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If you like investing in cryptocurrencies and have some BTC lying around, you might have taken a look at Double-B-Server.Online software. The story here is that this is a Bitcoin doubling tool. Apparently, you can send these guys whatever amount of BTC you like, and they will double it within 10 hours free of cost. Sure, it definitely sounds like a really good deal. After all, who doesn’t want to double their money in under 1 day, all for no fee and no heavy lifting? Yeah, sounds awesome right?

Well, to us, the Double-B-Server.Online app also sounds highly unrealistic. Things that seem too good to be true often are not real at all. When it comes to this program, the people behind it provide us with zero evidence that any of the claims made here are legit in the least. However, on our end, we did a whole lot of research, and the signs are definitely not good. We found quite a bit of evidence which contradict the claims made here, or just show them to be lies. This is our Double-B-Server.Online review and we are here to get to the bottom of this BTC doubling app once and for all.  




The Double-B-Server.Online Company – Is It Real?

One of the first things that came to our attention here has to do with the company itself, Double-B-Server LTD. Well, the website claims that it is based in Colorado USA, is a legal business entity, and goes so far as to provide us with contact details too. It did not take much for us to debunk these lies. We checked the USA business registry, and yes, sure enough, this company is not legally registered in the USA.




At the same time, the email, phone number, and address provided are all bogus too. There is no way to contact these guys, plus we have confirmed that the business itself is not legit at all. The Double-B-Server.Online app is not legally allowed to operate in the USA or in any other country in the world. This is definitely not a good sign for anybody looking to invest BTC with these crooks.

In terms of business leadership, it appears to be totally phony too. The website displays pictures and names of 6 different people in various positions. This is very suspicious because the pictures are all shot in a different style and each person is standing behind a different background. What this makes us think is that the pictures are just stock images taken from other websites. If they really all belonged to this Double-B-Server.Online app, the style of picture would be the same for all of them.




Next, we also tried finding the individual people displayed as the company’s leadership. Of course, we came up totally empty. The names attributed to these people certainly don’t correspond with the images. Folks, these people you see are not the leaders of Double-B-Server.Online software at all. They are random scapegoats being used to protect the real identities of the crooks running the show here. They are all about stealing money from you, and they don’t want to end up in jail.


Is The Double-B-Server.Online App Profitable?

Of course, the most important aspect of any Bitcoin doubling service, trading app, or mining system, is how profitable it actually is. After all, the whole point behind this Double-B-Server.Online system is supposedly to put money in your pocket. Well, the Double-B-Server.Online app promises to double your Bitcoin within 10 hours, which would obviously be super cool

One question we have here is in terms of the inner workings of this system. How does this software actually produce profits for us? This would have to be a crypto trading app or a Bitcoin mining system. Those are really the only ways in which this program could make money. However, we are never informed of which business model is being put to use here. How the heck are we expected to send these guys our Bitcoin if they refuse to tell us how Double-B-Server.Online software actually works? It just doesn’t make sense and it is really suspicious.




Moreover, do you really think that it is possible to fully double any amount of BTC you send these guys? Folks, even if this were the world’s best crypto trading and mining app, pulling in profits of this level are is totally unrealistic and downright impossible. It just cannot be done at all. How dumb do these crooks think we are? Showing us a bunch of fake and falsified profit transactions definitely does not help either. Yeah, that chart you see on the site is nothing but a bunch of lies created out of thin air!

Double-B-Server.Online System – Stealing Your BTC

Folks, whenever you encounter software like this, one that wants you to provide your Bitcoin wallet address upfront, you definitely have cause to be suspicious. Nobody should ever be asking you for your BTC wallet info. This is a telltale sign that something shady is happening. These crooks claim to need your BTC wallet address so they can transfer you the profits.

Well, we already know that no such profits exist here, so why they need your BTC wallet address is beyond us. Oh yeah, right, they want to empty out your wallet. Sure, wallets are usually quite secure, but some hackers can still get into them. We know firsthand that there are at last a couple dozen people out there who have had their BTC wallets emptied shortly after investing money with the Double-B-Server.Online app.




Double-B-Server.Online Review – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the only reasonable thing that can be said about this Double-B-Server.Online system is that it is indeed a scam. The owners do not want us knowing who they really are. The company is not actually based or registered in the USA as claimed. We aren’t told how this app works, plus we are shown a bunch of fake profit transfers too. Seriously guys, please stay away from this Double-B-Server.Online system because it will bring you no good.

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