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Altcoin Trends software is a brand new BTC and cryptocurrency trading app. Supposedly, this system is highly profitable. It makes sense that crypto is a good investment right now because the value of BTC and other digital currencies is skyrocketing. However, upon further investigation it quickly becomes painfully apparent that Altcoin Trends software is just another dirty scam. Sure, they tell us that they have great educational tools and can make as much as $6,000 per day, but those are just lies. We are doing an Altcoin Trends scam review and you don’t want to miss a single word.



Altcoin Trends Software – Horrible Education

The Altcoin Trends website tells us that it will provide us with awesome educational material upon signing up with it. Naturally curious as we are, we decided to sign up just to see what this Altcoin Trends is all about. Well, let us tell you that the educational value of this cryptocurrency trading system is worth about as much as a stick of gum. No, that is not fair, at least a stick of gum has flavor and can be enjoyed for 10 minutes. The point here is that the educational value of Altcoin Trends software is totally non-existent. You won’t learn anything from it that you could not learn from us or from a simple Google search, both of which won’t cost you anything.

Altcoin Trends App – A Fake Owner

Something else that came to our attention about Altcoin Trends software is that the owner is a total phony. We are told that the owner’s name is Andrew Frost, but this is not true at all. We never get to see him live in action, nor are we ever shown a picture of him. All we ever get from him is some terrible voice narration. It is always a really bad sign when there is voice narration. It shows that Altcoin Trends software has something to hide from us. In other words, this is an anonymous cryptocurrency trading system. This means that it can steal your money and you will never know who did it. This is actually the whole point of anonymity in this case. The crooks behind Altcoin Trends scam software are well aware that their actions are illegal and fraudulent. They are using this Andrew character as a scapegoat to avoid a lengthy prison sentence.



Altcoin Trends Software – A Non-Existent Business

Equally as non-existent as Mr. Frost the Altcoin Trends company as a whole. We are told that Andrew is the CEO of this enterprise, but he does not exist, so this cannot be true. Also, since he would be the CEO if he was real, it means that Altcoin Trends software is actually a business entity, one with a fake CEO. Well we did some digging around, and sure enough we were able to come to the conclusion that this company does not, nor has it ever existed. It is not present in any business registry of any kind that we can get ahold of. This Altcoin Trends company does not exist in any real life space.

Altcoin Trends Trading App – No Licensing

Yet another thing that stands out about the Altcoin Trends app is that it is obviously unlicensed. BTC and crypto trading in general requires specific licenses, and without them, operating this kind of software is illegal. Well, only the most reputable, credible, and transparent of people and companies can acquire those licenses. Seeing as neither Altcoin Trends LTD or Andrew Frost are genuine in any way, shape, or form, you can rest assured that this BTC software is not licensed. This means that it is either trading illegally or that it never trades at all. The reality is that this is a scam meant to rip you off. It never trades, it is more or less an account where you deposit money for the crooks on the other end to steal.

Altcoin Trends Trading Software – Shady Brokers

Something else that stands out about the Altcoin Trends app as being fraudulent is the fact that there is clearly not a reliable broker in sight here. Reliable brokers will only allow themselves to be connected with equally reliable and trustworthy trading apps. Well, since the Altcoin Trends app is not a real company, does not have a real person at the helm, and is totally unlicensed, no good broker would every dare connect to it. This would do nothing for a good broker but destroy its reputation. If there is actually a broker involved here, you can be sure that it is equally as criminal and thieving as the app itself.






Altcoin Trends App – Unsafe & Unsecure

One thing that we know for sure about Altcoin Trends software is that the website and any emails you get from them are unsecure. We have gotten a number of complaints from people who have had their personal info and credit card details stolen by these crooks. Their main goal is to spam you until you sign up with your bank account and credit card info, at which point they will drain your accounts like a vampire sucks blood.

Altcoin Trends Software – No Profits

Yet another thing that is true about the Altcoin Trends app is that you will never make a profit using it, not a single penny. We are told that this system can generate up to $6,000 per day simply by being turned on. However, we are never informed of any kind of trading strategies or algorithms. The point is that not even the best of the best trading systems could take in that kind of money. It would be hard for a legit service to generate in a whole week what Altcoin Trends software claims to be able to achieve in a single day.

Altcoin Trends Review – Conclusion

The fact of the matter is that the Altcoin Trends app is a rip off, nothing more and nothing less. It has the express intent of screwing you out of your hard earned money.


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