The ETH Harvest system is here and it has already scammed way too many people out of their money. This system claims to be a mining application for Ethereum, one that is being funded through the way of ICO. We are here doing a ETH Harvest review to give you fair warning about this bogus crypto mining system that will rip you off for everything you have.


ETH Harvest Scam



ETH Harvest App – No Leader

The first thing that stands out about the ETH Harvest system is the fact that there is no clearly defined leader. There is absolutely zero information in terms of who is actually in charge here. Who funded the initial stages of this crypto mining system? Who designed the programs and the ICO itself? Who is the CEO and who is in charge of operations? These are all crucial questions that we absolutely need the answers to, questions that remain unanswered.

Make no mistake about it because this is done purposely. These ETH Harvest scammers are out to get your money. Their aim is to steal from you, which is exactly why they are staying hidden in a shroud of anonymity. They don’t want anybody finding out who they are because if their identities were revealed, they would end up going to prison for theft and fraud.


ETH Harvest Scam – No License

Yet another aspect of the ETH Harvest scam which reveals it for what it truly is, is the lack of registration as a business as well as a lack of a license to take investments. The website provides us with a fake incorporation number. We looked it up and sure enough there is not a single registry in the UK where this ETH Harvest company exists. The company is totally fake and the registration number is bogus.

Even worse than that is the fact that the ETH Harvest company has no license of any kind. You can’t just go taking investments from people without having the proper paperwork and legal authority. However, no licensing agency would provide these guys with a license to take investments.

This system is anonymous, it has no clear leadership, there is nothing but complaints about it, and the company is totally fake. These guys are more than happy to take your cash, but they are not actually taking investments because they are not licensed to do so. They simple steal your money and use it for whatever unscrupulous ends these crooks want to achieve.


ETH Harvest Bogus Registration



ETH Harvest Program – Lack Of Mining Details

The next suspicious aspect of this ETH Harvest mining scam is that we are never provided with any relevant details. Yes, we are told that this program will use our investment to mine for Ethereum, but past that we are not provided with any details. We want to know what kind of setup is being used, where the mining facility is, what kind of software and hardware is in use, what the monthly costs for maintenance and overhead are, and that kind of thing.

However, we are never provided with any of these details and that is a big problem. This is like us asking you to invest in a new flavor of ice cream, without actually telling you what that flavor is. It is all just one big load of horse crap and it is totally unacceptable. How can these crooks possibly expect us to invest our hard earned money into this ETH Harvest system when they refuse to provide us with any relevant details? Of course, it is obvious that no Ethereum mining ever takes place, which perfectly explains the lack of details.


ETH Harvest System – Fake Profits

The next red flag which came to our attention here is that the profits which are promised by the ETH Harvest system are not achievable, realistic, or even remotely possible no matter which universe you live in. We are told that this Ethereum mining system can provide us with profits of 300% in just 2 days. Of course, this would be totally awesome, but it is also totally bogus.

There is simply no way that any kind of cryptocurrency mining system in the world can achieve that kind of profit. Making a 300% is hard to do in a whole year, let alone in a single day. There is also the fact that everybody we have talked to says that they never received a single penny in profits. Everybody who has made the mistake of investing money with this ETH Harvest scam system has paid dearly for doing so.





The next clear indication that the ETH Harvest scam is indeed a rip off is that the system claims to allow for instant withdrawals. This is simply not true. There is not a single broker in the world that takes less than 3 days to perform a withdrawal. Telling you that the ETH Harvest app allows for instant withdrawals is just a low down and dirty lie.




ETH Harvest Program – PONZI SCHEME!

We are not going to get too much into it here, but the fact of the matter is that the ETH Harvest system is a Ponzi scheme. It has all of the classic Ponzi scheme aspects. They are very vague with their intentions and business plans, they take small investments, they promise huge results, and they simply never deliver anything. It could not be any more clear that this is a Ponzi scheme.


ETH Harvest Scam System – Pyramid Scheme

The ETH Harvest program is also a pyramid scheme. They use some bogus affiliate commission program to try and get you to get your friends to sign up and fork over their money. They want you to be the salesman for this scam. This is exactly what a pyramid scheme is. On that same note, we talked to hundreds of people who got others to sign up and not a single person has ever received this so called affiliate referral bonus.

ETH Harvest Scam Review – Conclusion

The only thing that you need to know about the ETH Harvest system is that it is a scam. It is meant to steal money from you and will do exactly that if you let it.



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