Miner Coin Scam Review – DANGER!


People have been asking a lot of questions about the Miner Coin crypto cloud mining system. Miner-co.in claims to be the real deal, a legit crypto mining solution, but we have our doubts.

Miner Coin Scam


Miner Coin Scam Factors

As we have touched on in our introduction, there are a variety of red flags and scam factors which strongly indicate that the Miner Coin cryptocurrency mining system is not the real deal. There are various indications that this is an illegal crypto cloud mining system that should not be in operation. Let’s take a look.



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The first scam factor which came to our attention here has to do with company leadership. On the entirety of the website, miner-co.in, there is not a single mention of who might be in charge or who might own this cryptocurrency cloud mining operation, nothing at all.

This is a very bad sign and a strong indication that this is a scam. Unless there is something illegal going on here, the owners would have no other good reason to stay hidden from sight. This lack of transparency does not inspire any confidence whatsoever.

No Location Info

Next, the miner-co.in website also provides absolutely no information in terms of the location of the company. This is very suspicious to say the least. Why don’t these people want us knowing where they are? This is supposed to be a bitcoin cloud mining operation, which means that there have to be mining farms with mining hardware.

Why are we not told where the mining farms, servers, and hardware are located? This is an indication that there is no such cryptocurrency mining going on here whatsoever. Without any info about where the company is based or where the mining farms are located, it makes it really difficult for us to trust the Miner Coin crypto cloud mining system.

No Registration

Ok, so seeing that we were not provided with any info about company location, we decided to take it upon ourselves to do a bit of research in this regard. Well, we came up totally empty. We were not able to find a single company registration document or certificate from any one country on this planet. In other words, the Miner Coin system is not backed by any sort of real or official company whatsoever. This is yet another indication that there is a scam afoot here.

No Contact Info

Besides there not being any info in regards to company ownership, location, and registration, there is also no contact info present. Yes, there is a section where people can file a ticket, but there is no clear email address or phone number.

In other words, there is absolutely no visible contact info as well as absolutely no customer support whatsoever. Of course, this is also not a good sign and it also indicates that something criminal is in the works here. These people clearly do not want us knowing who or where they are, and that’s not good.

No Licensing

Next, the Miner Coin system is technically a financial investment service. These crooks claim to take your money and then invest it into Bitcoin mining or the mining of other cryptocurrencies. Any company which provides any sort of investment service like this requires an official license to operate legally.

Well, seeing as the company itself is not registered anywhere, it’s also safe to assume that it is not licensed. Indeed, we did some digging, and we came up empty.

Not a single regulatory or licensing body in the world, not even the FCA or the SEC, has ever heard of miner-co.in. These crooks have no license of any kind. This means that the company, if it can even be called that, is not operating legally or with any kind of authority. It’s a totally illegal operation.

No Account or ROI Info

Yet another super suspicious aspect of this Miner Coin Bitcoin mining operation is how there is absolutely no info present in relation to various accounts, mining account levels, or possible returns, just nothing at all.

If we are expected to invest our hard earned money with this crypto mining system, we want to know what the possible or potential returns look like. Any crypto mining system worth its money is going to provide you with this information. Not providing info about returns is pretty much like saying that there are no returns at all! It just does not make any sense!

Bogus Payouts

The miner-co.in website does display a bunch of alleged payouts, money which customers have received thanks to the Bitcoin mining efforts. However, if you look at the payouts, you will see that there is no real information about any of them. They are just random account numbers.

There is no way to prove that these are real at all. However, what we do know is that we have received a good amount of complaints from angry scam victims. According to all of the people we have talked to, all of the people who got scammed, it always goes the same way.

People invest their hard earned money with the Miner Coin system, only to have it completely disappear. The money just goes missing at one point or another. If this is not a scam, then we don’t know what is.

A Shady Referral Program

Finally, the other Miner Coin scam factor worth talking about has to do with the referral program. Apparently, there is a competition here. The person to refer the most people to invest money here will receive a high quality and brand new Apple iPad.

Now, we cannot confirm that this is a lie. However, seeing as there are plenty of other red flags to go around, chances are pretty much 100% that this is just a trick. It’s an easy way to lure in more scam victims without the people behind the Miner Coin scam having to do any of the work.

Miner Coin Scam


Miner Coin Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the Miner Coin cryptocurrency mining system is a scam. It will steal your money, so stay away from it!



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