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If you are an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast, you might have already seen this Coin Stream Limited system. What we are told is that Coin Stream Limited  software is an automated Bitcoin mining cloud server. At the same time, as the story goes, this is also a great cryptocurrency trading program. Well, you don’t actually have to do any of the work. You are just expected to throw some money at this system, and you will get massive returns.


Coin Stream Limited


Something that we do have to say here is that the website is quite well made. It certainly looks the part and is fairly convincing. It seems as though a good deal of effort has gone into web design here. However, as you probably know, looks are often deceiving, as might just be the case with this Coin Stream Limited system. This program offers nearly 3% in ROI per day, which is of course really nice. However, when something sounds too good to be true, it’s often a total load of lies. This goes double when crypto trading and mining is involved.

When it comes down to it, the Coin Stream Limited program does not really offer us with any proof or evidence that what is said here is true. There is nothing to back up the claims made by these guys. However, we did a fair amount of research, and what we found is disturbing to say the least. We came across quite a few scam factors which you absolutely need to know about. This Coin Stream Limited review is to help keep you safe and keep you from being scammed out of your hard earned money!

The Coin Stream Limited Company & Leadership

First off, we always want to know that we are getting involved with a legit business entity. The Coin Stream Limited system claims to be based and licensed in the UK. The address and phone number provided on the site are both for the UK. However, we looked the Coin Group Limited up in the UK business registry and came up totally empty. As far as we can tell, this program and company is not registered, based, or licensed in the UK. In fact, it is not registered anywhere in the world. Also, the address and contact info are both bogus, as we found out the hard way. At any rate, seeing as this is the case, this Coin Stream Limited system has to be totally illegal, and very shady to say the least.


Coin Stream Limited


In terms of the leadership, this company is totally faceless and anonymous. You might be wondering about the leadership team section on the website. Well, it’s all a bunch of bologna. We see 4 system has to be totally illegal, and very shady to say the least.

In terms of the leadership, this company is totally faceless and anonymous. You might be wondering about the leadership team section on the website. Well, it’s all a bunch of bologna. We see 4 men, each of whom are photographed in different places, with different backgrounds, and with different photography styles. This is already quite suspicious. Moreover, we tried looking these people up, but could not find a single search result online. The only conclusion here is that these men are just fake names combined with stolen stock images to create fictitious characters. They are scapegoats being used to protect the identities of the real criminals in charge of this Coin Stream Limited app. They are stealing money from people and they do not want to go to prison.

Is Coin Stream Limited Software Profitable?

Yeah, of course the people behind this Coin Stream Limited app would have you believe that it is super profitable. The claim is that this is an awesome Bitcoin mining app. It is also supposed to be a cryptocurrency trading system. Well, we are never provided with any pertinent details in regards to either of these activities.


Coin Stream Limited


We are just supposed to believe that this is an awesome Bitcoin miner and automated crypto trader. However, we are never provided with any concrete proof that either of these methods are profitable in relation to Coin Stream Limited software. Heck, we are never even provided with any evidence that any such Bitcoin mining or crypto trading ever occurs here at all.

Based on the previous facts we found out, it is very hard to believe anything at all which these crooks tell us. Yeah, they say we can make 2.8% in profits per day if we invest a minimum of $25,000. Yet, there is just no proof of this at all. For one, making that much off a system like this is highly unrealistic and borderline impossible. Next, we have been contacted by many people who have been scammed by this app. It just doesn’t seem worth the trouble.


Coin Stream Limited


Coin Stream Limited – Other Scam Factors

We came across a couple of other scam factors in regards to this Coin Stream Limited system, so let’s go over these real quick.

  • Just like the leadership team, the Coin Stream Limited user testimonials are made up out of thin air as well. The people seen on the page are not real at all, just more fake names and random stock images. The Coin Stream Limited user testimonials are completely bogus and simply cannot be taken at face value.


Coin Stream Limited

  • We also know that the Coin Stream Limited app is a Ponzi scheme that doesn’t pay out, plus a pyramid scheme that never provides bonuses as promised. Yeah, you are told you will receive a 10% referral bonus for getting others to invest. However, we have it on good authority that Coin Stream Limited software never pays out these bonuses.

Coin Stream Limited Scam Review – Conclusion

After all has been said and done, it is totally obvious that this Coin Stream Limited HYIP is a complete rip off. The owners are choosing to stay anonymous, the company is not legit, and profits never materialize. The whole thing is way too good to be true. The only result you will achieve here is the total loss of any and all money you invest, plus a massive headache too.

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The Calloway Software

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