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The Best Coin Bot app is a brand new cryptocurrency trading platform that you definitely need to stay away from. There is way too much suspicious activity going on here for anything good to come of it. This is our Best Coin Bot scam review and we are going to prove to you that this whole thing is just one huge rip off.




Best Coin Bot Scam – Who Is In Charge?

This is a really good question, one that we simply do not have an answer to. We are never informed of who is in charge here whatsoever. This is a completely anonymous trading system. The fact that there is no clear leader of the Best Coin Bot system is a surefire way of telling that it is indeed a scam. If it were a legit crypto trading app, there would be no reason for the owners no hide their identities. These clowns are fully aware that the Best Coin Bot system is fraudulent and they are doing everything they can to remain hidden. There is also the fact that the Best Coin Bot website is littered with fake users.




Best Coin Bot Software – Fraudulent Demo

One of the most apparent red flags that came to our attention about the Best Coin Bot scam is the issue with the free demo. There is a free demo that you can use which is free and supposedly it provides you with results equal to those as you would see in the actual version of the Best Coin Bot app. This is meant to lure people into the fold and make them think that this cryptocurrency trading system works as advertised.

Indeed, the results we see in the Best Coin Bot free demo are overwhelmingly awesome. Of course this automatically made us very suspicious due to the 100% win rate and massive profits we saw from just a few minutes of trading crypto. We realized that the demo version of this system uses the same trick as other scams. What we mean is that you cannot take the demo at face value. First off, it does not trade with real money, which means that it is not trading on any kind of real market.

This means that the owners of the Best Coin Bot app can effectively create, doctor, and alter results as they see fit. In other words, you simply cannot trust this Best Coin Bot demo because it has nothing to do with what real life trading is like. The results are purposefully designed to be overly good to fool you into signing up with this scam. Judging the merit of this app based off the demo is like saying you are a qualified astronaut because you played with toy rocket ship when you were 6 years old.




Best Coin Bot Scam App – How Does It Work?

Something that definitely needs to be mentioned about the Best Coin Bot program is that it does not work at all. Yes, the claim is that some really groundbreaking technology has been used to develop this crypto system, but that just is not true at all. We are never informed of any coherent trading strategy, algorithm, or anything else which would convince us that this trading system actually works.

When it comes to the inner workings of Best Coin Bot software, we are left totally in the dark. This makes it 100% obvious that it does not make trades at all and you will definitely never be able to make a profit if you use it. Telling us that we can make thousands of dollars on a daily basis without any risk of losing our investment is unrealistic and totally bogus.


Best Coin Bot Scam Software – Unable To Withdraw

Something that has been complained about in terms of the Best Coin Bot system is that it does not allow people to make any withdrawals. Of course, seeing as the whole point of a crypto trading system is to put money in your pocket, not being able to withdraw that money is a huge problem. There are hundreds of people who have not been able to withdraw their profits for one reason or another.

When they call Best Coin Bot customer service, they either get the run around or they don’t get a response at all. The point is that even if your account says you have profited, you will never be able to withdraw any money at all. This is a crystal clear indication that thhis system never executes any trades at all. It is simply an empty shell where you deposit money for the scammers on the other end to drain out as they see fit, probably to buy gold line pants and go eat caviar. 




Best Coin Bot App – Unlicensed, Unregistered, & Unverified

Another thing that is blatantly obvious about the Best Coin Bot scam app is that it is totally illegal in every single way imaginable. We already figured out that this horrible crypto trading system is 100% anonymous. Well, cryptocurrency signals providers and trading services require licenses to operate within the realm of legality.

Without these licenses, the Best Coin Bot is making trades illegally, or more likely it is not making trades at all. The real point here is that a licensing agency is only going to give the best, most transparent, trustworthy, and legitimate of cryptocurrency trading apps a license.

Seeing as the Best Coin Bot system is totally anonymous, there is no way in hell that it has a license. In fact, you can look this scam up in databases for solid proof that it is no registered, regulated, verified, or licensed in any way, shape, or form. The part on the Best Coin Bot website which claims that it has been verified by various groups and brokers is a really nice piece of fiction, but that’s all it is, a piece of make believe.



Best Coin Bot Scam Review – Conclusion

The only thing that you need to know about the Best Coin Bot app is that you need to stay away from it at all costs.

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