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Crypto Solution software is allegedly the world’s number one cryptocurrency trading service in the world. If you do not already know, the value of Bitcoin just hit an all-time record high of $9,000. This means that there is obviously a lot money floating around and a lot of cash to be made trading BTC and other cryptocurrencies. However, you are not the only one looking to take advantage of this. Scammers, like the scumbags behind the Crypto Solution app, are looking to take advantage of your desire to put money in your pocket.

Beware folks, Crypto Solution software is very dangerous and the people running the show want to make a profit at your expense. There is a lot of shady stuff going on here, like the claim that Crypto Solution software can make over 5% ROI every single day. There are many warning signs that the Crypto Solution app is a total rip off, not to mention a Ponzi scheme too. We are here today doing a Crypto Solution scam review to make sure that you are aware of the extreme danger which this cryptocurrency trading system poses to you and your bank account. Keep reading because you do not want to miss a single thing!



Crypto Solution User Testimonials – Falsified

One of the very first things that came to our attention about the Crypto Solution app is that all of the user testimonials featured on the website are fabricated. There are a few video reviews, all of which are totally bogus and are filled with paid actors and voice narrators. You cannot trust a single thing said in these Crypto Solution video reviews because they are made by the very same criminals who created this scam.



How Does Crypto Solution System Operate?

Another surefire way of knowing that this software is a scam is in terms of its inner workings. More or less, we are told that this app works really well, really fast, and it learns how to trade better each time, just like a human. However, this is a totally useless and nonsensical explanation. If anything, saying that it works fast and well is telling us what this app does, not how it does it. We want to know what kind of trading strategies, algorithms, indicators, and market analysis tools are in place here. Without a decent explanation of how Crypto Solution software works, we cannot possibly trust it. We have a strong suspicion that the reason for providing us with virtually no explanation as to how the Crypto Solution app works is because it does not work at all.

The claim made here is that Crypto Solution software can generate a whopping 5% ROI per day, with some of the better packages providing up to 150% returns per month. Yes, this would be nice, but it is also totally untrue. Even the best trading systems in the world can’t muster those kinds of numbers. This is totally unrealistic, unachievable, and nothing more than a downright lie meant to sucker you in and get you to sign up with Crypto Solution software. There is no piece of BTC or cryptocurrency trading software in the world that can accomplish this feat.



Crypto Solution App – A Ponzi Scheme & Pyramid Scheme

A growing trend in the scammer world seems to be creating these trading programs that are actually just Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes rolled into one. This is exactly what the Crypto Solution app is. We know that it is a pyramid scheme because Crypto Solution software is notorious for paying old investors with the investments from new investors. This is what a Ponzi scheme is. The scammers will pay older investors small sums of money stolen from new investors, while they pocket the majority of the money for themselves. This cannot last forever, but while the Crypto Solution app does last, it will continue robbing people of money in this way.

Also, the Crypto Solution app is clearly a pyramid scheme too. This can be seen by the way it offers commissions for sign up referrals. You get money if you get someone to sign up with this system, plus you even get a little bit of money when those people sign up more people. This is actually a pretty effective way for the scammers behind this horrible software to trick more people into signing up with this horribly ludicrous trading app. This whole thing is nothing more than a way to trick people out of their money, while also getting those people to unwittingly and unknowingly help the Crypto Solution scammers steal from even more people through referrals. If you have been scammed or are just interested in this topic, you might want to check out “Multilevel marketing: How selling your way out of debt can sink you deeper“, a great piece on the differences between a pyramid scheme and a real multilevel marketing system. 



Who Is Running The Crypto Solution Software Show?

Yet another suspicious aspect of this terrible software is that we really have no idea who is in charge of the whole thing. We are told that a company named Crypto Solution LTD is at the helm. However, we did our research and no such company exists. The HQ address and the contact details provided are also totally fake. There is no clear person or company in charge here, with no one to contact and no real address. This means that Crypto Solution software is anonymous, which automatically means that it cannot be trusted in any way, shape, or form.

This is also a problem because it means that this system software is unlicensed. BTC and cryptocurrency trading apps need to have a license and be regulated. However, licenses are only given to real, credible, and transparent companies, something which Crypto Solution LTD is not. There is no license here, which makes Crypto Solution software 100% illegal. You can also rest assured that there is no such thing as a reliable and trustworthy broker here.





Crypto Solution Review – Conclusion

You can be sure that the Crypto Solution app is a total rip off. It is a terrible Ponzi and pyramid scheme rolled into one, with the intent of stealing every single last penny you have in your account!


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