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Crypto Advantage Trading Software was first released in the autumn of 2017 and it has made a huge impact. When it comes to trading BTC and other cryptocurrencies, there is simply no better option than Crypto Advantage Trading Software. Yes, we have already done numerous reviews and updates on it, but we feel as though more people need to be fully aware of this absolutely awesome cryptocurrency trading program.

The fact of the matter is that Crypto Advantage Trading Software has been and still is the number one choice for all of your cryptocurrency trading needs. We are not just saying this for the sake of promotion. We personally have been using Crypto Advantage Trading Software since its release and the results speak for themselves. Let’s get on with this Crypto Advantage Trading Software review update and tell you everything you need to know about it.



Crypto Advantage Trading Software – A Recap

Just in case it has slipped your mind, the Crypto Advantage Trading Software is the current world’s best BTC and cryptocurrency trading system. It is actually a semi-automated cryptocurrency trading system, which is unlike all of those fully automated trading scams out there. No, you cannot just turn Crypto Advantage Trading Software on and let it run to make money. Those programs are usually huge money thieving scams anyway.

Crypto Advantage Trading Software is semi-automated, which means you do need to execute each trade manually. However, with the great selection of signals, the awesome charting solution, and the ability to choose the broker you want, making money with Crypto Advantage Trading Software is easier than ever before. This software has always been the very best cryptocurrency trading system in the world, but it has undergone some recent updates and upgrades which have made it better than it has ever been.




Crypto Advantage Trading Software – Big Upgrades Made!

Something that you definitely need to know about Crypto Advantage Trading Software is that there have been several big upgrades made to the system. Yes, it already was the very best cryptocurrency trading system in the world, but it has just gotten even better. Let’s talk about the exact updates and upgrades that have been made to Crypto Advantage Trading Software.

  • Crypto Advantage Trading Software now offers a full list of cryptocurrency signals to trade with. The list always was quite extensive, but it was not always exhaustive. Now, there is literally every single cryptocurrency signal available to trade with. If you want a BTC and cryptocurrency trading program with a whole lot of selection, Crypto Advantage Trading Software is the way to go.
  • Crypto Advantage Trading Software just updated its mobile app. Yes, there always was a mobile app available for use, but to be fair, it was not all that good. Making trades on your mobile phone or tablet was a little complicated, plus the software just did not work all that well. Now, with the new upgrades, the Crypto Advantage Trading Software mobile app works just as well as the computer version. This means that you can now make trades effectively on the go no matter where you are at.
  • Crypto Advantage Trading Software has also just upgraded its charting solution. The charting solution is the section of the program where you get access to technical and fundamental analysis tools to make accurate trades. Now, there is literally every single indicator known to trading available for you to use. If you have a good trading strategy, these indicators can help you make the best trades around. In other words, this brand new fully upgraded charting solution is the best around at it will definitely help put money in your pocket.
  • Crypto Advantage Trading Software has also upgraded its list of available brokers. There were a couple of brokers included before which were not so reliable. Those have now been removed. Not only that, but they have been replaced by some other highly reputable brokers. Even better is that Crypto Advantage Trading Software now allows you to choose an individual broker for every single trade. Yes, you can switch brokers, connect multiple brokers at once, and use the one you prefer for single trades.





  • This awesome system has also upgraded its copy trading service. In case you do not want to do semi-automatic trading, or if you do not know too much about trading cryptocurrencies, you can use this copy trading mode. Yes, this mode was already present in Crypto Advantage Trading Software, but it was not all that effective. Now, with these new system upgrades, you get access to all of the very best traders, their very best trades, and you can copy them for yourself.

Crypto Advantage Trading Software – Profitability

Without a doubt, the most important aspect of any cryptocurrency trading program is how accurate it is and how much money it can generate. This particular software has proven itself to us and thousands of other people time and time again. The accuracy or ITM rates it can achieve are out of this world, which can also be said for the profits. Yes, we have had a couple of bad days using Crypto Advantage Trading Software, but those are extremely rare.

The average trading accuracy rate we have seen with this app is 90%, with a low of 85% and a high of 100%. No, we don’t always achieve a 100% trading accuracy rate, but it has actually happened, which is quite impressive to say the very least. When it comes to the profits, we have been able to earn around $1,000 per day, every day, with ease. Yes, we have had days where we only profited by $750, but we have also experienced days where profits exceeded $1,300.



Crypto Advantage Trading Software – Conclusion

What was the truth 3 months ago is still the truth today. Crypto Advantage Trading Software is undoubtedly the very best cryptocurrency trading service on the face of planet earth. If you want to trade any kind of cryptocurrency and need a great program to do so, Crypto Advantage Trading Software is the best way to go about it.



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