Criptotrends Scam Review: BEWARE OF SCAM!


If you are interested in cryptocurrency trading and making some good cash on the side, you have come to the right place. No we are not here to talk about a good crypto trading system today, but a bad one, one that you need to stay away from. This is our Criptotrends review and we are doing it for your benefit. We don’t want you to get scammed by this cash grabbing scheme that is headed be low down criminals.

The Criptotrends system might seem like a good cryptocurrency trading app upon first glance, but some further investigation revealed the truth for what it actually is. This Criptotrends scam review is going to tell you everything you need to know about this ridiculous, dangerous, and completely bogus cryptocurrency signals provider and trading system. Rest assured that we have done our due diligence and we found a great many scam factors that prove once and for all that nobody should be using this system. Keep reading our review because you do not want to miss a single thing.


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Inner Workings Of The Criptotrends Scam

Something suspicious about the Criptotrends system is that we are never really told how it works. Sure, there is some ultra-convoluted 8 minute long explanation of the trading strategy used by this crypto signals provider. Simply put, it makes no sense at all. There is no cryptocurrency system that could make good money working the way as advertised by this app.

We want to know how this system actually works to make money for us. What these crooks have told us is just not good enough to convince us of the merit of this Criptotrends application. All indications point to the fact that this cryptocurrency signals provider and trading system is indeed a total scam.


Criptotrends App Leadership – ANONYMOUS!

Yet another aspect of the Criptotrends system which proves that it is a scam is that it is totally anonymous. We are never told who the leaders, owners, or creators of it are. This is probably the biggest problem that we have encountered. There is never any good reason for the owners to remain anonymous.

When it comes to successful crypto trading apps, knowing whose hands your money is in is absolutely crucial. We cannot possibly be expected to trust this Criptotrends scam app when we are never informed of who is in charge. If this app was successful and genuine, the owners would have no issue revealing their true identities. These criminals are stealing money from people, they know it, and they don’t want to end up in prison for doing so.


Criptotrends Company – NON-EXISTENT!

Another thing that we know for sure is that this Criptotrends company does not exist in the physical realm, not one bit. These guys try to make it seem like they are a legit company, but that is simply not true in the least. We looked this company up and came up completely empty. We could not find a single shred of evidence that this business actually exists anywhere in this world. It does not have any kind of registration or incorporation details. The company is non-existent.

Now, if we combine the fact that the company is not real and that the leadership is anonymous, it serves to reason that the Criptotrends system is not licensed either. It takes special licenses that only a registered, genuine, and transparent company can acquire. Seeing as this Criptotrends app is none of this things, it is more than safe to assume that it is not licensed to take money from you or to provide you with crypto trading signals. If this app does provide signals, it is doing so without any legal consent.




Criptotrends User Testimonials – FAKE!

One of the things that we know for certain about the Criptotrends app is that all of the user testimonials and so called results seen on the website are absolutely fake, bogus, and made up out of thin air. On the website, we are shown multiple people who have apparently made a ton of money with this crypto signals provider and trading platform.

However, we know for a fact that none of these people are real or genuine in the least. Their faces are just random images stolen from other websites, plus their names are completely fabricated. These people are not real at all, and the results which they claim to have achieved are just as bogus. Don’t trust these Criptotrends user testimonials and so called results, because they are not real.


criptotrends fake people



Criptotrends System Profits – BOGUS!

The other thing that stands out about this scam is that we know for a fact that it is not profitable in the least. First of all, the website never makes a single mention of profits or ITM rates, which is already very suspicious. The whole point of a cryptocurrency trading application is to achieve high win rates to make money, so it would make sense for the owners to disclose some of this vital info to us.

Next, we have done a lot of research and talked to many people that have been scammed by Criptotrends software. We found a bunch of people who are all totally dissatisfied, disgruntled, and just mad at this system. Literally every single last person that has come into contact with it has lost all of the money they invested.

Criptotrends Review – Conclusion

The bottom line here is that the Criptotrends system is definitely a scam. There is simply no doubt about that at all. We are 100% certain that this is nothing more than a rip off and a cash grabbing scheme, a scheme which targets innocent cryptocurrency traders such as yourselves. Make sure to stay away from this Criptotrends scam app because you will never make a profit with it, but you will definitely lose a whole lot of money.



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