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The CryptoRobo app is a brand new Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading system, one that is apparently very profitable. However, we have done a whole lot of research and the signs are not good at all. Sure, Bitcoin is currently worth close to $10,000 USD for a single BTC. This makes it seem like BTC is a good investment idea, which it is, but not when you use a horrible program like the CryptoRobo trading app. Every sign points towards the fact that CryptoRobo software is a scam. Let’s get on with our CryptoRobo scam review to tell you all about this highly malicious and extremely dangerous cryptocurrency trading system.



Who Is In Charge Of CryptoRobo Software?

One of the first sings that that there is a scam afoot here has to do with the CryptoRobo app being totally anonymous. Never once are we informed of who is at the helm of this fraudulent trading system. We are not told the name of who is in charge, what company is behind it, where the HQ is located, nor are we given any contact details. This app is faceless and anonymous. This is a huge problem for us. If we are expected to trust our money with this automated trading system, we want to know who is running the show. The only reason for the crooks behind CryptoRobo trading software to remain hidden in a shroud of anonymity is to avoid prison time. They know that what they are doing is illegal, so they do their best to keep their identities hidden.

CryptoRobo Trading App – No Licensing

Yet another aspect of the CryptoRobo app which gives it away as a scam has to do with licensing. On the website, the claim is that this is the world’s first and only licensed cryptocurrency trading app. However, this simply cannot be true. Only the most reliable, credible, and transparent BTC and crypto trading systems can acquire licensing. Seeing as this terrible software is anonymous and not credible at all, there is no chance that it could have the necessary licensing to engage in this kind of trading within the realm of legality. This means that CryptoRobo software either never makes any trades at all, or if it does, it is doing so illegally. Our suspicion is that this pile of junk never executes trades at all. It simply drains your trading account before your eyes.



CryptoRobo Software & Shady Brokers

The next aspect which gives the CryptoRobo app away as being a scam is the cold hard fact that there is not a single reliable broker involved here. Good brokers are licensed and they are regulated. In order to preserve their good reputations, good brokers will never connect to unlicensed scam apps. Therefore, since this atrocious trading app is totally fraudulent, unregulated, and unlicensed, you can rest assured that any broker here is equally untrustworthy. These criminals are all working together as a team and their aim is to rob you blind.





CryptoRobo Trading App – Fake Endorsements

Another telltale sign that there is a scam afoot here has to do with the load of false and fake endorsements advertised on the CryptoRobo website. Apparently, this website and app is hailed as one of the top 25 websites of 2017. Moreover, the website also features endorsements from The Advisor and Forbes Financial Guide. However, we did our research and a whole lot of due diligence. None of those financial and news outlets has ever mentioned the CryptoRobo app, not even in passing. None of these news and financial agencies have ever talked about this ridiculously fraudulent app. All endorsements on the website are totally made up. They are nothing more than some stolen logos and images.




CryptoRobo Trading Software – Free Of Charge?

The next big red flag that came to our attention here is that CryptoRobo software is apparently 100% free to use. Now, this may sound like a good thing, but the reality is that it gives this trash heap away as being a scam. Anything worth using, especially in the BTC and crypto trading world, is going to cost money, either in user fees or commissions from profits you make. There is no good crypto trading program in the world that is free. The good ones cost money, as they should. However, CryptoRobo software being totally free makes no sense. These scumbags just want you to invest money into a trading account so they can steal it the second you look the other way!

CryptoRobo Scam – How Does It Generate Money?

Another surefire way of telling that CryptoRobo software is a rip off is that we are also never told how it works to put money in our pockets. Whenever we go to invest money in any kind of trading system, we want to know what it does and how it does it. What trading strategies, indicators, analysis tools, and algorithms are in place with the CryptoRobo app? These are all good questions, ones that go totally unanswered. This is a really bad sign indeed. If these fools cannot tell us what the CryptoRobo app does, we cannot possibly trust the system at all.

Related to this is the fact that we are simply told that CryptoRobo software is lighting fast and makes money by being the fastest software out there. However, since we are never told what this app really does, we have a really hard time believing this. Equally as suspicious is the claim of a 93%+ accuracy rate. Achieving this kind of trading accuracy is not only highly unlikely, but also totally impossible at the same time. That kind of ITM rate is just not achievable with this kind of scam software!



CryptoRobo App Review – Conclusion

There is only one viable conclusion to come to here, which is that the CryptoRobo app is a total scam. We have no idea who is in charge, no info about how it really works, it does not have a license, there are no reliable brokers, and a ton of lies, false promises, and fake endorsements too. The purpose of CryptoRobo software is to steal your money, something which it does very well.


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