Bitcoin Evolution Review – Legit Autotrader?


If you are into trading crypto and making money, you might have been tempted by this Bitcoin Evolution software. The story here is that this application is at this time the world’s number one cryptocurrency trading tool. It claims to be able to make thousands of dollars per hour with ease, and you don’t even have to do any work at all.

Yes, the website does actually look pretty good, as these crooks have put a lot of work into creating a convincing site. However, we have been doing a lot of research and we have found some disturbing things to say the least. It is going to take a lot more than a fancy looking website to convince us that this Bitcoin Evolution system is the real deal.

Throughout our research, we came across some pretty damning evidence which indicates that there is something shady and highly illegal going on here. If you were thinking of investing money with this BTC trading app, you might want to wait until you are done reading what we have to say. We are here doing this Bitcoin Evolution scam review right now. The purpose of today’s review is to keep you safe from a potential scam that could cost you thousands.


Bitcoin Evolution



Bitcoin Evolution App – Old Scam With A New Name

Perhaps the first thing that we noticed about the Bitcoin Evolution app is the fact that it looks suspiciously similar to an older scam. We busted another scam about a year back which was called the Bitcoin Trader. Well, right down to the pictures, the videos, and the layout of the website, this new Bitcoin Evolution scam looks exactly the same as the old one. It is apparent that the old scam was shut down. These guys just waited a few months to rename their scam and try their luck again. It was a scam back then and it’s still a total scam now.


Bitcoin Evolution System – Is It Profitable?

One thing that we definitely know about this Bitcoin Evolution system is that it is not profitable in the least. First off, we are told that this app uses lighting fast algorithms to scan the market faster than anything else in the world. The claim is that this lighting quick tech spots potential trades long before anybody else can, this providing you with profits. Well, unless there was some new secret tech invented in the last 2 days, this simply cannot be true at all.


Bitcoin Evolution


Next, we are told that the Bitcoin Evolution system has a 99.4% accuracy rate. This would mean that it really never loses trades at all. Guys, once again, this is not possible. Sure, an accuracy rate of 90% might be doable if the app is really good, but a constant 100% win rate just cannot be achieved. This is especially true seeing how bogus and vague the description of the inner workings are.

Finally, we are also told that this Bitcoin Evolution software can make us a millionaire within a single week. Folks, how gullible do these criminals think we are? The claim is that you can make over $200,000 in a single day, without having to do any heavy lifting at all. This total lie is completely besides the fact that we have already talked to dozens of people who have been screwed out of money by this scam. There is no way that you will ever make any kind of profits using this Bitcoin Evolution system. It is a rip off meant to steal money from you.


Bogus Bitcoin Evolution User Testimonials & Awards

Yet another thing that came to our attention here is that the Bitcoin Evolution website is full of fake information and downright lies. There are a bunch of Bitcoin Evolution user testimonials on the website. Well, these people are nothing more than fictitious characters. They are stock images combined with fake names and a little blurb written by the very same people trying to scam us here. We could not find any evidence that these people actually exist, which is a big problem no doubt.


Bitcoin Evolution


At the same time, the Bitcoin Evolution website also claims that it has received some award. The award is supposedly for being the best BTC trading app in the USA. Well, this simply is not true. For one, this app for crypto trading has not received any awards or positive attention whatsoever. On that same note, the award which this autotrader claims to have received does not even exist at all.


Bitcoin Evolution



Bitcoin Evolution System – Who Owns It?

One of the most damning pieces of evidence we found to back up our pint that this is a scam, is that the Bitcoin Evolution app never divulges any information in regards to leadership. This is something that we are left totally in the dark about and it’s a big issue to say the least.

Unless there is something illegal and shady going on here, there is just no good reason as to why the owners would purposely choose to remain hidden from sight. Guys, this company is not real. It is not registered anywhere in the world. It is not licensed. It is not transparent. Literally every single aspect of this Bitcoin Evolution app screams to us that it is a scam. It is not to be trusted in the least.


Bitcoin Evolution Scam Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only thing left to be said about this Bitcoin Evolution app is that you need to stay away from it. The company is not legit, the owners are nowhere to be found, and the user testimonials are totally bogus. The Bitcoin Evolution app does not seem to work at all, and it certainly does not provide users with profits. The only thing that you will accomplish if you invest money with these crooks is the total loss of your investment and a big headache to boot.


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