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Facebook on Fire Scam Review


We’ve already done a review on this terrible Facebook on Fire scam app, but it has managed to rip off countless people none the less. For whatever reason, this horrible cryptocurrency trading system has managed to slip through the cracks and screw far too many people out of their hard earned money. We’re here doing an updated Facebook on Fire scam review to tell you all about this dangerous and malicious trading system.

We honestly don’t know how this pike of junk BTC and crypto trading app is still alive. It is so clearly a scam that why anybody would fall for this crap is really beyond us. The Facebook on Fire app is really full of nonsense, lies, and made up personalities. Nothing that you see about this bogus cryptocurrency trading system is real in the least. This has to be one of the most disingenuous, untrustworthy, and thieving pieces of trading tech we have seen in a very long time.





Who’s Running The Facebook on Fire App?

As far as we know, a man who claims to be named Joseph Magnum is the man in charge here. Apparently he is some highly successful investment guru, crypto expert, and social media savant. We are told that he has used all of his skills to create this allegedly wonderful Facebook on Fire app. However, when it comes to his credibility, we honestly are not convinced in the least. Seriously, all we ever get to see of him is low grade image, which for the presentation video is combined with some cheap voice narration.

Whenever we see images and hear narration we automatically become very suspicious. If this Joseph Magnum guy was the real deal, he would show himself live in the video. We did some research and were actually able to find the exact same stock image which had already been used for several other marketing campaigns, but under various names. We also tried finding this Joe guy on social media, and everywhere else for that matter, but alas to no avail. This man is not credible, trustworthy, or genuine in the least.

He is just a scapegoat being used to protect the real identities of the crooks behind the Facebook on Fire scam. The people who created the Facebook on Fire app are trying to steal from you. They know that what they are doing is illegal, and they are trying their best to remain anonymous so they won’t get thrown in prison for theft and fraud. The lesson here is that you should never trust any kind of anonymous trading system like Facebook on Fire software.


What Does The Facebook on Fire App Do?

This is a really good and important question, one that we unfortunately do not have any kind of good answer to. We are told that the Facebook on Fire app exposes some kind of loophole to help make us a ton of money. The story goes that Facebook on Fire software can take up to $1,000 right out of Mark Zuckerberg’s pocket and put it right into your bank account. It is implies that this software has do with cryptocurrencies.

It is also said that this system exposed some kind of Facebook loophole to generate this money for us. So, first of all, we are never told if the Facebook on Fire is actually related to BTC and cryptocurrencies, or if it does binary options, Forex, and other assets as well. Next, we are never told what this loophole is, but the fact remains that loopholes are usually illegal. Next, if the Facebook on Fire app does take money straight out of Mark’s pocket, you can bet your bottom dollar that it is doing so illegally.

Make no mistake about it, you will never get any money from Mark Zuckerberg or this fraudulent Facebook on Fire app. If everyone could expose this so called loophole and steal money out of the creator of Facebook, all of those people would be in jail, Mark would sue you, and Facebook would probably close down. This is all just one big confusing mess that makes less sense than putting a dog in a dress. You will never make $1,000 per day with this ludicrous Facebook on Fire scam app!





Facebook on Fire Scam – Other Disturbing Facts

There are quite a few other disturbing things that we found out about the Facebook on Fire, so let’s tell you all about them right now.

  • The fact of the matter is that Facebook on Fire software is not licensed in any way shape or form. Like we said, whether this is a BO, Forex, or cryptocurrency trading system remains up for debate. However, what you can be absolutely sure of is that the Facebook on Fire has none of the required licensing or regulation to perform these activities legally.
  • There are no reliable brokers in sight here. Reliable brokers are licensed and regulated which means that they will only allow themselves to be connected with equally reputable trading apps. Since the Facebook on Fire app is not licensed or reputable in the least, you can rest assured that any brokers involved here are just as fraudulent.





  • The Facebook on Fire app features a bunch of user testimonials on the main website. You guessed it. They are all totally fake and fabricated. All of the Facebook on Fire user testimonials were written by the same scumbags who are trying to rip you off with this ridiculous system. All of the people shown are nothing more than stolen stock images, just like Joseph Magnum. Don’t believe anything you see on this website because it is all made up out of thin air.




Facebook on Fire Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that the Facebook on Fire app is a total rip off. It has one purpose and one purpose only, which is to rip you off. These scam artists want to get their hands on your money and they will stop at nothing to get it.


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