Crypto GPS Scam Review: Crypto-Scam!


Crypto GPS software is apparently the number one BTC and crypto trading service in existence today. Apparently, it will put a whole lot of money in your pocket, is risk free, and free of charge too. All of these things are total lies and we are going to show you why. We’re here doing a Crypto GPS scam review to give you fair warning about this malicious thievery of a cryptocurrency trading system.



Crypto GPS App – Who Is Jim Heffner?

The first reason we know that Crypto GPS software is a scam is because Jim Heffner is not real. The claim is that Jim Heffner is the man in charge here, but we never actually get to see his face. All we ever get is some crappy voice narration. We want to see his face and be able to confirm that he is a real, credible, and trustworthy guy. This is rendered impossible seeing as all we know is that his name is Jim. In all reality, you can be sure that Crypto GPS software is totally anonymous. Jim is just a random made up name. The voice we hear is nothing more than a paid narrator hired for a couple of bucks.

There is no person named Jim related to the Crypto GPS app, nobody reliable and sincere anyway. The conclusion here is that this terrible BTC and cryptocurrency trading system is totally anonymous. This is a big problem because there is nobody to point your finger at when your money inevitably gets stolen. This is the exact reason why Crypto GPS software is anonymous. These crooks know that what they are doing is totally illegal. They are keeping their identities hidden so they don’t go to prison for stealing your money, something which they are sure to do.

On a side note, the Crypto GPS website is full of user testimonials. These testimonials are overly positive, which is a surefire way of telling that it is a scam. Also, none of the people who supposedly wrote these testimonials are genuine. The names are fabricated out of thin air and the pictures are nothing more than stolen stock images. These testimonials are not credible and definitely not genuine.



Crypto GPS Software – No Licensing

Something related to the fact that the Crypto GPS app is anonymous, is that it is absolutely and totally unlicensed. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading programs require strict regulation and valid licenses in order to provide you with signals and trade legally. These licenses are only given to 100% transparent, credible, and legitimate trading programs with equally trustworthy leaders.

Seeing as Crypto GPS software is anonymous, with no contact details, you can be sure that it does not have the licensing necessary to trade cryptocurrencies in a legal manner. In other words, either the Crypto GPS app never makes trades at all because it is not allowed to, or it is doing so illegally. Our suspicion is that this system never makes any trades at all, seeing as how it is notorious for draining members trading accounts.



Crypto GPS Scam App – No Real Brokers

Yet another thing related to the previous two points is that there is no reliable broker in right here. Real brokers need regulation and licensing just like the programs being brokered for. A good broker is only going to allow itself to be connected to a reputable cryptocurrency trading app. If a broker were to connect itself to a scam, it would sully its good reputation and also be seen as a scam. Therefore, since the Crypto GPS app is unlicensed, unregulated, and totally anonymous, you can bet your last dollar that any broker involved here is equally as dangerous and malicious. Anybody and everybody involved with Crypto GPS software is a scam artist looking to rob your money.






How Does Crypto GPS Software Work?

The bottom line is that we really have no idea how Crypto GPS software works. The only thing we are ever told is that it is really fast and really accurate. Supposedly it can scan the market for trades with a high profit potential better than any other Bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading service in the world. We hate to get into semantics, but this is an explanation of what Crypto GPS software does, not how it does it. We want to know what the trading strategies, algorithms, indicators, and market analysis tools are that are being used here. Simply telling us that this app works fast and well is not nearly good enough to convince us of its merit, not at all.



Crypto GPS Software – How Much Money Can It Make?

Well, seeing as the people behind this Crypto GPS app are frauds, that it has no license, no real broker, and no clear trading strategy, you can be 100% sure that you will never profit a single penny using it. It is a total rip off. The claims of near 100% accuracy and ten thousand dollar daily profits are absolutely bogus in every way, shape, and form. Even the best of the best cryptocurrency trading services cannot muster those kinds of numbers. This is nothing more than lie meant to try and convince you that trading with Crypto GPS software is a good idea.



Crypto GPS App – Cheap Marketing Tricks

The final thing worth mentioning here is that the whole “10 free spots left” thing is a total lie. There are not 10 spots left and there never have been. Telling you that there are only 10 free spots available for Crypto GPS software is just a pressure tactic. The number of spots is not limited because these crooks want to screw as many people out of their money as possible. Also, nothing worth using is ever free, especially something that can make as much money as claimed by Crypto GPS software.



Crypto GPS Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only thing left to say about Crypto GPS software is that it is a scam, a rip off, nothing more than a way for the scumbags behind it to steal your hard earned money!



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