Crypto Genius Scam Review – Legit?


The Crypto Genius app is a new BTC and cryptocurrency trading system that is said to be highly profitable. Yes, cryptocurrencies are on the rise, especially Bitcoin, but this does not mean that Crypto Genius software is a good investment opportunity. We did a lot of research and all of it points in the direction of a scam. The simple fact of the matter is that this Crypto Genius scam review is going to reveal exactly why you need to stay away from this program.



Crypto Genius App – X Spots Trick

One of the first indications that the Crypto Genius app is a total scam is that they employs classic pressure tactics used in marketing. On the main website, every few minutes a banner pops up which states that there are only 6 beta spots left for us to sign up with. They say that the betta spots are free, but everyone else will have to pay money to use Crypto Genius software. This creates pressure to get people to sign up before time runs out. However, this is nothing more than a cheap marketing tactic often employed by scammers.

The fact of the matter is that the number of spots advertised never decreases. There is the same number of beta spots today as there were yesterday. This shows that there are actually not a limited amount of spots. It’s just a way to force you to sign up before the spots are gone. It’s a dirty tactic and we are not fans. Anyway, the Crypto Genius app is a rip off and they plan on sucking as much money from as many people as possible. Therefore, they are not going to limit the amount of people they plan on ripping off.



Crypto Genius Software – Fake News Spots

The next red flag about Crypto Genius software that came to our attention has to do with fabricated news spots featured on the main website. Apparently CNN Money and BBC News have both covered this system and hailed it as being one of the best in the world. However, the only evidence of this are a bunch of logos pasted onto the Crypto Genius website from the respective news sites.

This is just another trick meant to lend some credibility to this app. In reality neither of those news sources ever mentioned anything about this system, not anything good or bad, not even in passing. These news sources probably do not even know about Crypto Genius software. It is false advertising and this makes us really mad.



Crypto Genius User Testimonials – Fake!

Yet another clear indication that there is a scam afoot here has to do with the plethora of terrible user testimonials featured on the website. There are countless Crypto Genius user testimonials which are overly positive, which is already a bad sign. Only positive news is usually only fake news. The bottom line is that we did some digging around and it quickly became apparent that the people who wrote the reviews are not real or genuine.

Simply put, they are random stolen stock images from various websites which have been combined with purely fictional names. These people are not real and they certainly did not say anything positive about Crypto Genius software. The criminals who are trying to rip you off with this scam are the same crooks who wrote these fabricated user testimonials. They are not to be trusted at all.



Crypto Genius App – Falsified Results

Something else that we discovered on the website and in the video is that there are tons of fake results. We are shown a bunch of charts of earnings which the Crypto Genius app supposedly generated. However, if you look at the results closely, it is clear that they are fabricated. There is way too much information missing, and the info that is present is totally bogus. The math just does not add up. The numbers are totally false and absolutely inflated in order to make it seem as though the Crypto Genius app is profitable. These results are doctored and they are not to be trusted at all.



Who Leads The Crypto Genius App?

Yet another thing which goes to show that Crypto Genius software is a scam is how we have no idea who is really in charge of it all. We are told that a man named Chris Peterson is at the head of the charge. However, this is not true at all. All we ever get to see of Chris is a stock image stolen from Shutterstock, which is combined with some lackluster voice narration. There is no evidence to support the claim that this man is real. Chris is just a fake scapegoat being used to protect the identities of the real criminals in charge here. They don’t want to go to jail for stealing from you, so they obviously are not going to reveal their true identities.



Closely related to this is the fact that we know that Crypto Genius software is undoubtedly unlicensed. Such an opaque and untrustworthy cryptocurrency trading system could never acquire the necessary licensing to trade BTC or other cryptocurrencies legally. Also, it is apparent that there is no reliable broker involve here. A really good broker would never sully its reputation by connect to a scam like this Crypto Genius scam app.





Does The Crypto Genius App Generate Money?

The long story made short here is no, the Crypto Genius app does not generate any money. We are told that this cryptocurrency trading system can generate over $30,000 per week. However, we are never informed of any coherent trading strategies. The bottom line is that not even the best systems out there can muster that kind of cash in a single week. It is nothing but a boldfaced lie.

Crypto Genius Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, it is painfully apparent that Crypto Genius software is a rip off. There is not a single legitimate thing about it!





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