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Yes, the Global Crypto App system is very user friendly, it has accurate signals, and it is indeed very profitable, although it is not 100% foolproof. It is possible to lose trades with this day trading platform if you don’t use a decent trading strategy. Today we are here to provide you with the best Global Crypto App trading strategy, as well as some other key tips to win trades.

Global Crypto App

Global Crypto App Autotrader – The Winning Strategy

Now, it is no secret that there are dozens, if not hundreds different ways to day trade, whether Forex, cryptocurrencies or otherwise. However, of course, you want to use the best strategy that is going to result in the most wins, and you want to utilize a strategy that is very user friendly and straightforward.

The genius of the Global Crypto App autotrader is that it comes with a wide variety of indicators to choose from. Moreover, this platform also comes with its very own charting solution.

So, this means that you can use the Global Crypto App program to set your own indicators, engage in your own customizable technical analysis, and win lots of trades. Here we want to provide you with a great winning strategy for this day trading application, one which makes it very easy to win trades and put big time profits in your pockets on a consistent basis. We are going to keep this easy and provide you with a step by step instructional to keep things simple.

  1. First off, you will need to add the appropriate indicators to the charting solution. For today’s strategy, we are going to be using the EMA or exponential moving average indicators.
  2. Here, go to the charting solution on the Global Crypto App platform, and then go to the indicators tab located at the top left of the charting solution. Here you will select the EMA or exponential moving average indicator. Keep in mind that you will be adding two exponential moving average lines to your chart.
  3. First off, select the EMA indicator, make the line blue, and leave the time period at 365 days. This is because 365 days are in a year. You want to make the line blue so it is easy to see.
  4. Now you are going to add the second EMA line to the chart. Go back to the indicators tab, select EMA again, and this time you will make the line red and set the time period to 180 days.

Now, you might be wondering what exactly this accomplishes. Well, it is actually quite easy and straightforward. Here is the number one thing to keep in mind when using this dual EMA line strategy with the Global Crypto App autotrader. IF THE RED LINE IS ABOVE THE BLUE LINE, IT MEANS THE PRICE IS GOING UP, AND IF THE BLUE LINE IS ABOVE THE RED LINE, IT MEANS THAT THE PRICE IS GOING DOWN. This is a strategy you can use for all currency pairs, and it is how you will place all of your trades.

Global Crypto App EMA


Global Crypto App Software – More Winning Tips

Before we talk about how much cash the Global Crypto App autotrader has provided us with thanks to our winning strategy, we do want to provide you with some other tips that you need to follow, in combination with our strategy, in order to win as many trades as humanly possible.

  • You always need to trade within the recommended trading hours. This is when the market is the most active, and it provides you with the best and biggest opportunities to make nice profits. This means that you should only be trading between 9 AM and 7 PM GMT. Remember that if you do not reside in the GMT time zone, you will need to adjust your own recommended trading window to match the GMT zone.


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  • Whenever you go to trade with the Global Crypto App system, never just start trading. You always want to go to first, go to the economic calendar, and select your own time zone. Here you need to look out for 3 Bull News. This is high priority news that can have a big effect on currency prices. If there is a 3 Bull News release, do not trade for 10 to 15 minutes before and after the news release.

Global Crypto App economic calendar

  • When using this Global Crypto App program, always be sure to pay close to attention to the success ratio. The success ratio is present for all Forex currency pairs, and it is an indication of how big the chances of that given trade being a winner are. You never want to place trades when the indicated success ratio is under 75%. The higher this success ratio are, the better your chances of turning a profit.

Global Crypto App success ratio


Global Crypto App System & Two Successful Live Trading Sessions

What you need to know is that using our own dual line EMA strategy, in combination with the other tips we have given above, has lead us to make some really nice profits using the Global Crypto App autotrader. We have done 2 live Global Crypto App trading sessions so far, both live on camera, and both have managed to put money in our pockets.

The first live session saw us win both trades placed, 2 Forex trades, and we made over 140 Euros, with a great 100% ITM rate. No, the profits were not huge, but this was also just a test session. In our second trading session with this day trading platform, we placed a total of 5 Forex trades, and 4 of them were winners, which translates to an 80% ITM rate. In this trading session, we made close to 300 Euros in profits, and it only took a few minutes to accomplish.

Global Crypto App Program & How To Win – Final Thoughts

Folks, if you follow this EMA strategy, as well as the other tips and rules we have provided here today, winning trades with the Global Crypto App platform should be about as easy as can be!

Global Crypto App

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