BestCoinInv Scam Review: BTC SCAM!


The BestCoinInv app is supposed to be the world’s best BTC mining and trading software. However, after a whole lot of research it is painfully apparent that BestCoinInv software is anything but legitimate and profitable. Literally everything about this cryptocurrency app is totally fake and fraudulent. There is not a single honest bone in the body of this BestCoinInv scam. It is dangerous and it is here to steal from you. We are here doing a BestCoinInv scam review to give you fair warning about it. The purpose of this app might be advertised as helping you make money, but the reality is just the opposite. This BTC system is here to do nothing more than steal from you.


BestCoinInv Software – Ponzi & Pyramid Scheme

The first and most apparent sign that the BestCoinInv app is a rip off has to do with its affiliate program. Now, you guys are probably well aware of what Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes are. Ponzi schemes are when criminals take your money as an “investment” with the promise of really high returns. Of course, you never see much in the form of profit. Ponzi schemes might pay out a little bit of cash to initial investors to keep the scheme going, usually using new investments to do so. However, in a Ponzi scheme, the majority of the money is simply stolen. This is exactly what this particular Bitcoin app is, a big old Ponzi scheme.

At the same time, the BestCoinInv trading app is also a pyramid scheme. This is when the owners of a faulty product like this get new users like you to try and get others to sign up. For instance, if you sign up with BestCoinInv software, and then get your friend to sign up, you will get a 5% commission. In fact, BestCoinInv software has 2 tiers in its affiliate program, so if the person who you got to sign up gets someone else to sign up, you will get a commission from that too. It all comes in the shape of a pyramid, hence the name pyramid scheme. The crooks at the top of the chain, the owners of the BestCoinInv app, simply get people to sign up, get them to do the dirty work, and get more people to sign up for them with the promise of a commission. It is actually a really fast, easy, and efficient way for the crooks behind the BestCoinInv app to lure in as many unsuspecting victims as possible.




BestCoinInv App – Terrible Support

Another telltale sign that the BestCoinInv app is a scam has to do with the so called awesome 24/7 support provided. We are told that BestCoinInv software has a great support feature where you can call or email at any time of day or night. Apparently, they will assist you with any problem you have. The thing is that we tried this software support out ourselves and the results speak for themselves. We contacted them through several different methods such as phone and email, with several different problems, and we were never able to get ahold of anybody. There was never anybody there to help us. This is especially true when it comes to questions of why all your money is missing.

We have gotten word from several people who have contacted the BestCoinInv app support with claims of money being stolen, which of course it was. These people never got through to anybody and were more or less shut out altogether. This support feature is just a cheap way to lend some credibility to the BestCoinInv app where none exists. There is no support feature to speak of and you certainly will never get any help. Remember folks, the point of BestCoinInv software is to steal your money, so they obviously are not going to lend you assistance when you bring them complaints of your money being stolen.


BestCoinInv Trading App – Built To Steal BTC

Yet another big red flag in terms of the BestCoinInv app is that it is obviously unsecure. Sure, the website features a bunch of logos from various security services, but these are not real. Ok, sure, the logos and the companies are actually real, but they do not offer their services to BestCoinInv software. The logos are simply stolen and pasted onto the website to try and make it seem secure.

Also, the fact is that BestCoinInv software requires you to invest money in the form of BTC, which means that you have to connect your Bitcoin wallet to it. This is extremely dangerous to say the very least. There have been hundreds of complaints thus far which have stated that people have had their Bitcoin wallets drained just a few minutes after connecting them with this absolutely terrible scam app. In other words, the this BTC trading system is just an easy way for a bunch of crooks to steal your Bitcoins.





BestCoinInv App – Other Disturbing Facts

There are quite a few other things which reveal the BestCoinInv app to be a total scam, so let’s go over those real quick right now.

  • The BestCoinInv Limited company is not licensed to trade or mine Bitcoin. It is not registered anywhere with the FCA, which means that if it does in fact make trades or mine BTC, it is not doing so legally.


  • There is no such thing as a reliable broker in sight here. If there is a broker connected, you can bet your bottom dollar that it is equally as fraudulent as this trading software itself.




  • We have no idea who is in charge of the BestCoinInv app. It is completely anonymous, which is a huge problem.

  • The profits promised by the this Bitcoin app are ridiculous and 100% impossible. Making 12% ROI every single day is something that even the best trading systems in the world can’t accomplish, even with the world’s best trading strategy.


BestCoinInv Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that the BestCoinInv app is a scam, plain and simple. Stay away from it or else you will be the next victim of this malicious scam software!

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