Deposit Day Scam Review: MINING SCHEME!


If you have been waiting for a new automated cryptocurrency mining system, don’t get your hopes up here. We are told that the Deposit Day mining system is currently the most profitable in the world. Apparently, it has the power to mine a variety of different crypto coins at once, yet there is no evidence of this.

Supposedly, we can make millions of dollars in no time at all, yet there is also no evidence to back up this claim either. The Deposit Day program might seem like a good crypto mining system at first glance. However, if you take a closer look at it, you will quickly notice that there are tons of scam factors present.


Deposit Day Scam


With no evidence to back up any of the claims made, but plenty of evidence which shows this system to be a scam, we have no choice but to condemn it to death. We are here today doing this Deposit Day review with the purpose of keeping you safe. We are here to provide you with warning about this terrible cryptocurrency mining scam that is costing thousands of people their hard earned money!

Deposit Day App Leadership – PHONY!

We are not even going to mention names here because it is painfully obvious that the leadership team displayed on the site is totally bogus. The people are nothing more than stolen stock images combined with fictitious names. These people having nothing to do with this Deposit Day app except for being portrayed as the leadership team.

In all reality, this Deposit Day program is totally anonymous and faceless. At the same time, all of the company details provided are completely bogus too. The email is fake, the address is fake, and so is the phone number. The business is not registered, it is not licensed, and it has no legal right to do anything it claims to do. This whole thing is 100% illegal, fraudulent, and off the books.


Deposit Day Scam



Deposit Day Mining Software – NO EVIDENCE OF MINING!

Something that is indeed extremely suspicious here is how there is absolutely no evidence of any mining actually going on. First off, we are told that the Deposit Day app can mine BTC, ETH, and many other cryptocurrencies.

However, it takes a whole lot of hardware, programming, space, and energy to do this. Cryptocurrency mining operations never mine more than one cryptocurrency. It is just too complicated and too energy and cash intensive.

Next, we are never told where this mining takes place, what the capabilities are, how much hardware is involved, the location of the hardware, or anything else of importance. We are supposed to believe that the Deposit Day system is this massive crypto mining operation without any evidence that it even exists in the first place.


Deposit Day Scam



Deposit Day Mining Scam – RIDICULOUS PROFITS!

The most ludicrous aspect of this whole thing is that we are told that we can become filthy rich using this ridiculous mining system. As the story goes, we can make up to 800% in profits in a single day, if we choose the lowest investment package.

If we were to decide to invest a little more money, apparently we can make as much as 80,000 times our investment back in just 3 days. That is right, these fools promise us 80,000% in ROI for a 3 day investment period. Have you ever heard of something so promising? We certainly have not. The reason we have never seen something like this before is because it is a huge load of manure.

Do you really think that you can make that kind of money simply by throwing some money at the wall and sitting back on your butt? The answer is a resounding no! There is no way, not even in a frozen over hell with little flying Donald Trump looking pigs as president, that this is possible at all.

We have talked to many people who have made the mistake of investing money here and the story is always the same. People invest money and it disappears right before their very eyes. Folks, the Deposit Day app is a nothing more than a cryptocurrency mining scam meant to rip you off.


Deposit Day Scam



Deposit Day Crypto Mining Scam – PONZI SCHEME!

Yet another telltale sign that there is a scam afoot here is how the Deposit Day system is clearly a Ponzi scheme. There is an affiliate referral program in place here which promises people up to 10% in affiliate commissions. If you get your friends to sign up, you get a bunch of money, or so the story goes at least.

The truth is that if you get your friends to sign up, all you are doing is actively screwing them as well. These crooks will steal from you and anybody else who makes the mistake of investing, The worst part is that you will never get any affiliate commission money either way. This is a crypto mining scam and they do not pay out any amount of money to anybody at all.


Deposit Day Scam



Deposit Day Program – BROKEN LINKS!

One surefire piece of evidence to prove that this thing is a scam is how the website is full of broken links. Any good crypto mining service that is profitable should have a well put together site. If the site is broken, with lots of fake, broken, and misleading links, you can rest assured that there is something odd going on. In this case, we know that the Deposit Day system is indeed a crypto mining scam.


Deposit Day Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that you simply cannot trust this Deposit Day software in the least. It might sound like a really attractive option in terms of making a lot of money fast. However, it is nothing more than a bogus get rich quick scheme meant to sucker you in. The only purpose that this mining app serves is to steal money from hard working people such as you.





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