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When it comes to cryptocurrency trading scams, the Crypto Wealth Creator scam is at the top of the list. Crypto Wealth Creator guarantees that you will make over $4,000 per day using this supposedly awesome BTC and cryptocurrency trading system. However, we beg to differ with that on many different levels. We’ve done a lot of digging around and the signs are not good to say the least. We’re here doing a Crypto Wealth Creator honest review for your benefit.

The Crypto Wealth Creator price is zero, or in other words, it is free of cost. This is already very suspicious, because nothing and no trading program worth using would ever be free. There is a lot of shady business going on here and even more downright lies. Rest assured that you will never profit a single penny if you choose to use this absolutely bogus cryptocurrency trading system. This Crypto Wealth Creator platform review is going to bust this scam down to size once and for all!




Crypto Wealth Creator Platform – Cheap Marketing Tricks!

One of the biggest giveaways that Crypto Wealth Creator software is a total scam has to do with the utilization of shady marketing tactics. To put it simply, any good cryptocurrency trading app would never need to employ cheap marketing tricks to get people to sign up. On the website,, we are shown a counter which supposedly keeps track of current daily profits.

Yes, the number is very high, which is obviously to make the viewer think that the app is highly profitable. However, if you go to refresh the website, this number starts off at the same level every time. This is clear evidence that this profit counter is totally rigged and fake! Whenever a counter of this sort starts back at the original position when the website is refreshed, it is instant proof that it is not real or genuine in any way!





Crypto Wealth Creator Organisation – Fake Creators & Members!

We always want to know who is at the helm of a cryptocurrency app like the Crypto Wealth Creator trading system. In this case we are informed that a man who goes by the name of Max Carney is at the helm of this ship. He claims to be some really smart and powerful cryptocurrency expert and investment genius. Yet, we have some serious doubts about this claim. The reality is that this Max Carney character is just that, a character.




He is a paid actor hired to sell the Crypto Wealth Creator app to you, but he has no relation to it. We looked him up and besides his relation to this Crypto Wealth Creator scam, he does not actually exist. Even better is that we have seen him acting in various other scam promotions too, which is a clear indication that he is not who he says he is. Max Carney is a fictitious personality and he is not to be trusted.

The same can be said for the section of the Crypto Wealth Creator website which portrays “real members”. These members write a bunch of positive Crypto Wealth Creator user testimonials to try and win us over. However, just like Max Carney, all of these people are totally fake. Their images are nothing more than stolen pictures from various websites, and their names are simply made up out of thin air. These so called members do not really exist and the Crypto Wealth Creator user testimonials are as disingenuous as the people who “wrote” them!





Crypto Wealth Creator Software – No Licensing!

One thing that is also painfully clear about the Crypto Wealth Creator app is that it is not licensed to trade BTC or any other cryptocurrency. To be clear, any program that trades in cryptocurrencies needs to be legally licensed to do so. They require strict regulation and oversight, as well as licensing, in order to provide cryptocurrency signals, trade, and invest. However, these licenses are only afforded to the most transparent, credible, and honest of companies.

Since there is no real company, nor a real person, at the helm of the Crypto Wealth Creator app, you can rest assured that it surely has no license. Either the Crypto Wealth Creator system is trading illegally, or it never performs any trades at all. The fact of the matter is that this is nothing more than an empty shell where you deposit money for the crooks on the other end to steal.


Crypto Wealth Creator System – Bogus Profits!

Perhaps the biggest red flag in terms of the Crypto Wealth Creator scam is that the profits promised to us are totally bogus. We are told that this system can help us generate over $4,000 per day without fail. It even goes so far as to claim that losing your investment with the Crypto Wealth Creator system is 100% mathematically impossible. The exact opposite is true here.

First off, even the best cryptocurrency trading services in the world can’t bring you more than $1,250 per day with a minimal investment. Next, risk is always inherent in trading. You simply cannot expect a 100% ITM or trading accuracy rate. The bottom line is that the profits promised to us are totally unreal, bogus, unachievable, and downright fictitious. You will never profit by a single penny when using this scam software, let alone $4,000 as is claimed!





Crypto Wealth Creator Trading App – False Creation Date

The “creators” of the Crypto Wealth Creator app claim that this system has been in use and generating big amounts of cash for many years now. Well, a quick and simple domain registry check confirmed that this website was only registered a couple of months ago. In other words, these crooks are lying through their teeth!




Crypto Wealth Creator Scam Review – Conclusion

There is really nothing left to be said about this Crypto Wealth Creator trading scam. Just do yourself a favour and stay as far away from it as you can!





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