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Blockchain 2 Bank Review: BTC SCAM!


The Blockchain 2 Bank app is supposed to be this awesome cryptocurrency trading app that is highly profitable. However, we have done our research and all of the signs point in the totally opposite direction. Yes, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are currently a great investment opportunity, but this is not true if you use a scam app like Blockchain 2 Bank software. Claims of being totally risk free and making $5,000 per day are overshadowed by false claims and huge lies. We are here doing a Blockchain 2 Bank scam review to give you fair warning about it. This cryptocurrency app is dangerous, it is illegal, and it is out to steal your money.


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Blockchain 2 Bank App – Money Generation

One of the first signs that the Blockchain 2 Bank app is totally bogus has to do with its promise of generating vast sums of money. Apparently, if we use Blockchain 2 Bank software, we can generate over $5,000 on a daily basis. Supposedly this can happen with absolutely no risk of losing our investment. While this would of course be totally awesome, it is also an absolute lie.

First off, we have no idea what this cryptocurrency app really does. All we are ever told is that it makes trades in the world of cryptocurrency to make money. However, we are never informed of any coherent trading strategies, algorithms, or any kind of market analysis tools being used here. In other words, we really have no idea what the Blockchain 2 Bank app actually does to put money in our pockets. This total lack of explanation is a big problem.

On that same note, seeing as we are never told what the Blockchain 2 Bank does, it seems highly unlikely that it can generate any money at all, let alone 5K per day. The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of great BTC and crypto trading systems out there. However, not a single one of them, not even the best of the best, have the ability to generate that much. Heck, you are lucky if you rake in $1,250 per day. As for the claim of being totally risk free, that is bogus as well. Risk is an inherent factor in trading that no crypto program, not even Blockchain 2 Bank software can mitigate.




Who Runs The Blockchain 2 Bank System?

Another clear indication that the Blockchain 2 Bank app is a scam has to do with the non-existent owners of this scam. We are informed that Blockchain 2 Bank LTD is the company which created and owns this crypto trading system. However, we did some research and came up empty. As far as we are concerned, this Blockchain 2 Bank LTD company does not exist at all. It is not registered in any business or trading registry in the world. It is a totally fake company created with the intention of stealing your money.

Furthermore, we are never told the name of a person who is in charge. Yes, we are informed that there are hundreds of analysts, strategists, and programmers, but we are not told the name of a single one of those people. Also, we are never told who the CEO or owner of the Blockchain 2 Bank LTD company is. In other words, this app is 100% anonymous. Never trust any kind of trading app that is anonymous. This is a surefire way of telling that they will steal your money. Once your money goes missing, there is nobody to point the finger at.

At the same time, this also means that the Blockchain 2 Bank app is totally unlicensed. BTC trading apps are considered to be entities providing financial services. These need to be licensed and regulated by the right agencies in order to operate legally. Well, these licenses are only granted to real, transparent, and credible companies headed by equally reputable leaders. Since the Blockchain 2 Bank app is none of those things, you can rest assured that it does not have a license to trade anything at all. So, either the Blockchain 2 Bank app is trading illegally or it never executes trades at all. Both of these options are less than ideal and will undoubtedly result in the loss of money.



Blockchain 2 Bank App – A Remade Scam

Perhaps the most obvious indication that Blockchain 2 Bank software is a scam is the fact that it is a copy of another scam we recently busted. The name of this scam is Banking on Blockchain. As you can see, the name is already very similar. Well, if you go to the respective websites, you will see that virtually everything about these 2 BTC trading systems is virtually identical. It quickly becomes apparent that the Blockchain 2 Bank app was made by the same crooks as made Banking on Blockchain software. It is the same scam with a new name, but both have the intention of stealing your money from you.

Blockchain 2 Bank Software – Other Disturbing Evidence

There are a couple of other telltale signs that the Blockchain 2 Bank app is a rip off, so let’s quickly go over these right now.

  • When it comes to the Blockchain 2 Bank app, there is not a single reliable broker to be found. They are all scam artists just like the crooks behind this bogus BTC app.
  • The Blockchain 2 Bank website is full of fabricated trading results. The results are so clearly bogus because they don’t make an ounce of sense.
  • The Blockchain 2 Bank website has lots of user testimonials on it. All of these are completely fictitious. None of the people who left reviews are genuine in any way.





Blockchain 2 Bank Review – Conclusion

The only real conclusion that anybody can come to here is that the Blockchain 2 Bank app is a rip off. There is not a single legit or credible aspect to it. It has one purpose and that is to steal money from you.

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