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Amelok claims to be one of the biggest online trading brokers for Forex, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, indices, and more. They also claim to have varying account levels for all types of traders. Moreover, the website also displays a myriad of sponsorships, awards, and endorsements from celebrities. While these definitely make this broker seem like the real deal, we do have some doubts.

Our doubts started to surface when we noticed that a large part of either as spelling errors or is in the Russian language. This makes it seems as somebody quickly copy and pasted a Russian website into an English format. This sort of carelessness and laziness sparked our interest. Is this the only thing wrong with this broker, or is there more?

Well, we figured it would be wise to do some further research into this broker, so that is exactly what we did. Folks, when we dug deeper into, we found a plethora of red flags and scam factors which indicate that something shady is afoot here. This is our Amelok broker scam review and we are here to keep you safe from potential scammers like this.

Amelok Scam Alert

Amelok Broker Scam Factors

We did a lot of digging around into this broker, and we found no less than 10 different red flags which indicate that something shady and illegal is going on here, so let’s take a closer look.


First off, we noticed that this Amelok broker is completely anonymous. It features a total lack of transparency on this end. There is not a single mention of who might own or lead this operation. We are not provided with the name of a CEO, a CFO, a manager, or anything else of the sort, just nothing.

This is a faceless and anonymous broker, one which does its best to keep the identities of the people behind it a secret. There is only one reason why these crooks are remaining hidden from sight. It’s because they are doing something illegal.


Amelok Registration claims to be registered under a company named Global Limited Group Holding, which in turn claims to be registered in both the UK and in Russia. Well, there is absolutely no information provided on this front.

We looked up this broker and the company behind it in the business registries of both Russia and the UK. We could not find a single shred of evidence that this broker is registered. It’s therefore not an official company.

Amelok Scam Alert


Contact Info

Next, we also realized that the contact info for this broker is completely fake. There is a mmyriad of phone numbers and email addresses provided for contact, both for Russia and the UK. Well, we tried calling all of the phone numbers. Nobody picked up the phone.

We tried emailing all addresses, but nobody responded. We even tried using the chat feature on, which is only in Russian, but nobody even responded to us there. This total lack of communication is indicative of a scam.


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Amelok Licensing

The next red flag which came to our attention here is that the Amelok broker does not have any sort of licensing whatsoever. In order to operate legally, this broker would have to be licensed with the proper authorities in both the UK and Russia, so with the FCA and the FMRRC.

However, neither of these licensing agencies have ever heard od this broker. Therefore, since it is operating without a license, it’s a completely illegal venture. It has absolutely no authority to handle the money of investors.



The website is peppered with a bunch of awards, such as “best Forex broker”. There are 4 awards which we can see on the site. Well, these are all fake. We looked up all of these awards, and either they just don’t exist, or they have never been awarded to this scam broker.



The Amelok broker also claims to be endorsed by a number of high profile celebrities, most notable, Harry Kane, the English Footballer, and Louis Hamilton, the F1 racer. However, this is simply not true. While their images are featured on the site, these men have absolutely no association with this scam broker whatsoever.

Amelok Scam Alert


Amelok Sponsorship

The Amelok broker also claims to be sponsored by some high profile business, with one of these being Forbes. Folks, this broker does not have any such sponsorship agreements, especially not from a company so highly regarded as Forbes. These are just more lies meant to make this broker seem legit.



What also came to our attention is that the accounts just don’t make any sense. The minimum deposit industry standard is $250. However, for all broker accounts here, users have to deposit at least $500. This is well over the industry standard and it is not acceptable.


Affiliate Program

This broker also features an affiliate programs which claims to offer you a 20% bonus in commissions if you get others to invest. This is also a lie. Sure, these crooks will take money from whomever you refer, but they won’t give you that 20% bonus. This affiliate program is just a way for the crooks in charge here to scam even more people out of even more money.

Amelok Scam Alert



Finally, the most important thing to mention about is that it just does not allow for withdrawals. Not a single person has been able to withdraw a single penny from these scammers!

Amelok Broker Review – Final Thoughts

As you can now clearly see, the Amelok broker is nothing more than yet another broker scam. It is completely anonymous, it is not registered, the contact info is bogus, and it doesn’t have any licensing either.

The whole website is peppered with fake awards, bogus endorsements, and sponsorships that just don’t exist. To top it all off, scam victims are unable to withdraw funds. People, is a rip off and the only purposes it serves is to steal money from all investors it comes into contact with.


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