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The Global Crypto App system is the newest signals provider and autotrader platform for cryptocurrencies and Forex in existence right now. Although this day trading platform is in its infantile stage, it has already managed to draw the attention of day traders worldwide. The reason why this Global Crypto App software has already gotten a good reputation and tons of attention is indeed because it is the real deal.

This is a highly accurate and very reliable autotrader that has some very real potential to put money in your pocket. However, of course, you have a right to be skeptical, as there are a lot of scams out there.

This is why we are here today, to put your mind at ease in regards to whether or not the Global Crypto App program is a scam and whether or not it can put money in your pockets. For this reason, we just did out first Global Crypto App live trading sessions, and hint, it was a great success. We performed a live trading session on video with this new signals provider and day trading platform, it was a success, and you definitely need to know all about it.

Global Crypto App

Global Crypto App Autotrader & Live Trading On Video

Something that we want to make very clear here is that you can look at our trading video for yourself, the first trading session with this new autotrader. The point here is that we always trade live on video. We open and close trades live, so there is no doubt about the legitimacy or truthfulness of our trades. Here, for our first Global Crypto App trading session, as you can see from the included video, everything has been done live on camera so you can rest assured that this day trading service is the real deal and that it is indeed profitable.

First Global Crypto App Trading Session – A Great Success

So, the main thing which we are here to talk about today is our first successful Global Crypto App trading session. Now, we are also always skeptical of new pieces of trading software. For this reason, whenever we test out new autotraders like this, we always start off small. We were not about to stick several thousand euros into the lion’s mouth just to hope he doesn’t bite down.

At any rate, just so you know, our first live trading session here was a small one, just a little test run to see how things would go. Well, we should have made more trades and invested higher amounts per trade, because although we only placed a limited number of trades, they turned out successful and they did put money in our pockets.

So, we used this new Global Crypto App software to place a total of 2 trades. Here we stuck to Forex trading as opposed to cryptocurrency trading. The reason for this is although cryptocurrencies have once again seen a bit of a bull run, making money through day trading is still a bit difficult, and sticking with Forex is the safe way to go. At any rate, we placed a total of 2 Forex trades with this new software, and both turned out to be winners.

Yes folks, that’s right, the Global Crypto App system just provided us with a 100% ITM rate in our first live trading session, which is of course very impressive. Now, things might look different if we placed more than just 2 trades, and no you cannot always expect a 100% win rate. However, what we can say, from our own experience here, is that you can expect this software to provide you with an 85% or even a 90% ITM rate on a steady basis.

Of course, winning trades means making money, so this is a big benefit no doubt. On that same note, those 2 winning Forex trades put over 140 Euros in our pockets in a matter of minutes. No, the profit here is not massive, but we did only place small trades. When all is said and done, the signs here are very good and everything indicates that the Global Crypto App autotrader will be highly profitable for a long time t come.

Global Crypto App Software – Tips & Info

  • Make sure to sign up for the broker of your choosing. One of the really neat aspects of this new autotrader is that unlike so many other there, this one does not assign you to a specific broker. Yes, you do have to choose from the list of accepted brokers, but there is a really long list and they are all reputable. So, be sure to choose the broker that suits your needs the best.

  • When using this Global Crypto App software, always be sure to pay attention to the included success ratio. The success ratio is a fairly precise indication of the exact chances of a given trade turning out to be a profitable winner. For example, the USD/GBP pairing may display a success ratio of 91%, which is very high and indicates a high probability of success. As a rule of thumb, always try trading with pairs which display the very best success ratios.


Global Crypto App Review & First Trades – Conclusion

At the end of the day, we do have to say that we are very pleasantly surprised with the Global Crypto App system’s ability to provide us with winning trades, and therefore profits. The fact of the matter is that this autotrader seems to be one of the most user friendly options in the world right now. Even people who have never day traded Forex or cryptocurrencies before should be able to use it without issue. It’s easy to use, plus the signals provided are highly accurate. It takes pretty much no work at all to make a profit with the Global Crypto App autotrader, so we would absolutely recommend using it.

Global Crypto App

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