Bitcy Scam Review – DANGEROUS HYIP


Richard Lester is the man who claims that Bitcy software can generate over 7,000% ROI every single month. In case you were wondering, Bitcy software is actually a cryptocurrency high yield investment program, or HYIP for short. In essence, this is supposed to be an ICO or initial coin offering, where you invest a certain amount of money, the people investing it use that money to mine coins, and then give you a certain amount of money in return. However, when it comes to the this particular system, we are not too sure. It may actually be a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading system. This is never made all that clear.

That being said, there is plenty of evidence which supports the fact that Bitcy software is a total rip off. HYIPs, with low investments and the promise of high yields, are usually always scams. They promise huge returns without any real way of delivering them. This is a Ponzi scheme and it is meant to steal your money. Keep reading our Bitcy scam review because you need to beware of this malicious program. Let’s get on with our Bitcy review so you know exactly the kind of threat posed to you by this awful cryptocurrency ICO HYIP trading scam.



Bitcy Program – Richard Lester

The first clear indication that there is a scam going on here has to do with Richard Lester. Apparently, this guy is a big time cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading expert. He created the Bitcy app with the aim of helping us make tons of money in the world of crypto. However, we never actually get to see him. All we ever get is some weak and horribly scripted voice narration. We did our research and the only mention of this Richard guy online is in relation to this Bitcy scam app.

In other words, he does not actually exist, he is not real, and he is totally made up. This means that the Bitcy app is totally anonymous. We have no idea who is running the show. What we do know is that the people running the show created this Richard persona as a shield to protect themselves. They know that what they are doing with this software is illegal and they don’t want to go to prison for it.



Bitcy System – Fake Address

Another big red flag is that the official address listed on the website is totally fake. The Bitcy app’s headquarters is said to be at 150 New Bond Street, Mayfair, London, UK. While this is actually a real address, a simple Google search revealed that it is occupied by many other businesses, none of which have any relation to this particular software. This is a fake address being used in order to try and lend this scam some credibility, something which it has totally failed at doing.

Bitcy Software – Licensing

Whatever the case may be, trading cryptocurrencies and doing initial coin offerings are both activities which require licensing. Without the required licensing, any app that performs these actions is doing so illegally. Well, only the most transparent and reputable of trading systems owned by trustworthy business can get these Bitcoin and crypto licenses. Since this terrible app is totally anonymous, there is no way it can possible be licensed. We suspect that Bitcy software never trades or mines, but if it does, it is not doing so legally.

Bitcy App – Brokers

Another way which we know that Bitcy software is a scam because only scam brokers are connected to it. Brokers need to be licensed and regulated just like the apps they handle money for. Well, seeing as the Bitcy app is totally anonymous and unlicensed, you can rest assured that the brokers are equally as shady. A real, reputable, and reliable broker would never allow itself to be used in combination with such a scam of a trading program.





What Does Bitcy Software Do?

What is really odd about Bitcy software is that it is never made clear what it does. As far as we can tell, this could be an ICO mining operation or it could be a trading operation. We are never informed of any trading strategies or algorithms, so we cannot see how it could possibly be a trading program. At the same time, if this is a mining operation, we are never told which types of cryptocurrency the Bitcy mines. At any rate, it is highly questionable whether this system does anything at all.

How Much Money Can Bitcy Software Generate?

No matter if this is supposed to be a mining or trading app, the Bitcy app promises 7,000% ROI per month. This number is totally unrealistic and unachievable. Even the best trading and mining systems in the world cannot achieve those numbers. It simply is not possible to get a return of 7,000% per month, whether trading or mining, especially on a minimal investment.




Bitcy App – Made Up Quotes

There are tons of quotes and Bitcy user testimonials featured on the website. These are all 100% made up out of thin air. We could not locate in any way the people who supposedly wrote these reviews or testimonials. Simply put, these quotes and testimonials are fabricated out of thin air.



Bitcy System – The Ponzi Scheme

The final thing that we want to mention about the this app is that it is undoubtedly a Ponzi scheme. The investors never mine or trade with your investment. They simple steal your money and put it right in their slimy pockets. You might see a few dollars here and there to keep you complacent, which is a classic Ponzi scheme tactic, but in the long run you will lose all of your money.



Bitcy Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that the Bitcy app is ridiculous, ludicrous, and totally useless. The one and only function that this weird system has is to rob you blind. Stay as far away from this odd trading ICO Ponzi scheme as you can!


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