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OFFICIAL SCAM SITE: BIT-HOLDINGS.COM is allegedly one of the best trading platforms for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. According to the site, this is a trading platform that was created and which is run by a team of trading and analytics experts. Sure, so far so good.

It’s no secret that trading cryptocurrencies can be extremely profitable. After all, many people have made an absolute killing by investing in and trading Bitcoin, among other cryptocurrencies too. is trying to capitalize on this massive hype. They want you to believe that their trading platform is a quick way to get rich investing in cryptocurrencies.

In other words, definitely seems like a get rich quick scheme, and we all know how those go. With grandiose claims, the Bit Holdings trading system definitely sounds like a good bet. However, the odds of success drastically decrease once you actually look at what’s going on here.

We decided to do some research into this allegedly awesome crypto trading platform. We have gotten some complaints about it, and we also noticed some shady stuff going on. This is our review, and we are here to keep you safe from crypto trading scams like this. Leadership

There is a total lack of trustworthy information available about the company itself. First off, the “about us” page claims that this operation is lead by a team of experts and professionals. However, we are never provided with a single name or face, just nothing at all.

We are never actually told who is in charge of this crypto trading platform. It’s totally anonymous, it’s faceless, and whoever is behind it does not want us knowing who they are. Whenever you come across trading platforms and investments systems like this, one that are not transparent, you can rest assured that something shady is in the works.

Company Info

The next thing which came to our attention about is how the company itself does not seem to be legit at all. First off, we are provided with some contact details, mainly a phone number for the UK, as well as an email address. Funny enough, this company claims to also have an HQ in Switzerland, although there are no contact details provided.

So, we tried calling and emailing these crooks using the provided contact info, and of course, we got nowehere. This total lack of communication is a very bad sign and it indicates that there is something illegal goin on.

Moreover, we checked both the provided addresses, both for Switzerland and the UK, and both are bogus. Yes, these addresses do exist on a map, but they do not belong to this company.

On that same note, we also decided to check if this company is actually registered in the UK and Switzerland. Of course, it is not registered. In other words, in no way is this a real, registered, or official business, not in any country on the face of this planet. Licensing

Yet another big scam factor that came to our attention here has to do with company licensing. This is supposed to be a company engaging in financial trading and investment activities. Therefore, it has to be licensed as such. Moreover, because it claims to operate out of two different countries, it also needs to be licensed by two different agencies.

We looked far and wide, both with the FCA and about a dozen other licensing agencies, and to no surprise at all, we came up empty. In other words, has no license whatsoever. It’s a completely illegal operation that has no business engaging in sort of investment activities.


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Platform & Accounts

What you also need to know about is that the trading platform itself is not legit either. This is a bare bones trading platform, one that most likely never places trades at all. It’s simply an empty shell, nothing more than smoke and mirrors. It appears to make trades, but actually just allows your money to be stolen by the anonymous crooks running the show.

This platform is totally unsecure too. It has absolutely no forms of encryption or security of any kind. This is exactly how these criminals steal your money, through some bogus an unsecure trading platform. Let’s not forget that these scam artists want to steal a lot of money from you too, not just a little bit.

Even the lowest accounts here require people to deposit $10,000. Folks, the industry standard for minimum deposits is $250. Asking for a $10,000 initial deposit is absurd. These guys just want you to fork over as much cash as they can scam out of you before you realize that you’ve been had. Withdrawals

The biggest scam factor of all has to do with withdrawals, or the lack thereof we should say. We have received no less than 100 complaints about this scam over the last week. The story is always the same. People deposit money, they start trading, and the money is gone. Now, this money is not lost through losing trades. It simply disappears.

In some cases, people have even found that their accounts have been blocked or just shut down altogether. Either way, not a single soul has every been able to withdraw a single penny after having made a deposit. It’s obvious that these crooks are stealing hard earned from hard working people such as you. Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that the crypto trading platform is just another scam. There is not a single honest bone in its whole body. These crooks are anonymous, complete with fake business info and all. We have no idea who these people are, and that’s a big problem.

Not having any licensing just adds to the equation. Of course, not being able to withdraw any money is perhaps the biggest scam factor of all. At the end of the day, the only thing you need to know is that this is indeed a crypto scam and you need to keep your distance from it!


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