EverGreen Profits Scam Review: FRAUDULENT!

OFFICIAL SCAM WEBSITE: evergreen-profits.com

Does a cool fully automated cryptocurrency trading system sound like a good idea to you? Well, it certainly can be a good idea if you find the right trading platform. The unfortunate reality is that the vast majority of automated crypto trading bots are total scams. We say the vast majority and we mean it. Well, the EverGreen Profits trading program is definitely one of those scams.

It might look like a really good option for crypto trading upon first glance. However, after doing some further research and snooping around, it becomes painfully obvious that this is nothing but a cheap and low down, money thieving crypto trading scam. The EverGreen Profits app has a ton of scam factors which prove once and for all that it is a total rip off.

You will never make a single penny in profits if you make the mistake of using this crypto trading software. We are here today doing EverGreen Profits scam review and you absolutely need to read it. We have a lot to say, all of which is bad, and we need to warn you about the very real danger posed to your financial security by this bogus cryptocurrency trading platform.


Evergreen Profits scam alert


EverGreen Profits App – Who Is In Charge?

We have no idea who is in charge of this EverGreen Profits scam system. It is completely anonymous, faceless, and they are doing this purposely. These goons are out to steal your money, so they obviously are not going to tell us who they are.


EverGreen Profits LTD – Real Company?

EverGreen Profits LTD is not a real company. It claims to be a legit business entity, but there is simply no proof that it is real. There are not registration documents, no incorporation documents, and literally not a single shred of evidence that would prove that this company is in any way legitimate.


Evergreen Profits company



EverGreen Profits Software – UNLICENSED!

Something that you can be sure of when it comes to this EverGreen Profits system is that it has no license to do anything which it claims to do. This is supposed to be a fully automated signals provider that takes our money and makes trades on our behalf. However, those are both financial activities which require licensing.

Seeing as the company is fake and the business is leaderless, it can’t have any kind of license. These criminals are not actually taking investments or trading with your money, which is actually why they don’t need a license. They simply steal your money and thumb their nose at you.


EverGreen Profits Trading App – How Does It Work?

Well, of course, we know for a fact that this system does not actually work at all. It is engineered to display losing trades, while not making any trades at all. It is a really simply and fast way to steal any amount of money that you might invest. Sure, these crooks make some absurd claims about high speed tech and super awesome algorithms, but it’s all just a bunch of nonsense. The EverGreen Profits app does not work at all.


Evergreen Profits BS



EverGreen Profits Trading Software – Profitable?

One thing that we know for certain about this EverGreen Profits trading scam is that it is definitely not profitable. We have received literally hundreds of complaints from people who say that this system has scammed them out of money. There are tons of people who have invested money into trading with this app, and even some who paid the $1,000 for the full version.

Those who only invested money for trading lost their money and those who were unlucky enough to be fooled by the whole PAY $1,000 FOR THE FULL LICENSE gag were even worse off. The bottom line is that you will never make any money with this ridiculous crypto trading scam platform.


Evergreen Profits fake profits



EverGreen Profits System – Fake User Testimonials

The EverGreen Profits website is full of fake user testimonials. All of the user testimonials featured on the website are overly positive and they only serve to glorify this absolutely ridiculous cryptocurrency trading scam. Also, we know for a fact that they are all completely bogus and fake. None of the so called people who left reviews are genuine or legit.

They are all fictitious characters meant to portray real users of this automated crypto trading system. The bottom line is that the pictures are taken from random websites, the names are made up out of thin air, and nobody you see here has ever used this particular trading system. It is all just one big trick to lure in unsuspecting victims.


Evergreen Profits fake testimonials



EverGreen Profits App – GET IT FREE FOR $1,000???

One of the really odd aspects about this whole EverGreen Profits scam is that there is a section on the website which claims that you have to pay exactly $997 for a full license to use this system. However, right underneath that is a banner which we are supposed to click in order to get a free version of this crypto trading system.

So, clearly the free version is just some trick, a kind of a stepping stone, to get people to sign up for a full license and pay nearly $1,000 to use this crypto trading scam. Make no mistake about it, if you pay the $997, you don’t get a single thing. The trading software looks no different from the free version, plus it doesn’t work any better either. No matter what, the EverGreen Profits system is not profitable at all. It is designed to steal your money and that is exactly what it will do.




EverGreen Profits Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line and most important thing to remember here is that the EverGreen Profits trading app is a total rip off. It is not free, it steals your money, it never wins trades, and has been specifically engineered to steal as much money from you as possible. This is a scam and you need to stay as far away from it as humanly possible.



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