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Yes, there are many good initial coin offerings out there, ones with low risk levels and decent returns. However, for every good ICO out there, there are literally hundreds of scams. The unfortunate reality is that there are a wave of criminals coming your way, and they want nothing more than to steal from you and wipe out your financial security like a tsunami heading to shore. When it comes to the Coin Profit ICO, this is exactly what it is, a killer wave headed right at your bank account.

Sure, the crooks behind the Coin Profit system would like everybody to believe that they are legit, reliable, honest, and that this initial coin offering is profitable. However, we found way too much evidence to the contrary. Seriously folks, we have a whole pile of facts ready to go, all of which we are about to present, all of which confirm without a shadow of a doubt that this Coin Profit initial coin offering is just another big rip off. Crypto scams are rife across the internet and this is absolutely one of them. This is our Coin Profit review and we are here to burry this load of junk 6 feet under once and for all.


Coin Profit Scam



One thing that is very unclear about this Coin Profit system is what it does and how it functions to earn money for us. At one point, on the main page, we are told that this is an automated trading system which we are investing into. Therefore, it would stand to reason that profits are generated through automated crypto trading. Yet, we are not provided with any useful details about the trading system, or to be exact, literally no details at all.

What gets confusing is that later on, on the “about us” page, we are told that this company focuses on crypto mining. These guys seem really confused and they do not even seem to know exactly what they do. Besides this, we are also never provided with any information in regards to the mining. Which cryptocurrencies are being mined? Where are the mining facilities? How much of our money is being used for mining? These are all questions we wants answers to, questions which the Coin Profit system leaves totally unanswered. This is nothing less than totally unacceptable.


Another thing that spiked our interest here is the fact that we really have no idea who the people behind the Coin Profit ICO system are. For one, we are never informed of the names of the people who own this initial coin offering, who started it, who funded it, or who runs it. We are left totally in the dark regarding the leadership and ownership of this Coin Profit system. This is a big problem as far as we are concerned. Unless there is something illegal and fraudulent going on here, there is just no good reason for the people in charge to purposefully keep themselves hidden from the public eye.

Next, even if we did know the true names of the people in charge, the fact that this whole company is a sham remains the same. Apparently, the business behind this particular ICO is known as CP International Business LTD.  We are even provided with a bunch of different documents which are supposed to serve as proof that this company is officially registered in the UK. However, some quick research revealed that the provided documents have been doctored, or more or less created out of thin air. They simply are not real. The documents shown here are about as legit as the company and this Coin Profit ICO. They are bogus.

This also leads us to the next point that the company and the Coin Profit ICO scam are not licensed. You cannot just go out and start taking investments from people without the proper authorization and licensing. This is a financial activity which is closely regulated and monitored, and which requires licensing to perform. However, no sine licensing agency would ever provide this company with a license to accept investments. It lacks transparency and is not really registered at all, heck, even the contact details provided are false. Sure, these criminals will take your money, but they are simply stealing it for their own ends, not actually investing it for your benefit.


Coin Profit Scam


Coin Profit System – NOT PROFITABLE AT ALL! 

One thing that we do know for sure about this Coin Profit program is that it is not profitable in the least. Yes, they promise massive 8% daily returns, which in a month would multiply your initial investment 24-fold, but it is a load of BS and nothing more.

Yes, an ROI of 8% per day would be totally awesome, but it is also completely impossible. No matter how legit, there is no investment system in the world which can provide these kinds of returns, except for illegal activities like guns and drugs! Heck, even getting a return of 1% per day is highly unlikely no matter what the investment is.


Coin Profit Scam


There is also the fact that we have talked to lots of people out there, all of which have invested money in this Coin Profit ICO, and all of which have never gotten a single penny in returns. Do not even get us started on the Ponzi and pyramid scheme going on here. These fools promise big affiliate bonuses for getting friends to sign up, bonuses which obviously never materialize.


Coin Profit Scam


Coin Profit Scam Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only thing that can be said about this Coin Profit ICO is that it is a scam. The one and only purpose which this initial coin offering serves is to screw hardworking people like you out of your hard earned money. Folks, please stay as far away from this Coin Profit scam as you can. Getting mixed up will accomplish nothing but the total and complete loss of your investment.





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