Cryptosoft Review – Cryptocurrency Scam!


Apparently, the Cryptosoft app is some big time BTC and cryptocurrency trading system that is very profitable. You might be aware of the fact that the price of Bitcoin literally just hit an all time high of $12,000 USD. Well, this means that BTC is currently a good thing to invest in as it is predicted to keep rising, and drastically at that. The problem is that scammers like those behind Cryptosoft software are also looking to take advantage. However, they are not taking advantage of cryptocurrency prices.

The people behind the Cryptosoft app are taking advantage of you. We are promised that this ludicrous trading app can generate over $5,000 per day, which is simply impossible. We did a whole lot of research here and the signs point in a very bad direction. From everything we have managed to gather it is abundantly clear that the Cryptosoft trading app is a total rip off. There is not a single genuine or true thing about this app. We’re here doing a Cryptosoft scam review to give you fair warning about the very real danger posed by this malicious cryptocurrency trading service.



Who Is In Charge Of Cryptosoft Software

We are informed that a man named Thomas Green is the guy in charge of this Cryptosoft scam. Well, we never get to see him live, we are never shown a picture, and we are not given any other info either. All we ever get is some terrible voice narration. We get suspicious whenever we encounter voice narration with these trading apps. This shows that the person talking is not named Thomas and it leaves us with no way to confirm his identity. This is a cheap and easy way for the real crooks behind the Cryptosoft app to hide their own identities.

They are using this totally fictitious Thomas persona to cover their own butts. They know that the Cryptosoft trading app is totally fraudulent and illegal. They use some terrible and underpaid voice narrator to try and conceal their true identities and stay hidden in a shroud of anonymity. They just don’t want to go to prison when they inevitably steal your money. In other words, we have no idea who is that the helm of this Cryptosoft scam. You should never trust any kind of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading app when you do not know who is in charge. When your money does get stolen, there is no one for you to point the finger at.



Cryptosoft Trading System – No Licensing

One thing that is abundantly clear about this ridiculous Cryptosoft app is that it is not licensed. All cryptocurrency and BTC trading systems require licensing in order to engage in these activities. They also need to be closely regulated. The problem here is than an anonymous app like this one could never get the required licensing to trade crypto in a legal manner.

These systems need to be reputable, have real people and companies at the helm, and they need to be transparent. Without these attributes, no system like the Cryptosoft app can get licensing. In other words, this system either makes trades illegally, or our suspicion, it never makes any trades at all. It is nothing more than an easy way to steal your money from you.

Cryptosoft Software – Bad Brokers

Yet another problem which arises out of anonymity and a lack of licensing is that of a connection to a reliable broker. The fact of the matter is that a reliable broker, just like a trading app, needs licensing. Well, since the Cryptosoft app has no licensing, it seems odd that any reputable broker would allow itself to be associated with this app.

Let’s put it this way, only a reputable and licensed BTC trading app is going to allow for real and reputable brokers to be connected to it. Seeing as the Cryptosoft system is about as fraudulent as it gets, you can rest assured that the brokers are no better. The only reason why there are any brokers present is to steal your money.





How Does The Cryptosoft App Generate Money?

Another really suspicious red flag here is that we have no idea what the Cryptosoft app does or how it does it. Sure, we are told that this system trades BTC and other cryptocurrencies, and that it does so with great accuracy. However, we are never told what kind of trading strategies and algorithms are involved, or what kind of market indicators are in place. Sure, this app may trade BTC, but we have no idea what the criteria for executing a trade are.

This is highly suspicious no doubt. If we are expected to believe that Cryptosoft software can generate over $5,000 per day, we need to know exactly what it does and how it does it. The lack of explanation here in terms of the inner workings of Cryptosoft software is enough to send us running for the hills. There is also the fact that achieving the kind of trading accuracy and profits as promised is totally impossible. Even the very best trading systems in the world cannot muster these numbers. Trading is risky.

Risk is inherent in trading and there is nothing that any trading system can do about that. Unlike the criminals behind the Cryptosoft scam would have you believe, even if this app were to actually trade, there is always a good chance of losing your investment. On that same note, yes it is possible to generate as much as $1,250 per day using a BTC trading app, but not $5,000. That is more money than most trading systems could pull in throughout the course of a full week.



Cryptosoft Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that the Cryptosoft app is nothing more than a dangerous rip off. It has the express intent of stealing your money by any means possible. You will never make a profit with this horrible cryptocurrency trading system, so just stay away from it!


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