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The Geneva Capital Group broker is allegedly a world class broker for Forex, CFD, stocks, and commodities trading. The claim here is that you can earn maximum profits by using their trading platform. Sure, the website actually looks fairly legit. It might seem like this is a legit broker to use, but think again.

Even though the website,, looks like the real deal, it is anything but that. It might look legit at a glance, but upon further inspection we came across a plethora of red flags which indicate that something illegal is going on here. This is our Geneva Capital Group broker review and we are here to keep your finances from being stolen.

Geneva Capital Group Scam Alert

Geneva Capital Group Leadership

One of the first things that we noticed about this multi-faceted broker is that it is completely anonymous. No matter where you look, you won’t ever find a single mention of who might lead this operation. There is absolutely no information available about company ownership or leadership. This is a very bad sign.

These kinds of anonymous brokers are usually always scams. There is a reason why the people behind it choose to stay anonymous. It’s because there is something shady in the works here and they don’t want to go to prison for theft and fraud. This sort of anonymity and complete lack of transparency is always a signal that something illegal is going on.

Geneva Capital Group Contact & Location

The next red flag which popped up here has to do with the location and contact details of the Geneva Capital Group broker. First off, the website does provide us with 2 different phone numbers, an email address, and a live chat function too. Well, we tried calling both numbers, but nobody picked up. We also tried emailing them, and of course, nobody responded.

Finally, when it came to the live chat function, we were supposed to be connected with a live agent. However, we quickly realized that it was nothing more than an automated response system. It’s a computer providing the responses, not a real person. These are all indications that this shady broker is a scam.

Geneva Capital Group Scam Alert

Moreover, according to the website,, this company is allegedly located in ST. Vincent and the Grenadines. We are even provided with an address for the Company HQ. Well, to no surprise at all, this address is bogus. Sure, technically the address exists on the map, but it does not belong to this broker or the company behind it.

Speaking of the company behind this broker, it is apparently called Geo Tec AG. Well, all it took was a quick search in the business registry for St. Vincent and the Grenadines to confirm that this is not true. This Geo Tec AG company is not real and it is certainly not registered in this country. The whole thing is a huge scam, nothing more than a trick.

Geneva Capital Group Licensing & FINMA Warning

Yet another Geneva Capital Group scam factor which came to our attention has to do with company licensing. This is supposed to be a company or broker which provides financial investment services for people. It therefore needs to be licensed and authorized to do this.

However, there is not a single licensing agency or regulatory commission in the world which has licensed the Geneva Capital Group or Geo Tec AG. This broker is operating without a license, without authority, and it is operating outside the boundaries of the law.

Moreover, FINMA, which is the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, a legit financial authority, has even issued a warning about these crooks. They state that this broker is not to be trusted.

Geneva Capital Group Scam Alert – Trading History

What is also super suspicious about this Forex, CFD, stocks, and commodities broker, is that it does not have or display any sort of trading history. You would think that a broker which offers so many different assets to trade with would feature some kind of trading history. However, no matter how hard we tried to find something, we could not find any evidence of any trading history whatsoever. It’s a really bad sign.


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The Geneva Capital Group’s Education Center

What is almost laughable about this trading scam is the so called education center which is included. Allegedly, this site features world class education about Forex, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and more. However, if you take a closer look at this so called “education”, it’s completely useless and worthless. There is nothing educational here at all. It’s just a little trick meant to make this broker seem more legit.

Accounts & Withdrawals

What is also very suspicious about this broker is that the minimum deposit amounts for the various accounts are way too high. In case you did not know, the acceptable and industry standard minimum deposit for all trading accounts id $250. However, the minimum deposit for the lowest account level with Geneva Capital is 5,000 Euros. This is way too high and it’s completely unacceptable.

It is also worth noting that the Geneva Capital Group also does not allow for withdrawals, period. We have received dozens of complaints from angry scam victims. These crooks use a trick where they give customers a big time bonus when they sign up.

However, when people go to make a withdrawal, they are told that they must first make an additional deposit to cover the initial bonus. This is a trick. It’s just a way for these crooks to get you to willingly send them more money. After they get your extra money, they still won’t allow you to make a withdrawal.

Geneva Capital Group Scam Alert

Geneva Capital Group Scam Review – The Verdict

The bottom line is that the Geneva Capital Group broker is indeed a total scam. It is designed to steal money from its investors and nothing more. Please folks, whatever you do, stay as far away from this scam broker as humanly possible. If you invest money with this criminal and illegal broker, you will lose every last dollar.


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