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When it comes to initial coin offerings, the Capital Expanse ICO is one that you definitely need to look out for. We do not mean this in a bad way at all. Sure, there are lots of ICO scams out there, but this one from Capital Expanse is one of the good ones. Just in case you were wondering, the abbreviation or call sign for this new Capital Expanse cryptocurrency is CPX and you need to know all about it.

We here at the Cryptocurrency Army are always weary and on guard when it comes to new ICOs, which is because we do know that there are a multitude of scams out there. However, we have done ample research and the signs are all very positive. In all reality, this Capital Expanse ICO is one that you definitely want to take a look at. It is a very unique cryptocurrency ICO in the sense that it combines many different functions into one. If you are into cryptocurrencies and want to take advantage of this new CPX ICO, you should definitely take a closer look at this Capital Expanse ICO. This is our Capital Expanse review and you definitely want to read all about it.



What Is Capital Expanse?

Well, to put it in simplest terms, Capital Expanse is a brand new cryptocurrency that has not actually been released yet. This is why it is in the initial or opening stage known as the initial coin offering. These guys are just in the process of raising money to get CPX off the ground, which we will talk about in just a minute. The bottom line is that the Capital Expanse program is going to be an all in one cryptocurrency trading tool that you can use to make a healthy profit. It actually comes with several different functions and features which will allow you to use this new CPX currency to make a profit in various ways.



Capital Expanse & Mobile Mining

One of the really neat parts about this Capital Expanse ICO is that it comes with a mobile mining app. Now, this is not fully developed at the moment, but after the grand opening of CPX, it will be made available for all members. The fact that you can create your own CPX on your computer and your mobile with the mining app is a really big deal. This means that you can actually create your own wealth through mining right from your own home.

The CPX mobile mining app has been developed in order to be fairly energy efficient so it does not kill the battery on your phone in a mere matter of minutes. You can actually earn up to 4 CPX for every block created, which is fairly impressive to say the least.




Capital Expanse & Lending/Trading

Another cool part about this Capital Expanse ICO is that it will allow for the lending and trading of CPX and other cryptocurrency pairs. The software is intended to be a trading tool, an autonomous one. This means that you can literally turn on the Capital Expense program and let it make profitable trades for you. It uses some really sophisticated trading strategies and algorithms in order to put money in your pocket.

Now, the really impressive part is that you can also become a lender. The Capital Expanse program will allow you to lend CPX and make a healthy profit doing so. There are 5 different investment tiers for lending, with the minimum being a $100 investment and the maximum being $100,000 and up. The higher the tier of your lending program, the quicker you get your cash back and the more interest you get for each loan. For example, tier 5, the highest one, will give you a total of 1.7% in daily interest. For all of you investors out there, you will recognize that this number is very high. Heck, you don’t even have to engage in risky trading to make a profit this way.

Even better is the fact that you gain certain prizes, “loot bags”, and other gifts for lending. The more you mine and the more you re-invest CPX, the more prizes you will get. Capital investment refers to this as a “gamified” structure. This is because it is almost like a video game where you go through lending levels to earn prizes and increased amounts of money.



The Capital Expanse ICO – The Time To Buy

There was already a pre-release ICO round where each CPX coin went for $0.25 apiece. It is too late for that, but the next round starts in just a little over 2 days and there will be another set 200,000 coins available for purchase at $0.50 apiece. This starts on January 11, so don’t miss out.



The ICO sale will last from January 11 until January 20. The price of each coin will rise in increments of 10 cents every 2 days of the offering, starting at $0.50 on January 11 and ending with $0.90 apiece on January 20. Needless to say, if you are going to invest in CPX, you want to do so as early as possible to get the biggest bang for your buck. It is predicted that the price of an individual CPX will rise from the current ICO value to over $30 apiece in just a few short months, so it is definitely a good investment opportunity.


Capital Expanse – Referral Program

Capital Expanse, also known as CapX also comes with a referral program, which is pretty neat if we do say so ourselves. For every person you refer to invest in the CPX ICO, you will gain a certain percentage as a referral commission, thus increasing your overall profits even more.



Capital Expanse ICO – Conclusion

The bottom line is that in this new world of cryptocurrencies and ICOs, you need to be weary of which programs you choose to invest in. However, if you are on the hunt for a great ICO with real money making potential, Capital Expanse is a great place to start!



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