Ateh is a relatively old trading system, one that claims to offer investors with over 250 different trading instruments. What we should say that is a relatively old scam which keeps popping up over and over again, like daisies popping out of the snow.

Sure, the website looks relatively convincing. It certainly looks the part, but if you take a closer look, you will notice that there is not much substance to it. In fact, there is a total lack of information and transparency featured here which makes us extremely suspicious.

This is an old scam which keeps popping up, and we are doing this Ateh scam review to keep you safe from it. Let’s take a closer look at the various red flags and scam factors which prove that Ateh is nothing more than another vicious trading scam.

Ateh Scam

Ateh Company Information

One of the things which stands out about is how there is both a complete lack of information provided, as well as false information too. First off, there is not a single mention of company ownership or leadership.

We see no sort of team, CEO, a board of directors, or anything else of the sort. This complete lack of transparency in terms of company leadership does not bode well for its legitimacy. If this Ateh investment platform were legit, the owners would not choose to remain anonymous.

Next, when it comes to contact information, sure provides us with an email address, as well as several phone numbers too. However, these are both totally useless. Nobody responded to our emails when we tried contacting them. Moreover, we tried calling all of the provided phone numbers, but nobody ever picked up. This lack of communication is indicative of a scam.

Finally, the company address and location also appears to be bogus. According to the site, this investment platform is owned by Techects LP, a company located in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Well, we looked the address up, and it does not belong to this company. On that same note, it was also impossible to find any sort of company registration info. From what we can tell, this company is not registered in the UK at all.
Ateh Scam

Ateh Licensing

Another big time scam factor that came to our attention here has to do with the lack of Licensing. This is supposed to be a company or platform which provides financial investment services to people. Seeing as it is allegedly based in the UK, it therefore needs to be licensed and authorized by the FCA.

Well, the FCA has never heard of These crooks do not have a license, and therefore, the Ateh trading platform is not legal at all. These people, whoever they are, have no business handling your money!


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Ateh Demo Account

There is a so called demo account featured on the website. Allegedly, this demo account is designed so that people can test the platform out without actually having to risk real money. It’s supposed to perform just like the live account, but not with real money.

However, this is nothing more than a cheap trick. It’s rigged just like a carnival game, but where carnival games are rigged to lose, this Ateh demo account is rigged to win. It is designed to only show winning trades, thus making it seem like the live version will also perform very well. It just is not true at all. It’s a massive and underhanded scam tactic.

Ateh Trading Platform

Another thing worth mentioning about the Ateh trading platform has to do with security. It appears as though there is no SSL, DDOS, or any other sort of security or encryption present. This means that the trading platform is totally unsecure, and that leaves your funds at risk.

However, make no mistake about it, because this has been purposely done. The reason why the platform has no security is so the criminals behind it can steal your money with ease.

Ateh Trading Education

The website also features so called trading education, if you can call it that. Although this is not a scam factor per say, featuring completely useless education on the site is, well, completely useless. These guys just fill their educational section with random facts, some of which are false. It’s just completely pointless.

Ateh Scam Withdrawals

One of the most telling Ateh scam factors has to do with the inability of customers to make any sort of withdrawal. We have received literally dozens of complaints about this. One way or another, people are blocked for making withdrawals.

People receive withdrawal error messages, people are asked to deposit more money, and people’s accounts just get shut down without warning. One way or another, it seems as though the anonymous criminals running the show are stealing funds. It appears as though the people behind this scam simply drain money out of accounts.

Ateh Accounts & Bonuses

Yet another huge red flag which popped up here has to do with the various accounts and bonuses on those accounts which offers. Here, the highest account level allows investors to deposit up to $50,000.

Investors are told that they will then receive a 100% welcome bonus, or in other words, a free $50,000 just for signing up and depositing money.

People, does it seem likely to you that these people are going to just give you $50K? No, of course not, because it does not make any sense whatsoever. Moreover, there is also just not much information provided about the various accounts, more or less no information at all.

Ateh Scam

Ateh Scam Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the Ateh trading system is a total scam, and the company behind it is not legal in any way. The only thing that you need to know about is that it is a rip off. It appears as though the only people it serves are the anonymous crooks behind it. They are stealing from you and lining their own pockets with your hard earned cash.


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