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If you are looking for a new cryptocurrency initial coin offering investment opportunity, you might have looked at the Eagle Rock Global ICO. This is a new initial coin offering which claims to be able to provide you with yearly returns of nearly 250%.

Apparently, the Eagle Rock Global ICO engages in a variety of investment practices for you. This includes everything from crypto and Forex trading, to Bitcoin mining, random paying games, and online retailing too. It definitely sounds like a very diverse investment opportunity. However, there are some issues with the Eagle Rock Global high yield investment plan, mainly that there is a severe lack of evidence to show that it actually works.

On the other hand, through our research, we have found many red flags and scam factors which indicate that this crypto ICO is less than legit or trustworthy. We are here today doing this Eagle Rock Global review to protect you from making a bad investment choice that will result in the total loss of your capital.

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Eagle Rock Global ICO – The People In Charge

The first scam factor that we noticed right away in regards to this Eagle Rock Global crypto HYIP is that the leadership does not appear to be legit. On the website you will notice something like 20 different people features in various company positions. It all looks legit enough at first, and the people do look reputable. However, if you notice, all we see from these people are suspiciously good looking photos and their names.

Naturally, we took it upon ourselves to investigate these people. To no one’s surprise, we can up totally empty. There is absolutely no online evidence, not so much as a social media profile, to confirm that any of these people are real. When it comes down to it, we know for a fact that the Eagle Rock Global leadership team is not real. These are fictitious characters, scapegoats meant to deflect and hide the real identities of the crooks in charge here. When it comes down to it, we really have no idea who is at the helm of this crypto ICO scam.

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ERG Group INC – The Company Behind Eagle Rock Global

Another red flag which popped up real fast here has to do with ERG Group INC, the company behind the Eagle Rock Global initial coin offering. First off, according to the incorporation documents features on eaglerockglobal.org, this company is based in the British Virgin Islands.

This is already suspicious enough, because if you know anything about taxes, law, finance, and scam business, you know that it is super easy to set up a fraudulent shell company in the British Virgin Island. These crooks could have used fake names galore and nobody would be the wiser.

However, the real kicker here is that ERG Group INC is not licensed or regulated at all. This is a financial services firm that takes your investment, uses to generate money trhough investing, then provides you with profits. This is not something you can just wake up and do. A company needs to be licensed and regulated to do this legally.

Once again, to no one’s surprise, the Eagle Rock Global ICO and the ERG Group INC is not licensed with any of the necessary authorities. This means that it is an illegal and fraudulent investment company. It has no legal right to take investments from people or to do anything with them whatsoever.

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Is The Eagle Rock Global ICO Profitable?

Of course, all other things aside, whether or not this Eagle Rock Global ICO is profitable is the main question. To start off, these guys claim to do a wide variety of things to put money in your pocket. If you look at the website, the Eagle Rock Global HYIP generates profits through games, online retail, Bitcoin and crypto mining, as well as crypto and Forex trading.

Now, while it definitely sounds like quite the impressive business model, keep in mind that many startups focus on a single thing for a reason, because doing so much at once leaves resources spread thin to the limit. Even if we were to forget the fact that this company is not licensed and has fake leadership on display, doing all of these things properly at once would be nearly impossible regardless of company legitimacy.

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What we also need to mention here is that there is no real evidence to support any of these claims. Whether it is in regards to visual proof or written proof, there really is none on the sight. Whether it is proof of crypto mining taking place, Forex or Bitcoin trading, or anything else of the sort, there just is not any evidence present to indicate that any of this stuff takes place here. It’s definitely quite suspicious and such a total lack of info never sits right with us.

Finally, the Eagle Rock Global ICO claims to provide investors with over 240% ROI per year, or around 12% per month. Guys, since there is no evidence that any trading, mining, or retail takes place here, it is really hard to believe that this HYIP can generate any kind of income, let alone 240% ROI per year. What we do know is that we have talked to dozens of people who have already been scammed by the Eagle Rock Global ICO, and they all complained that their investment capital simply vanished into thin air.

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Eagle Rock Global Scam Review – Final Thoughts

The only thing that you need to know about this Eagle Rock Global HYIP ICO is that it is a complete scam. This is highway robbery at its finest and a Ponzi scheme per extraordinaire. These crooks are all about promising you massive returns through various profit avenues, and then simply making off with your money.

Whoever is behind the Eagle Rock Global investment program, they are criminals and they are out to steal your money. Please folks, whatever you do, stay as far away from this cryptocurrency scam as you can. You will just lose all of your money if you invest in this scam.



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