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If you think that the Mutual Hash mining system might be profitable, think again because it is anything but legit. Sure, the website looks well put together, and if you do not look too close, it actually seems like this Bitcoin mining app might be the real deal. However, if you look closely and do some research, it quickly becomes obvious that the Mutual Hash app is not legitimate or reliable in the least.

It is not even honest about what it does or the profits it provides. Yes, these guys make some really big promises, but we would rather call them lies, because that is exactly what they are. The Mutual Hash BTC mining program claims to provide massive daily returns, but offers no proof that such returns exist.

Moreover, while these crooks have no proof to back up their claims to fame, we certainly have more than enough evidence to show that this is a Bitcoin mining scam. We have found plenty of different scam factors which clearly indicate that there is something shady and fraudulent going on here. Our aim is to protect innocent crypto miners and traders like you from being scammed out of your money. This is our Mutual Hash review and we are here to protect your safety and your financial security.


Mutual Hash Scam



The first red flag which came to our attention here is that there is never any information provided in regards to ownership or leadership of this Bitcoin mining app. We literally do not have a single clue as to who is in charge here. We are never told who owns it, who created it, or who runs this Mutual Hash mining operation.

We are left completely in the dark in regards to this and it is by design. It is no accident that these crooks do not want us finding out who they are. They know darn well that they are stealing from people and that they are doing something illegal. They just do not want to end up behind bars for defrauding people out of their money, which is why they choose to stay anonymous.

On that same note, we also know that the company behind this Mutual Hash system, MH Cloud LTD, is phony as well. We are provided some UK based registration documents on the main website, but they are doctored and manipulated to look real. In other words, these crooks used something like Microsoft Paint in order to create this totally fake registration document. You can go look up this MH Cloud LTD company for yourself and you won’t find a single shred of evidence that it exists.

Heck, these crooks even listed a fake address, a fake email address, and a fake phony number too. The bottom line is that besides on the Mutual Hash website itself, the MH Cloud LTD company is 100% non-existent. This also means that the Mutual Hash system is not licensed to legally take investments. Seeing as the company is fake and anonymous, there is no way that it could be licensed to take investments. Yes, these guys will still take your cash, but they are doing so illegally, with the end goal of just robbing it out right from under your nose.


Mutual Hash Scam




Something that is definitely very suspicious about this Mutual Hash mining app is that it promises to provide instant withdrawals. Sure, this sounds awesome, but it is also way too good to be true. There has never been a legit and reliable Bitcoin mining system out there that has provided same day instant withdrawals. This is just not a thing. It would literally break any mining program into pieces and shut it down.

Instant withdrawals are not possible, nor is it realistic to think that they are doable. We have talked to quite a few folks that have gotten scammed by this Mutual Hash program and they all say the same thing. They go to make a withdrawal and the money just never appears. The bottom line is that this BTC mining scam does not allow for withdrawals at all, let alone instant withdrawals. This is just a lie meant to fool you into thinking that this system is legit, when it is in fact a complete rip off.

Mutual Hash Mining Scam – ABSOLUTELY NO PROFITS!

What is almost funny here is that these crooks promise to provide us with up to 144% in ROI after 12 days following our initial investment. Apparently, we will even get our principal investment back, which would be quite impressive. Of course, it is also way too good to be true. Not only are the guaranteed returns ridiculous and unrealistic, but they also do not exist at all.


Mutual Hash Scam


From all of the unhappy victims of this scam that we have talked to, it is obvious that nobody ever makes a profit here. The Mutual Hash app is a Bitcoin mining scam meant to steal investments from people.

On that same note, this Mutual Hash software is actually a pyramid scheme. It uses a referral commission program to try and get people to get their friends to sign up and invest money. With multiple tiers of commissions, it certainly is tempting to try and get friends and family to invest. However folks, beware that so such affiliate commissions exist. Sure, these crooks will happily steal from your friends, but they are not about to cut you in on the action!


Mutual Hash Scam


Mutual Hash Review – Final Thoughts

As you can now clearly see, there is literally not a single legit aspect to this whole Mutual Hash mining scam. Everything about it is a big lie, and that goes for the anonymous owners and the company itself, to the profits and the bogus referral system too. It is all just one big lie and it is meant to steal money from you. Guys, whatever you do, please stay as far away from this Mutual Hash app as you can.  




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