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Expert Optioner claims to be a leading binary options, stocks, commodities, and indices broker. However, there are some very questionable claims made here, which is what this Expert Optioner scam review is all about.

Expert Optioner


Expert Optioner Leadership

First off, we noticed that there is no clear leadership present here. If we are expected to trust our hard earned money with this broker, we want to know who is in charge of it. However, there is not a single mention of company leadership on the whole website.

Now, we do see a picture of a random group of people who are supposedly the leaders here. We also get to see the “signature” of the so called director of this broker.

However, this signature is meaningless. It is not clearly associated with any one person and it is illegible. It’s impossible to read what this signature says. This is a faceless and anonymous scam. This total lack of transparency is a clear indication that something illegal is going on here.

Expert Optioner Contact

The contact details for this Expert Optioner broker are also totally bogus. We are provided with a phone number and an email address for contact, but neither of them work. We tried calling these people, but nobody picked up the phone.

We also tried emailing them, but there was no response. Not being able to communicate with the people who are supposed to handle our investments is not a good sign. Why do these people not want to talk to anybody?


Expert Optioner Location & Registration

According to, this broker is located in the USA. So, first off, we checked with the US business registry, but came up empty. There is no company by this name registered anywhere in the USA.

Moreover, in case you did not know, binary options investment programs and software such as this is not legal in the USA. It is prohibited. Therefore, whether or not this company is registered, it’s not legal at all. It’s illegal to perform this sort of activity in the USA, and therefore this broker is operating illegally. Licensing

Next, Expert Optioner claims to be a binary options, Forex, stocks, and indices broker. Well, we already know that the whole binary options thing does not work in the USA. However, either way, this company is not licensed either.

Seeing as what it claims to do is illegal in the USA, it is totally impossible for this broker to have any kind of licensing. Whether in the USA or not, without a valid operating license, these crooks have no right to be handling your investments. It’s a completely unregistered, unlicensed, and illegal investment operation.


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Expert Optioner Accounts & ROI

Perhaps one of the most ridiculous aspects of this Expert Optioner broker is how it claims to offer investors with a 200% return in 7 days. According to the website, by investing money here, you will be able to triple your initial investment every week.

Sure, this definitely sounds like a great deal, but we have some very serious doubts. Folks, getting a 200% return on investment is nearly impossible to achieve over the span of several years, let alone in just 7 days. Not only is this promise completely unrealistic, but also totally impossible. Professional Consultants

What is almost laughable about is how they claim to offer professional investment advice from experienced consultants.

However, there is not a single shred of evidence which could confirm that there is anyone who resembles an expert involved here. For one, we were not able to get into contact with anybody at all, so the claim of having anybody available to help customers is totally bogus.


Expert Optioner User Testimonials

What really stands out about this scam broker has to do with the user testimonials featured on There are about a dozen testimonials present. The first thing which we noticed about them is that they all have horrible spelling and grammar errors. Seriously, it looks as though they were written be semi-literate monkeys.

Moreover, these do not show who wrote them, no picture of a face or anything of the sort. Yes, we are provided with the names of the people who supposedly left these testimonials, but they are fake. The “people” seen here are fake, and they come complete with fake titles for fake businesses. It’s all just a bunch of lies meant to make this broker seem more legit. Random Logos

What really does not make any sense about the Expert Optioner website is how it features a bunch of random logos. These logos are from various financial institutions and business, and some of them don’t make any sense.

One such logo is from Lily’s Flowers. How exactly does a flower shop fit into the equation here? We have no idea. However, the main point here is that none of these businesses have any association with this scam broker whatsoever. It’s just another trick meant to make this scam broker seem more legit.

Expert Optioner


Expert Optioner Bonuses & Withdrawals

The most important thing to note about this Expert Optioner scam broker is that it just does not allow for withdrawals. In fact, when people go to withdraw their funds, they are forced to deposit even more money first. When people sign up, they are given a welcome bonus.

Well, in order to withdraw funds, people are then told that they have to deposit more money to equal the welcome bonus. However, after people deposit this extra money, it is still not possible to make a withdrawal. Simply put, these crooks are stealing money from people. It’s as simple as that.


Expert Optioner Scam Review – The Verdict

The bottom line is that is a rip off, a complete scam, nothing more than an exercise in highway robbery. These criminals will do anything in their power to steal from you. Do yourself a favor and stay away!


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