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If you have never used the Crypto Masterbot app before, a great signals provider and autotrader for day trading cryptocurrencies and Forex, we would definitely recommend doing so. Now, you might have heard of this trading application before, but may have never used it. We have been getting some request from people in regards to how they can use it to make money. Apparently people have been using the Crypto Masterbot autotrader, but have been losing money, at least a lot of people have.

What we have to say here is that unfortunately this is due to no fault on behalf of the Crypto Masterbot app itself, but because of some basic mistakes which traders keep making. As you will see from our included video, it is more than possible to make €3,000 daily using this Crypto Masterbot Software. Today we are here to provide you with a bunch of tips and trading rules so you can use this software to make that €3,000 daily for yourself.

Crypto Masterbot

Crypto Masterbot Software – Our €3,000 Trading Day

So, before we get into giving you a bunch of tips about this trading software, we just want to elaborate slightly on the €3,000 which we were able to make during our last trading session. Keep in mind guys, this is not the first time we have been able to make profits like this using the Crypto Masterbot app. We actually tend to make about this much cash all the time when we use it, and it is because we know the tips and rules to follow to make it work.

Now, as you can see from our last trading session using the Crypto Masterbot program, we placed a total of 5 Forex trades. These 5 Forex trades turned out to be very successful. Out of those 5 Forex trades, a total of 4 of them turned out to be profitable winners. This translates to an 80% ITM rate or win rate, which is very good indeed. If you can win 80% of the trades you place with this software, you are definitely on the right track, especially if you trade like we do and can make €3,000 daily. Let’s move on to some tips and rules so you can make this same kind of money on a daily basis

Crypto Masterbot App – 3 Bull News

One of the most important tips to keep in mind when trading with this software is that you always want to pay attention to 3 Bull News. Before you start trading for the day, you want to visit, go to the economic calendar, and select your time zone. Here you are looking for 3 Bull News. If there is a 3 Bull News release at a specific time, you want to avoid trading around that time. So, if there is a 3 Bull News release at 12 PM, don’t trade for about 15 minutes before and after that news release.

Crypto Masterbot Software – Recommended Trading Hours

Another tip to keep in mind when trading with the Master Cryptobot system is to always trade within the recommended trading hours. This means only placing trades between 9 Am and 7 PM GMT. This is when the market is the most active and it will provide you with the best chances of making a profit. Remember that if you do not like in the GMT time zone, you need to make the right calculations to match your own recommended trading window to the GMT window.

Crypto Masterbot Autotrader – The Probability Bar

Something that will definitely help a lot when it comes to making that €3,000 daily using the Master Cryptobot is to always pay attention to the included probability bar. The point here is that each and every single signal you get comes with a probability bar, and it goes from red to green, just like a traffic light. The greener the bar is, and the fuller it is, the better the chances of any given trade being a winner. Whether you trade Forex or cryptocurrencies, be sure that you only select signals with a high probability rating.

Crypto Masterbot App – Trade Forex Only

You might know that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general have been experiencing a bull run as of late, which means that their values have been increasing. So, you might think that trading BTC and cryptocurrencies is wise at this time, but we would honestly not recommend it at all. The cryptocurrency market is still very volatile and unpredictable. This makes winning trades using cryptocurrencies very hard. For this reason, at this time, we would recommend trading only Forex when using the Master Cryptobot autotrader.


Master Cryptobot Demo

One thing that we do want you to keep in mind when it comes to this software is that you do not have to jump right into it and start trading with real money. Yes, as a newbie day trader, or as somebody who has never used this particular platform before, you might be a bit weary of how it works and if it works. Well, there is in fact a Crypto Masterbot demo that you can try out for free.

This demo works exactly like the full version of the software, but it does not use real money to trade. This means that you can try out all of the Crypto Masterbot software’s features, see how it works, and get the hang of things before you start trading with real money. It is definitely a very useful feature to keep in mind.

Crypto Masterbot & The Daily €3,000 – Conclusion

The bottom line here is that it is more than possible to make €3,000 daily using the Crypto Masterbot system. If you follow the rules and tips which we have provided here today, it is more than possible to make this kind of money. Remember guys, you can always test out the Crypto Masterbot demo first before you start trading with real money.

Crypto Masterbot

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