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Do you like the world of cryptocurrencies? We bet you do, especially when it comes to making loads of cash on a daily basis. Well, yes, cryptocurrencies, where mined or traded, can indeed be lucrative to be involved with. Of course, there are also many scams out there, especially when it comes to BTC mining. The Bitcoin Generator 2018 claims to be this high powered BTC mining system, one that will generate tons of money for you on a daily basis. Even better is that this BTC mining app is seemingly free to use.

Yes, Bitcoin Generator 2018 software makes some pretty bold claims. Sure, it would be nice to make thousands of dollars on a daily basis, and free of charge at that. However, what is going on here seems to be way too good to be true. Not only is this Bitcoin Generator 2018 system what we call wishful thinking, but it also does not offer any evidence that it works. Seriously folks, have you ever heard of anybody giving BTC or any kind of money away for free? We sure haven’t.

At any rate, we have found quite a few scam factors which show that this Bitcoin Generator 2018 mining app is not at all what it appears or claims to be. At the same time, these crooks offer absolutely no evidence that this BTC mining software actually produces results. This is why we are here today doing this Bitcoin Generator 2018 scam review. We want to provide you with our findings and we want to give you fair warning about the very real danger you will be putting yourself in if you get mixed up with this BTC mining scam.


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Who Is In Charge Of This Bitcoin Generator 2018 Mining Operation?

The first suspicious aspect of this Bitcoin Generator 2018 program has to do with the seemingly non-existent company ownership and leadership. In terms of telling us who owns and runs this BTC mining app, the website is totally void of any useful information. At no point does the website ever bother to inform us of who runs this show. This is a very suspicious sign indeed, one that we simply cannot get over.

These crooks expect us to trust them with our BTC, but they will not even tell us who they are. This is a very big problem, one that is more than enough to send us running for the hills. Seriously folks, when it comes to anonymous crypto mining systems like the Bitcoin Generator 2018 app, you just cannot trust them. Never get involved with any kind of anonymous cryptocurrency mining or trading system. The risk just is not worth it.

How Much BTC Can The Bitcoin Generator 2018 System Generate?

Of course, the main point of this Bitcoin Generator 2018 program is supposed to be to generate BTC for free, or at least so we are told. However, when it comes to information regarding mining or daily profits, once again, the main website is totally void. We are simply told to pick the amount of BTC we want to generate, and then we are supposed to wait for the generated BTC to make its way to our wallets. Yet, this seems super suspicious and the clear lack of info shows that something very shady is going on here.

First off, we are provided with no information about the mining operation itself. Where is the Bitcoin Generator 2018 system located? Where is the mining operation? What are the mining capabilities? What are the overhead costs? These are all important questions, ones which this Bitcoin Generator 2018 mining scam leaves totally unanswered. Heck, we are never even told how long it takes for this scam to generate a certain amount of BTC. Sure, there are some payouts shown on the website, but they are completely bogus and there is no way to prove that they are real.


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Other Bitcoin Generator 2018 Scam Factors

There are a few other scam factors that we found in relation to this Bitcoin Generator 2018 crypto mining operation, so hold onto your hats folks.

  • There is a countdown timer located on the Bitcoin Generator 2018 website. Apparently, as this time indicates, we only have 10 minutes to decide whether or not we want to use this BTC mining system. However, this just seems to be another scam tactic used by these clowns. If you go to refresh the website, the countdown timer restarts in its original position. Therefore, the timer is totally phony. It is a pressure tactic meant to get you to sign up right now before you consider the consequences.


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  • There is absolutely no proof that this Bitcoin Generator 2018 app consists of a real company. In order for this whole thing to be legal, it would need to be officially registered and license. However, there is simply no evidence that Bitcoin Generator 2018 software is legal, legit, or real in any way besides having its own website. For all intents and purposes, this BTC mining system really does not exist at all.
  • The Bitcoin Generator 2018 website features a group chat, one that is very positive. It seems to us that the group chat here is made up out of thin air. It has been created by the same anonymous crooks trying to rip us off here.


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Bitcoin Generator 2018 Review – Final Thoughts

Folks, the bottom line here is that nobody gives money, BTC, or anything else away for free. This is simply not how the world works. Nobody gives anything away for free. Not only this, but when it comes to the Bitcoin Generator 2018 system, we have gathered plenty of evidence which proves that it is a scam beyond any shadow of a doubt. This Bitcoin Generator 2018 software is intended to rip you off and steal money from you. So, whatever you do, please stay away from this crypto mining scam. It will cost you absolutely everything that you have.



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