Cryptic Max LTD Review: BEWARE!


If you are looking for a new cryptocurrency ICO to invest in, you want to stay away from this Cryptic Max LTD program. On the website, the claim is that we can make huge profits by investing just a little bit of money into this crypto trading system initial coin offering. However, this is not true in the least. We have talked to tons of people and they have all been scammed out of their money.

There are lots of different aspects of this Cryptic Max LTD system which give it away as being nothing more than a dirty, low down, and cheap scam. We are here doing a Cryptic Max LTD scam review right now for your benefit. We definitely feel the obligation to warn you about the very real threat which this terrible crypto initial coin offering poses to your financial security. Let’s get to it and talk about what exactly makes this ICO a complete rip off.


cryptic max ltd scam



Cryptic Max LTD System – Bogus Profits

Perhaps the most suspicious aspect of this whole cryptocurrency investment program is the fact that it promises massive returns on a minimal investment. There are various investment packages to choose from, 3 to be exact, all of which are full of crap. For a minute, let’s just put aside the fact that this is undoubtedly a scam and that thousands of people have been scammed out of their money by this system.

Well, each of the 3 investment packages, even the lowest one, are all completely full of hot air. We are told that the Cryptic Max LTD Scam system can provide us with returns between 7% and 15% per day. Heck, making 7% in ROI per day is already totally unrealistic, let alone 15%. Making even 1% in returns per day is usually not doable, so 15% is definitely unachievable.

These scammers simply promise massive returns without any merit, no backup, and no evidence that those returns exist. Now, there is also the fact that every single last person we have talked to who has invested money in this scam, has lost their money. Nobody has ever seen so much as a penny in returns, let alone the ridiculous 15% that is promised. No matter what universe you live in, making that much money on a daily basis from a cryptocurrency ICO just cannot be done.


cryptic max ltd profits



Cryptic Max LTD Scam – PONZI SCHEME!

We know with absolute certainty that this Cryptic Max LTD system is a scam because it is a Ponzi scheme. Based on what we talked about above, it is painfully obvious that this whole thing is a Ponzi scheme. They provide literally no details in terms of what the money will be invested in.

There is no information concerning the owners. There is also no clear goal or business plan, plus the profits promised are so unrealistic that we don’t know whether we should laugh or cry. This Cryptic Max LTD program has all of the classic makings of a Ponzi scheme, so that is what we are going to call it.


Cryptic Max LTD Program – Pyramid Scheme

Yet another thing that stands out about this Cryptic Max LTD scam is the fact that it is also a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is a scam where the owners of the investment program offer affiliate bonuses if you get your friends to sign up. It’s like Avon or Tupperware, where you try and convince your friends to fork over their hard earned money. It’s an easy way for the crooks at the top to suck money out of more victims without having to do any work at all.

The crooks here promise big affiliate commission bonuses for each person you sign up and get to invest money. This in itself does not actually make it an illegal scam, but it is very suspicious. However, what does make it an illegal scam is that nobody has ever gotten any kind of bonus money. We talked to many people who managed to get someone else to invest, but no bonuses were ever seen. This definitely makes the Cryptic Max LTD system a scam.


cryptic max ltd affiliate



Cryptic Max LTD ICO Scam – Anonymous, Fake, & Unlicensed

Something else worth mentioning about this system is that it is completely anonymous and based around a fake company that does not really exist anywhere on the face of this planet. First and foremost, this Cryptic Max LTD program is completely anonymous. We are never informed of any kind of person related to this cryptocurrency investment program. Not a single name is ever provided, which is of course a huge issue. The only reason for any cryptocurrency or investment system in general to be anonymous is because the owners are criminals who are trying to hide from the law.

Next, we also know that the company itself, Cryptic Max LTD is completely fake and bogus too. These criminals display some kind of doctored and absolutely fabricated incorporation and registration document for the UK, but some quick research proved that it is a fake. It’s simply a piece of photo editing work meant to look real. We did our due diligence and you guessed it, this is not a real company and it is definitely not registered in the UK. Heck, even the address which these guys provide on their website is not real.


Cryptic max LTD bogus reg


Finally, you can also rest assured that this Cryptic Max LTD program has absolutely no licensing to do anything that it claims to do. A company needs to be real and transparent in order to get these investment licenses. This company is fake, bogus, it doesn’t exist, and is not registered, and therefore there is no way that it can be licensed. Sure, these crooks take your money, but it’s not an investment per say. These guys take your money and just use it for themselves.

Cryptic Max LTD Scam Review – Conclusion

If we have not been able to convince you that the Cryptic Max LTD system is a rip off by now, we really don’t know what else to say. Please stay away from this cryptocurrency scam because you will lose any money that you invest in it. That is a fact.



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