Bitcoin Aussie System Scam Review: DANGER!


If you are into cryptocurrency trading, particularly Bitcoin, don’t get your hopes up with this Bitcoin Aussie System scam system. There are a ton of lies being told to us here and they all amount to “you will become filthy rich by using the Bitcoin Aussie System app”. Rest assured that this is simply not true. Unlike the Maximus Edge Crypto Bot, which is not a scam and provides real results, this Bitcoin Aussie System app is definitely a total rip off. This is our Bitcoin Aussie System review and you absolutely need to read it!


Bitcoin Aussie System Scam


Bitcoin Aussie System App – Limited Spots Gag

One of the first things that came to our attention about Bitcoin Aussie System software is that they use a classic marketing pressure tactic to try and lure people in. These crooks claim that there are only 15 spots remaining for us to sign up. Apparently, if we don’t take advantage of this, we will never get to use this BTC trading system, or we will have to pay a very large sum of money for the privilege. However, this is nothing more than a really cheap trick.

You can go to the Bitcoin Aussie System website as many times as you like and the number of remaining spots never changes. So, either there is not a single person who wants to sign up with this scam app, or the limited spots gag is just a trick. Well, we know a bunch of people who have signed up for this Bitcoin Aussie System scam, so we know for a fact that it is all just a lie. It’s meant to pressure you into signing up with this Bitcoin Aussie System app before you realize that it was a huge mistake.



Bitcoin Aussie System Scam – “IN YOUR COUNTRY”

Another red flag that came to our attention about this Bitcoin Aussie System scam app is that it claims to work in countries where fully automated Bitcoin and crypto trading apps are not legal to use. For instance, if you are using a Canadian IP address, it will tell you that there are currently so many members using the Bitcoin Aussie System app in Canada.

Well, if you did not know, using any kind of fully automated cryptocurrency trading program is not allowed in Canada. Therefore, it is impossible that something like 2000 Canadians are using this system. This is nothing more than a low down lie and we know that for a fact. This is simply impossible. The fact of the matter is that these crooks are lying to us all the time and therefore we have no choice but to call this a trading scam.



Bitcoin Aussie System Software – Jasper Boyle

Yet another clear indication that there is a scam afoot here has to do with the so called owner and creator of this Bitcoin Aussie System software. We are told that a man named Jasper Boyle is at the head of the operation. However, there is absolutely no proof or evidence to back up this claim. All we ever get to see of him is his name combined with some terrible voice narration. We are never shown an image of him nor do we get to see him live in action. This automatically makes us very suspicious because it leaves us with absolutely no way of proving that Jasper is a real person.

Don’t be fooled though, because this is exactly what the criminals behind Bitcoin Aussie System software want. We did look up Jasper on the internet and the only results we found are in relation to this very scam. In other words, Jasper Boyle does not really exist. He is a fictitious and fake identity meant to act as a scapegoat. These thieves know that they are stealing money from innocent people, so they elect to stay hidden in the shadows to avoid criminal prosecution. If you want to use a Bitcoin trading system with real and genuine owners, you should try the Maximus Edge Crypto Bot.

Bitcoin Aussie System User Testimonials – FAKE!

The next red flag that came our way was the user testimonials involved here. The Bitcoin Aussie System website features a bunch of so called user testimonials of people who claim to be very happy with the results provided by this Bitcoin trading application. However, just like Jasper Boyle, we know for a fact that none of the Bitcoin Aussie System user testimonials are genuine in the least.

All of the people you see are nothing more than stolen stock images from other website combined with totally bogus names. These people are not real at all and they have certainly never used this ludicrous Bitcoin trading software. You cannot trust these reviews and testimonials because they were written by the very same crooks trying to steal your cash with this horrible Bitcoin Aussie System scam.



Bitcoin Aussie System Program – Unreal Results

The final thing about the Bitcoin Aussie System app that we want to mention is that it is obviously unable to deliver any kind of real results. We are told that this app has the ability to provide us with 99% ITM rates. This would mean that only 1 out of every 100 trades would be lost. THis is totally mathematically impossible and completely unheard of in crypto trading. Achieving that kind of win loss ratio is not possible in any reality or dimension.

Sure, it would be awesome if it were true, but of course it is just a load of horse crap. Heck, we are not even told what kind of trading strategies or indicators are being used, nor are we told what the actual profits for this Bitcoin Aussie System software are like. This is all just a little too much for us to handle and it results in the complete distrust in this bogus cryptocurrency trading application. If you want real results and real profits, you are way better off with the Maximus Crypto Bot.



Bitcoin Aussie System Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, simply put, the Bitcoin Aussie System app is not to be trusted in the least. If you make the mistake of signing up for it, you will accomplish nothing but the complete loss of your investment.




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