Bitcoin Square Scam Review – REAL DEAL?


If you are interested in investing in cryptocurrency initial coin offerings, you might have looked at the Bitcoin Square ICO. The Bitcoin Square initial coin offering is accepting investments in the form of Bitcoin and it claims to provide people with huge profits. It also claims to be releasing its own token called SQBC, which honestly is quite confusing, why you will find out in a little bit. At any rate, this is supposed to be a great cryptocurrency ICO opportunity, one which can provide us with massive returns on a weekly basis, although how this is done remains very unclear.

At any rate, when it comes to, there is a lot of evidence we have found which speaks to the fact that there is something very shady going on here. While found plenty of scam factors present here, while the anonymous people behind Bitcoin Square software don’t have any facts or evidence in their favor. It definitely appears as though there is something illegal going on here, which is what we are going to prove right now. This is our Bitcoin Square scam review and we are here to shut this junk initial coin offering down once and for all.


Bitcoin Square


Bitcoin Square ICO – Who Is In Charge?

We just have no clue who is in charge of the Bitcoin Square ICO. We are never told this and it’s a big problem. How can we possibly be expected to trust this crypto initial coin offering with our money when we have no idea who is actually running the show? It’s anonymous for a good reason and it is because these crooks are in it to steal money from people like you. Heck, this company is not even registered, and is therefore neither a legal or official company at all. It is not licensed, legal, and it surely is not allowed to take investments from people. Of course, they do steal money from people, making this one huge scam.


Bitcoin Square App – No Whitepaper & A Bad Roadmap

When it comes to any crypto initial coin offering, we want to see a whitepaper. This is without exception. We want to see a comprehensive whitepaper which informs us of everything and everything there is to know. What is the business model? How many tokens are available for the ICO? What is the value of the token? Where will it be available for trading and purchase?

These are all questions that we need to know about the Bitcoin Square app and the ICO, questions that remain total unanswered due to a complete lack of a whitepaper. At the same time, the Bitcoin Square roadmap is an absolute joke. It has 4 points on it and they really do not tell us much at all. This complete lack of information regarding the ICO is very suspicious and it is enough to send us running for the hills.


How Does The Bitcoin Square System Generate Profits?

We already discovered that there is no whitepaper and no real roadmap to speak of here, so it is no surprise that we are also left in the dark in terms of the Bitcoin Square business model. Sure, we are told that we can earn some truly ridiculous profits by investing our money here, but we are never told how these profits are to be generated. This is very suspicious to say the least. Now, this could be a crypto mining app or a crypto trading app, or maybe even both.

Sure, both are profitable, but they cannot generate the amount of profits promised here. Just assuming that the Bitcoin Square system is profitable, it is still unclear how these profits are achieved. If we are expected to invest any amount of money with this Bitcoin Square app, we definitely want to know what the business model is. This is just another scam factor that drives us further away from


Bitcoin Square Software & Fake Payouts

Yet another scam factor that came to light here is the amount of profits we are promised by investing in the Bitcoin Square system. We are told that the maximum revenue here can be achieved by investing 1 whole BTC. If we do this, we can supposedly earn up to 190% ROI in as little as 6 days’ time. However, this is simply not possible no matter which way you look at it. This is completely ignoring the fact that we are never told how the Bitcoin Square app actually works to deliver profits.


Bitcoin Square


At any rate, generating close to 200% ROI in less than a week simply cannot be done. It is unrealistic, impossible, and it is stupid to think that this could actually work. Furthermore, when it comes to payouts, the website displays a number of payouts to people, but these have clearly been fabricated and made up out of thin air. We know this because we have contacted various people who have been scammed by this Bitcoin Square system and they all had the same experience. Any investment simply disappears shortly after it is made, never to be seen again.


Bitcoin Square



Bitcoin Square Program – A Pyramid Scheme

The final thing that we realized about the Bitcoin Square ICO is that it is indeed a pyramid scheme. There is an affiliate program in place here which promised to provide a 5% cut of the action when anybody you know invests money. Well, this in itself is not actually illegal, but what is illegal is never providing the affiliate bonuses to people who have earned them. Yes, guys, these crooks never pay out the affiliate bonuses, and they certainly do not provide profits at all, thus also making this a Ponzi scheme.


Bitcoin Square


Bitcoin Square Review – Conclusion

There is really no other way to put it. The Bitcoin Square app is indeed a rip off. It has one sole purpose, which is to steal money from people, something which it apparently has been very successful at so far. One way or another, the Bitcoin Square system will screw you out of your money, so just stay away from it as far as you can.

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