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In our opinion, the BinBot Pro trading system is currently the most profitable app for binary options, fiat currency, and crypto trading out there. However, many people have been asking us lots of different questions about BinBot Pro software, which we are here to answer right now!

What Assets Can I Trade With The BinBot Pro App?

Although the name of this software suggest that it is only meant for binary options trading, that is not quite so. Besides classic binary options trading, you can also trade cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

No, it is not the most versatile and widespread trading platform out there right now, but it certainly gets the job done. As far as we are concerned, it is one of the best systems for binary options, crypto, and fiat currencies that you can get your hands on.





Is The BinBot Pro System Fully Automated?

The really neat part about the BinBot Pro program is that it is indeed fully automated. This means that you don’t really have to be there all of the time to execute successful and profitable trades. Some people wonder whether they even need to be in front of their computer to trade. The answser to this is technically no, you do not have to be in front of your computer to trade.

You can in fact select the bots and algorithms that suit you best, pick the settings of your choice, and just turn on automated trading. However, when it comes down to it, we would recommend being present for trading. It is always better to keep an eye on things than to just let any kind of software work on its own.

Are There Recommended Trading Hours For BinBot Pro Trading Software?

Yes, there are definitely hours between which you should trade more so than other hours. The best time to trade BO and crypto is when the market is at the most active and when it is the most volatile. This way you can make a profit no matter whether you make a put or call trade.

The market is the most active in between the hours of 9 AM and 7 PM GMT time. If you do not live in the GMT time zone, you will want to make the proper adjustments. This is when you stand to make the most money by far with BinBot Pro software.


How Can I Sign Up For BinBot Pro Software?

It really does not take much work or effort to sign up and start trading with this awesome technology. First off, just follow the links we have provided at the top and bottom of this page to get to the official website. After you have gotten there, click on the registration link.

You will be asked to fill out some personal info and then respond to a verification email. After that, you need to sign up and connect your broker account, plus you need to fund it too. Once all of this has been done, you are ready to start trading with BinBot Pro software.


BinBot Pro


What Are The Profits & ITM Rates Like With The BinBot Pro Program?

While the Binbot Pro app is very profitable either way, it should be noted that it all depends on the specific bots and settings that you choose. At its very lowest, this app can achieve ITM rates of 70%, which is not great, but much better than many other systems out there. At its best, this app can achieve ITM rates as high as 95%, which is obviously a lot more impressive.

The point here is that it all depends on the bot and algorithm you choose. There are high risk bots with lower ITM rates, but higher profit potentials, and vice versa too. There are medium risk bots as well. Moreover, in terms of daily profits, depending on your settings, you can make as little as $300 in a whole day, or as much as $1,500 or even $2,000 in a single day.

Are There Specific BinBot Pro Settings I Should Choose?

To be fair, all of the settings for this software work quite well and they will all lead to some form of profits in one way or another. However, if you are a beginner, we would recommend using a low risk bot with a low profit potential. This will minimize the risk of losing trades, especially when combined with low investment amounts.

Also, set a relatively low stop loss level. We personally like using the Strong US V2 bot, the Rising East V1.2, and the Bolly Band Bounce bot. These have achieved the best ITM rates and the highest level of profitability for us so far. This can also be seen by the third party trading video we have included below.

Is BinBot Pro Available In “THIS COUNTRY”?

Perhaps one of the best and coolest parts about this binary options trading software is that BinBot Pro software is available for use in literally every single country on this planet. This is something that has never been seen before, so we are honestly quite surprised. There are many countries out there  which have placed some pretty severe restrictions on automated binary options and crypto trading, most of which simply do not allow for automated trading apps at all.

However, the BinBot Pro system has managed to change all of this for the better. Countries like Canada, the USA, and Israel have all been known for outlawing automated trading apps, but with this software, it is no longer the case. The BinBot Pro trading app is available for use in every single country including ones where it was previously outlawed.

BinBot Pro Q&A – Final Thoughts

We hope that these answered are sufficient to put your questions to rest. When it comes down to it, the BinBot Pro system really is the number one trading system for crypto, BO, and much more right now. It is very accurate, highly customizable, and user friendly too. Making money with this software is about as easy as it gets.


BinBot Pro Free Demo

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