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Crypto Signals Software is supposedly the best cryptocurrency signals generator in the world. It is said that this program performs all of the technical analysis for you and it scans over 600 cryptocurrencies and pairing to provide you the best ones to trade with. Sure, on the surface this sounds real enough, as cryptocurrency signal generation is a real thing and can come in quite handy when trading. However, the problem often comes in the form of a scam.

In terms of the Crypto Signals Software system, there are a whole lot of scam factors which came to our attention. These scam factors are quite varied, but there sure are enough of them. While these crooks have provided literally no evidence that this system actually works, we have found a plethora of undeniable scam factors. At the end of the day, this whole thing just seems way too shady to be real, trustworthy or profitable in the least. Today we are here doing this Crypto Signals Software review for your benefit. We are here to provide you with fair warning about the very real threat which this cryptocurrency scam poses to your financial security.


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The Crypto Signals Software Company

So, one of the first red flags that came to our attention in regards to the Crypto Signals Software program has to do with the company itself as well as the leadership behind it. First off, we really have no idea who is leading the charge here. Now, this is not due to a lack of research, but because the crooks running the show are choosing to stay hidden in a shroud of anonymity. They have gone out of their way to ensure that we never find out who they are.

Even more damning is how when we did a domain registry check, everything is totally private and redacted. In other words, the people behind Crypto Signals Software are doing everything in their power to ensure that their true identities are never revealed. To say the very least, this is super suspicious, and quite honestly, it is more than enough to send us running to the hills, as far away from CryptoSignals.Software as humanly possible.

Now, on that same note, we also know for a fact that this Crypto Signals Software company is completely illegal, unregistered, and unlicensed. You see, this company focuses on cryptocurrency signals generation as well as providing financial investment and trading advice. Both of these activities require a company to be officially registered and licensed. Well, we know that the company itself is not registered anywhere in the world, nor is it licensed to legally perform any of these activities. The bottom line is that the Crypto Signals Software app is not legal in the least and it surely won’t help to put money in your pocket.

Crypto Signals Software App – A Horrible Website

Ok, so if you have looked at the Crypto Signals Software website, you can probably tell that there are literally dozens of screenshots, random info about Bitcoin, and many other random snippets too. Yes, there is a lot going on here, but as you probably know, quantity does not always translate to quality, in fact, it rarely ever does. The point we are making here is that CryptoSignals.Software consists of one super long page that feels like it takes forever to scroll through.

Between the plethora of popups, screenshots, information, and quotes contained on the site, it becomes really hard to discern any real or valuable info form the mess that is this website. What these crooks are doing is overloading the website with useless info in order to overwhelm visitors, especially newbies who know nothing about cryptocurrencies. These guys simply hope that they can confuse people with so much info to the point where they just give up and sign up for Crypto Signals Software. It’s a nasty little marketing trick, one that unfortunately tends to work on the inexperienced.


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The Crypto Signals Software System – Profitable?

Of course, the most important aspect of any cryptocurrency signals generator is whether or not the signals actually work and whether or not it can execute accurate trades. So, first off, we are never really informed of how Crypto Signals Software actually works to generate signals. There is a convoluted explanation about strategies, indicators, and technical analysis, but it really does not tell us much at all.


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In terms of providing us with accurate trading signals, CryptoSignals.Software is about as unreliable and confusing as can possibly be. To be frank, it might sound legit to somebody who has never traded cryptocurrencies before, but to the trained eye it is painfully obvious that this whole enterprise is a sham. Heck, these guys also show a bunch of so called profit statements from various users. However, there is no way to confirm that these are actually real in the least. In fact, we are convinced that they are not real.

These are gross exaggerations of profitability combined with fabricated screenshots. It’s obvious that there is a scam afoot here. Furthermore, from all of the people we have come into contact with, they all say the same thing. People have invested lots of money into the Crypto Signals Software system and it has failed to deliver results every single time. All trades are lost, but of course no trades ever actually take place. It is just a ruse so the anonymous crooks behind Crypto Signals Software can clean out your trading account.


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Crypto Signals Software Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the Crypto Signals Software app is a scam. There is simple no shadow of a doubt about this. It is headed by people who choose to stay anonymous, not to mention that the company is non-existent and completely illegal. How this app works to generate signals, profitable ones, is also very unclear, plus we have it on good authority that nobody has ever actually profited here. At the end of the day, the only reasonable advice that we can give about the Crypto Signals Software system is to stay as far away from it as you possibly can.

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