ETH Millionaire Scam Review: FRAUDULENT!


If you are sick and tired of being scammed by crypto trading scams, well, the ETH Millionaire system is not about to change things for the better. On the outside, it appears as though this particular cryptocurrency trading app is the real deal. However, with just a little bit of research and snooping around, it becomes apparent that this whole thing is just another epic exercise in thievery.

If you look closely at the ETH Millionaire app, it is obvious that it is fraudulent, illegal, and designed specifically to rob you blind. It might seem like a good way to make some extra money, but that is simply not the case, not one bit.

These clowns would have us believe that we can make millions and millions of dollars through this automated Ethereum, Bitcoin, and crypto trading app. However, this is not true in any way, shape, or form. This is our ETH Millionaire review and we are here to give you fair warning about the very real threat posed to your financial security by this unscrupulous trading scam.


ETH Millionaire Scam


ETH Millionaire System – Faceless Leadership

The ETH Millionaire software leadership team is totally non-existent and hidden from us. Nowhere are we told who the leaders, founders, creators, or financial benefactors are here. Heck, we are not even informed of who programmed the system itself. This is extremely suspicious and it makes us greatly question the legitimacy of this system.

Seriously folks, unless there is something illegal going on here, there is no reason for the true owners to hide themselves in anonymity. However, from what we have gathered so far, there is definitely something unlawful going on here.

Nobody has ever been able to make a profit with this ETH Millionaire system, nor has anybody made a successful withdrawal. Everybody, real people, who have come into contact with this system, all say the same thing. Their money has simply disappeared. Therefore, it is obvious why the owners here choose to keep their identities a secret, because they are stealing from people.





Fake ETH Millionaire News Mentions

The ETH Millionaire website claims that various trusted news outlets like the NY Times, Forbes, and CNBC have all said positive things about it. Yet, if you go to the website of any of those news outlets, there is absolutely no mention of this system. In other words, these crooks are making false claims.


ETH Millionaire Scam


The ETH Millionaire system has never been talked about by any of these trusted news outlets. They have not said anything good or bad about it. They simply don’t care about it enough to talk about it. This is false advertising, it is misleading, and it is another piece of evidence which proves that this ETH Millionaire app is indeed a total scam.


Fake ETH Millionaire User Testimonials

On the website, you will come across a bunch of ETH Millionaire user testimonials. Apparently, as the story goes, these people have been able to quit their day jobs and become very wealthy with this crypto trading app.

They claim that they have made well over $1,000, every single day that they have used this system. However, there is simply no proof that any of this is true at all. For one, we have seen these people before. Their images have been used for various marketing campaigns for a variety of scam products, including other cryptocurrency trading scams.


ETH Millionaire Scam


In other words, they are not genuine users of this ETH Millionaire system. Their names have been created out of thin air, their pictures stolen from other sites, and their comments are fabricated by the same people trying to steal our money through this fraudulent crypto scam.

ETH Millionaire Scam Software – Dirty Tricks!

We are told that there are only 30 spots and 10 minutes to sign up for this ETH Millionaire trading scam. This is not true. The counters, both for the time and the number of spots, reset when the site is refreshed.


ETH Millionaire Scam


This is nothing more than a pressure tactic. It is meant to make you sign up for this crypto trading system before you really consider what the consequences are. These crooks want to steal as much cash from as many victims as possible. They are not going to limit the amount of people they screw over!

ETH Millionaire Scam App – DOES NOT WORK!

Perhaps the most important thing that we need to mention here is that the ETH Millionaire trading app does not work at all. First off, we are never informed of any relevant info concerning how this software executes successful trades to put money in our pockets.

We need to know the details, including things like algorithms, trading strategies, indicators, analysis tools and more. Literally all we are told is that there is some awesome tech being used here which can guarantee successful trades without any risk.


ETH Millionaire Scam


Well, telling us that there is no risk involved here is really stupid and nonsensical. You can never remove all risk from crypto trading, no matter who you are or what software you happen to use. The risk of losing a trade is inherent in the trading world. This is how it works. Somebody always has to lose, and if you use the ETH Millionaire system, you will be the one to lose.

Yes, we are told that we can become millionaires in a mere matter of months, but that just is not true, not in the least. Even if this ETH Millionaire app actually worked as advertised, it still would not be able to take in that kind of money. It just cannot be done, especially not with a trading scam like this. There is no proof that anybody has profited with this software, yet there is plenty of evidence which shows that countless people have been ripped off by this ETH Millionaire trading scam.

ETH Millionaire Review – Final Verdict

What this all comes down to is a couple of thieves doing their best to steal your money. The ETH Millionaire system is in no way real, legit, or honest.

It has been created to steal money from you, not to help you make it. It is anonymous, it features fake testimonials, fake news reviews, and fake profits too. You simply cannot trust this ETH Millionaire scam system because its sole purpose is to take you to the cleaners.



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