company itself is totally fake. Sure, HashPlanet.com is a real website, but outside of it HashPlanet software does not exist in any legal way. Sure, these crooks display a bunch of documents on the website, mainly one from the UK Companies House which is supposed to prove that this is a legit company. However, it only took a few minutes of research for us to come to the conclusion that these documents have been fabricated. The bottom line is that HashPlanet software is anonymous, there is no real company behind it, and it surely is not licensed either. Whatever is going on here, it is 100% illegal.

HashPlanet Mining Scam – NO PROFITS AT ALL!

If you think that the HashPlanet system is actually profitable, please reconsider because this could not be further from the truth. The HashPlanet app claims that it mines Bitcoin, but there is no real evidence to prove this. There are many questions that remain answered here. Things we would like to know include where the mining facilities are located, what kind of hardware is being used, and how much of our initial investment is being used for Bitcoin mining. Yet, of course, this is a complete scam, so we are never provided any of this information.

Next, the amount of ROI which we are promised through the use of the HashPlanet system is also totally unbelievable. Guys, making over 9% ROI per day, or about 250% ROI per month, simply is not realistic, especially not with BTC mining. Sure, at one point in time, the mining of Bitcoin was super profitable, but this has changed a little bit. Yeah, it will still put money in your pocket, but not nearly as much as promised by HashPlanet software. Either way, it is not possible to guarantee profits with this kind of thing at all. Furthermore, we have talked to well over 100 people about this HashPlanet app and all of these people have the same complaints. They invested their money with HashPlanet software, only to have it disappear and no profits materialize.




There is also the fact that the HashPlanet app is a pyramid scheme and a Ponzi scheme rolled into one neat little package. These crooks claim to give you a 10% cut of the action if you get friends and family to invest through the affiliate program. Yeah, it’s another offer that is hard to refuse, but all you will accomplish here is actively helping these criminals to screw your family out of money. You won’t ever get any kind of commission, and surely not 10%.




HashPlanet Review – Final Thoughts

Listen guys, there are way more profitable methods of using Bitcoin and crypto in general to put money in your pocket. There is simply no sense in using this HashPlanet app. It’s a total scam and rip off. Its sole purpose is to steal money from innocent people like you. Seriously, the HashPlanet company is not real or legal, not to mention totally anonymous too.

There is no evidence that there is any real BTC mining happening, and we know that it does not actually payout profits to people, not to mention that it is a Ponzi scheme to boot. The risk of losing so much money is simply not worth getting mixed up with this HashPlanet mining scam.

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