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The Global Crypto App autotrader was released last week and it has already managed to make big profits for lots of traders. However, people have had some pressing questions about this Global Crypto Ap software, and we are here to answer them right now!

Global Crypto App

Can I Let The Global Crypto App Platform Trade For Me?

So, something which a lot of people have been asking us is to what extent this Global Crypto App platform is automated. Now, one important aspect to note here is that fully automated trading applications are no longer allowed to be used. This means that no, this software is not fully automated, and therefore you cannot simply turn it on and let it place trades for you. It just does not do that.

However, what can be said is that this day trading software is automated in the sense that it automatically generates signals for you to trade with. However, on the other hand, it is a manual trading application in the sense that each trade placed has to be done manually. There is a “trade” button that you must click to execute the trades. So, what we would say here is that the Global Crypto App system is semi-automated, because it automatically generates signals, but you have to execute the trades on your own.

What Kind Of Signals Does Global Crypto App Software Generate?

Another question which a lot of people have been asking us about this software is what kind of signals it generates, or in other words, what kind of assets can be traded with it. Well, you might have gathered that this Global Crypto App system is primarily designed for cryptocurrency trading, hence its name, and it does this pretty well.

However, there is more to it than that, because this autotrader is also an excellent Forex signals provider. In fact, the Forex signals here are more accurate and profitable to use than the cryptocurrency signals. On a side note, at this time, the Global Crypto App program does not provide stock signals, or any other kind of signals. Yet, looking at the bright side of things, we have gotten word from the developers that they plan on adding stock signals into the platform within the next month, so that is indeed a bonus.

How Do I Install The Global Crypto App Autotrader?

People seem to be having a bit of trouble installing this trading software onto their computers, which is understandable, but in all reality, it is actually quite easy. To install the Global Crypto App system, you must be using Google Chrome.

The reason for this is because the trading platform actually comes in the form of a web browser extension for Chrome. Therefore, when you visit the official site and create an account, you must then download the Global Crypto App extension for Google Chrome. It does not take long, it is easy, but it does need to be done in order to trade with this particular day trading platform.

Is The Global Crypto App Program Mobile Friendly?

Ok, so trading from your home or work computer might be doable sometimes, but obviously you are not going to be sitting at home in front of your screen all day long. Therefore, you would probably like to be able to trade on your smartphone or tablet. Luckily for you, this Global Crypto App software is indeed mobile friendly.

Now, it is not really an app that you have to install on your phone or tablet like others. Here, you do still have to use Google Chrome in order to trade with this program. Therefore, as long as you have a decent internet connection, and you have Google Chrome on your smartphone or tablet, you can indeed use this day trading platform no matter where you are.

Can I Choose My Broker With The Global Crypto App System?

Something which a lot of people have been inquiring about is whether or not it is possible to choose your own broker when using this day trading platform. The reason so many people ask us this is because up until now, all other day trading platforms have simply assigned the user a broker. Once that broker is assigned, changing it is next to impossible, something which a lot of people, including us, really do not like at all.

However, this is the beauty about the Global Crypto App autotrader, because it is the first one of its kind which allows the user to choose their own broker. Now, the choices here are not endless or unlimited, as there is a list of accepted brokers that you can choose form. Yet, the list of brokers available for use is quite long and extensive, and all of the included brokers are totally legit. This is something what we do personally really like about this day trading platform, because being able to choose a broker is a pretty big deal as far as we are concerned.

How Many Trades Can I Win With Global Crypto App Software?

One of the most pressing questions which people have been asking us is how many trades the Global Crypto App system can win on average. In other words, people want to know what the average ITM or trade win rate here is. Well, if you have been paying attention to our video updates in regards to this software, you probably know that it is quite profitable indeed.

The signals which are provided here are very accurate. We personally have performed 2 live trading sessions with it, one of which provided us with a 100% ITM rate, and other of which provided us with an 80% ITM rate. Therefore, if we take the average there, you can expect a 90% ITM rate, or in other words, you can expect to win roughly 9 out of every 10 trades placed with it.

Global Crypto App FAQ – Conclusion

Alright folks, if you have any more questions about the Global Crypto App system, feel free to send them our way and we will do our best to answer you in a timely manner. We would definitely recommend using this day trading platform, because when it comes to trading Forex and cryptocurrencies, it is one of the best around right now.

Global Crypto App

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